Micromax Canvas Turbo Camera, Smart Gestures, Features Details

Micromax Canvas Turbo was recently launched and you might have seen Hugh Jackman endorsing this product. Micromax is spending a lot on this phone’s advertisement. The phone has got quite good specifications and features. To read the specification you can check the post here. We have already written a separate post where we have listed all the specifications of this phone. In this particular post we will let you know the camera details, the smart gestures available in MMX Canvas Turbo and the other features.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Smart Gestures, camera features

In this particular post we will list all the features and smart gestures introduced to this phone. The same were observed when canvas 4 was released. You will notice only few new things in this phone in terms of features.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Camera Features

The front camera is of 5MP and the rear one of 13MP, both have the power to record HD videos. The phone is best for those people who like to click pics. While Canvas 4 introduced the vertical panorama, Canvas turbo features 360 degree paranormal where you can shoot everything around you. You can make gif images, remove unwanted things from the image for ref. watch the video :



Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo Smart Gestures Details

You can operate some of the function without evening touching your phone’s buttons(sensor/simple). Lets list all the smart gestures :

  1. To answer a call just take your phone towards your ear and the call will automatically get accepted.
  2. If you want to silent your phone during any incoming call, just flip over your phone upside-down.
  3. To put your current call on the speaker, just flip over the phone once.
  4. To Dial a number/contact, search the number in your contact list, select it and place the phone to your ear.
  5. Blow to unlock feature is present in the phone or you can simply slide over the phone, in this way the phone will be unlocked.
  6. By putting your phone on proximity mode you can click photos by opening the camera and sliding your hand over the phone.

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Other Features:

Popup video and Popup browser : You can Open these two things and place it on the half screen with other things still open.

Multi Video View : Feature available in Android 4.2. When you open the video gallery all the videos plays simultaneously on the screen through which you can choose the video you would like to watch.

iFloat : iFloat button is always present at the screen and you can switch between various apps with a single tap. This was previously seen in iPhone.

Also this phone comes with Pre-loaded apps like : BBM, Spuul, Game Hub, Music Hub, hike!, Opera Mini, Kingsoft Office.

So these are the features and the smart gestures available in canvas turbo. If you think I’ve missed any, please remind us via a comment.


  1. hai i had a problem in my new mmx turbo that camera and flashlight is not working properly when i was open it says “gallery is not connected” i do power of my phone then it works after a days it remains same problem i dont wat i want to do? so please help me asap.

    • I didn’t get you. Contact the service center.

    • khushi says:

      Hi…i m also facing same problem as of anand.camera icon is not working at all and on several tries, it gives message that gallery is not responding.when i reboot d phone the problem gets solved temporarily…my handset is just a month old…plz resolve this issue asap…

  2. hi,

    liked your post.
    Can you please tell me how to click a 360 degree panorama picture with canvas turbo?


    • There may be an option in the camera UI itself. open the camera and tap on the left menu to open it and see if panorama shot option is available.

  3. Saurabh says:

    Hi., I am facing the two major issues with Micromx Turbo
    1. The Camera picture quality is not at all good. They are not crisp and show pixels when u take photograph
    2. I didn’t realise the catch of internal memory. Most of the applications (like Whatsapp, twitter, FB etc) installed on phone memory by default (which is only 1GB) and after few apps I realise my phone memory is full!!!! I cant send these apps to internal memory and hence this phone has really become useless.

    Is there a way out of about problems!

    • Mohd Rahib says:

      Hi Saurabh,

      You can switch your Apps into internal memory i.e 13 GB available for user. Plz find below

      go to SETTING—>APPS (it will show app list or you can scroll right to see All Apps)
      Click on the particular app which you want to move..a button will show–>”MOVE TO INTERNAL SD CARD”
      thats it.. 🙂

  4. sreekanth says:

    Reset your Phone..
    Factory data reset

  5. Paresh says:

    The A250 camera does not work. On clikcing camera it shows blank screen. On Rebooting it works correctly. But after sometime again it went down.

  6. chaitanya says:

    hi i had a problem in my new mmx turbo that camera and flashlight is not working properly when i was open it says “gallery is not connected” i do reboot my phone then also it remains same problem i dont know what to do? so please help me asap.

  7. Aaqib Muzaffer says:

    while flashimg stock rom. removal of battery is necessary but in turbo battery is fixed then how can we and out of 10 , 8 turbo phones have the same problem of camera y sir

    • Aaqib search the flashing thing on XDA. If you are not able to find the guide then let me know I will find it for you.why don’t you ask the service center guys to do this for you?

  8. Naga chaitanya says:

    Thanks for the masg admin, actually i reset the phone to factory data reset , then it is working normally now, the problem is solved . any how thanks for the efforts for replying.

  9. Senalda says:

    Hi, it’s only been 2 month’s since i purchased the micromax turbo but I already have problems regarding the camera. When I turn on the camera it says galery not responding. Please help me fix the problem . I didn’t expect Micromax to have such issues with the device.

  10. Same issue the camera is not connected to the gallery! I think its a bug which needs to be address. Tough the phone is good but this is a pain for a week old phone to face a problem with gallery access. Trying to reboot to factory settings. I thought its worth trying 2 gun Ram but the rear camera seems to be a deal breaker.

  11. Akhatar Mansuri says:

    Hi Friends,

    It seems to be a common issue with MMX Turbo. Its a feture rich hi-end phone..but small bugs like these are killing all charme…

    MMX should releasesome concerete solution as it is a common issue in 100% TURBO phones.

    Expecting quick action from MMX before brand value gets impact.

    Admin to share feedbak..


  12. Akhatar says:

    Yes Sir.

    All victims are discussing the same issue. Hoping to get some quick resolution on that.


  13. Mariappan says:

    Having the same camera problem like gallery stopped responding…I have this problem since I purchased this phone..last some weeks i didnt get that issue..but again now its not at all responding.

    • bala says:

      me too facing the same problem. if any one know the proper solution about this camera issue pls tell admin.

      • Gaurang Nazar says:

        I was having the same issue. Read a bit on the internet and tried it and it worked for me. Just uninstall the Skype application. Restart the phone. The camera and gallery should work properly.

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