Report says Micromax planning to bring CyanogenMod based Phone soon

After the success of Android One smart phone, Micromax is all set to bring cyanogen based smart phones. According to the reports, Micromax is ready to bring CyanogenMod powered as early in the end of this year. Moreover news is also in the market that Google approached Cyanogen to buy it however Cyanogen rejected the offer.

Micromax and Cyanogenmod

And instead of considering Google offer Cyanogen is seeking hardware companies for a launch pad in Indian android market. And the company has found its partner in Micromax which is the largest handset maker of India beating the biggies like Samsung, Apple, Sony etc.

What is CyanogenMod?

Many of you must be wondering what Cyanogen is? So let me clear you first that Cyaongen is nothing but customized version of the Android. It is an open source firmware distribution for the smart phones. Viewers must have seen the recent advertisement in which Hrithik and Sonam is endorsing Oppo smart phone which is nothing but CyanogenMod powered handset. OPPO is one of the few handsets which officially functions on Cyanogen. But if we look at the unofficial data then there are many devices which work on Cyanogen’s ROM.

Advantages of having Cyanogen powered smart phone?

There are many advantages of using Cyanogen based smart phones which include:

  • The smart phones running on this operating system are extremely light and trendy.
  • It provides far better customization option when compared to stock Android based phones.
  • Extra features and better performance.
  • One will receive security updates more often.

If Micromax will able to launch the CyanogenMod smart phones then one can have access to all these features which can’t be possible in normal Android based smart phones.

Micromax CyanogenMod Based phone

Coming back to the topic, clearly Micromax have always managed to gain the trust of the Indian customers and the reason was that the company has always packed innovative ideas in a pocket friendly price. And till now the company has successfully launched the handsets like Canvas Gold, Canvas 4 Plus etc which are high-end devices and on the other hand we have budget phones like Canvas Entice, Canvas doodle 3, etc. Recently we saw the company collaboration with Google and they together unveiled “Android One” which is the cheapest smart phone with the assurance of android update whenever any latest update will hit the market. These are the very few of the acquisition of the Indian Android maker, Micromax.

It is yet another achievement in the Micromax’s hood. And it would be really interesting to use the all new CyanogenMod smart phone which we hope will be available at the end of this year.


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