Micromax Canvas A1 & Canvas Hue Guarantees Android Lollipop Update

Canvas A1 is a part of Android one program initiated by Google with Micromax and other mobile partners. At the time of Launch Google itself notified everyone that regular updates would be rolled out for all the Android one devices and the company has provided regular patches to the users. Now, people have been waiting for the Android Lollipop update for their Android One system however Micromax has not disclosed anything about the updates till date.

Android 5.0 Lollipop for Micromax devices Canvas A1 and Hue.

if you’ll visit the official webpages of Canvas A1 and Canvas Hue on Micromaxinfo you’ll notice it has been listed there that the update will be available

for the device however the question arises when? None of the Android One devices have received any update from their respective firms. Spice will soon roll out the upgrade but there is no word by Micromax as well as Karbonn officials.

Xolo One which is not a part of Android one program has already received the Lollipop upgrade and we must say Xolo is doing exceptionally great work in this, they have been providing continuous updates to its users while Micromax hasn’t done the same for all of its devices. Only few Micromax devices have received the update like Canvas knight A350, Doodle 3 and few more.

As stated above Micromax hasn’t disclosed the exact date on which the updates are subjected to be available however they have answered the same questions on their social media pages with – ‘The updates will arrive shortly’ so users must be assured that the updates will be available. You know Micromax is always late in providing the updates so you’ve to be patient. Just remember Micromax users with Jelly bean are still waiting for Kitkat 😛

We will surely let you know once the update is rolled out officially, users can also check all the available updates for their devices by following: Settings–>About Phone–>Software/System updates. The upgrade will obviously be available OTA and manually the device can be upgraded as well.


  1. my phone is not going to update ( micromax canvers turbo a250) i vant to update my phone how to update

  2. Nagarajan S says:

    LOST MY Built IN browser in my A114 by mistake pl update it

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Get its apk file from web or factory reset your device to get it back. Factory reset will delete your data so ensure you’ve backup all the data.

  3. akash shete says:

    Hey google has cheted the customers bcoz there is till now no update in micromax canvas A1 it was first specified that it will get the update in the end of jan 2015 but it dint ce now it is just yelling wait ! Wait! We hav bought andriod one only for its updates!! Tell us the exact date of update!!

    • Patrick Wordsworth says:

      Yes… You’re true.. Micromax canvas A1 still didn’t received the update… i don’t know why… but i think its due to the mobile data connection bug in this phone.. as my friend installed the custom rom of lollipop in his A1… But if there is still no bug, then google is cheating people lol. Google can delay the update to june 2015.. that’s his max limit .

      • Rahul Mehta says:

        Patrick, no doubt the update has been delayed but there is an assurance that the update would be rolled our for canvas A1. It is expected that the device will receive V5.1 directly.

  4. harish says:

    im using Canvas HUE ……..

    when it will get Lollipop update.

  5. sourav says:

    I buy canvas A1, which date upgrade….. I think its fake that canvas a1 upgrade to lollipop.
    tells me the date….. many phone update but canvas not upgrade…………

  6. qhen officaly update lollipop in micromax canvas colour A120

  7. harish says:

    when the canvas hue updated to lollipop

  8. Sachchit says:

    Common google.. Der is a limit its march and u tld the updates gonna come on Jan .. Micromax canvas A1 was supposed to recieve the update and still didn’t waiting we users are excited and waiting. Fr the update pls do it asap..

  9. Nehemiah says:

    When I get lollipop update for micromax canvas hue

  10. dhanunjay says:

    When lolipop update will come for doodle 3 1 gb ram

  11. bala says:

    im using Canvas HUE ……..

    when it will get Lollipop update.

    • Pranith gilla says:

      Did u get lollipop version in your mobile
      I to have the same mobile i want to upgrade

  12. harishreddy says:

    im using Canvas HUE ……..
    when it will get Lollipop update.

  13. rishab says:

    plzzz release the software update for canvas hue users…..

  14. Please provide lollipop update for canvas hue…please

  15. gaurav says:

    my canvas fire 3 q375

  16. Ramu says:

    My smartphone is canvas hue aq5000 is not updating…
    so u suggest me how can update my phone…

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