Micromax Computer Monitors List with Specifications & Price

Having a successful venture in the Android market and consumer electronics market with the products like Canvas flagship, Bolt flagship and vivid range of LED Televisions. Micromax, a popular Indian firm has now introduced a new expansion in consumer electronics market with all new LED monitors. These LED monitors are available at the pocket loving tags which let one have amazing combat in HD or FHD screen resolution.

Micromax LED Monitors Details

The speciality of these LED monitors is the “Anti Glare Coating” which let one work for longer period of time and avoids eye fatigues.

Just like other products by Micromax, it is also a cost saving device which is present at really affordable price tags. One can buy these monitors from online as well as offline stores. The worth of these LED monitors starts right under Rs. 6,000. The price looks quite promising when compared to any other brand like Samsung or Sony.

Apart from that these monitors are designed for better viewing which is provided by 3H anti-glare coating depressed the ambient light and mirror like reflections. The screen is flicker free which let one have smooth and enhanced viewing experience. Moreover it also provides vivid modes like Eco, Games, Movies etc. which let one have augmented experience.

The good things about these monitors are that they are present in both HD as well as FHD screen resolution with contrast ratio of about 5000000:1 and response time of just 5ms. With sleek design one won’t face any problem of placing this set. It can be placed anywhere either on desk or can be mounted on the wall. It also incorporates TN (Twisted Nematic) panel that delivers shortest response time making it as the best set for gaming purpose.

Micromax here provides four dimensions in Monitors:

Micromax 21.5 inch MM215FH76 Monitor (54.61 cm)

Micromax 21.5 inch MM215FH76 Monitor

  • It boasts 21.5” of display.
  • Comes with FHD screen resolution.
  • Contrast ratio of 5000000:1.
  • Anti glare 3H panel.
  • Accommodates modes like PC, movies, games, Eco, etc.
  • Supports Microsoft’s windows 8.
  • Includes both wall mount support or desk stand.
  • Price: Rs. 5,999.
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Micromax 19.5 inch MM195H76 Monitor (49.53 cm)

Micromax 19.5 inch MM195H76 Monitor

  • Sports 19.5” display.
  • Delivers HD+ screen resolution (1600*900p).
  • Claims contrast ratio of 5000000:1.
  • No flickering screen resolution.
  • Just like its kin precludes 3H anti glare display.
  • Also injects modes like PC, games, Eco, etc.
  • Is compatible with Windows 8.
  • Comes with wall mount support.
  • Price: Rs. 5,450.
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Micromax 18.5 inch MM185H65 Monitor (46.99 cm)

Micromax 18.5 inch MM185H65 Monitor

  • Flaunts 18.5” display.
  • Claims HD screen resolution (1366X678p).
  • No flickering display.
  • 5000000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Special Anti glare 3H panel to protect the eyes from getting fatigue.
  • PC, Movies, Games and Audio modes.
  • Is adaptable along with windows 8.
  • Embraces Wall mount support.
  • Price: Rs. 4,499.
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Micromax 15.6 inch MM156HPN1 Monitor (39.62 cm)

Micromax 15.6 inch MM156HPN1 Monitor

  • It bears 15.6” display size.
  • Proclaims screen resolution up to 1366*768p.
  • Contrast ratio of about 5000000:1.
  • Just like its kin even there is no flickering screen.
  • Offers different modes like PC, Movies, Games, Videos etc.
  • Congruent with windows 8.
  • Provides tilt angle of about -5 to +15 degrees.
  • Braces wall mount.
  • Rs. 4,200.
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