Micromax Canvas Silver 5 Slimmest Phone Specs Price

It was already predicted by various sites that canvas 5 would be launched today and the same happened. Canvas 5 in today’s event was launched and the company surprised by claiming that the phone is the slimmest (end to end) and the lightest LTE device in the market. It is just 5.1mm thick while there few more thinnest devices from other companies like Vivo and Oppo however they aren’t the thinnest end to end.

Micromax Canvas Silver 5

The phone has an AMOLED display at 4.8inch screen. The screen resolution is 1280*720pixels. The craze for big screen phones are still therehowever people now a days prefer handy devices and 4.8 inches is quite comfortable to use and carry. It also has the corning gorilla glass 3 protection and has 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

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From recent few Micromax devices we have noticed that Micromax is producing beautifully designed phones while in the start, Micromax used to provide identical devices. The device Weighs only 97gms and claims to be the lightest 4G device.

Micromax Canvas Silver 5 Screen Size

Snapdragon 410 (64 Bit) chipset clocked at 1.2GHz with Qualcomm® Adreno™ 306 GPU is used in this device which is 4G supported and 2GB of RAM is coupled with the same. The phone doesn’t have the external Micro SD support hence you can’t expand the memory. This is the one of the cons of the device. The phone has an internal storage of 16GB.

The device has a high density lithium polymer battery of capacity 2000mAh which is less however company claims that the battery is capable of providing 8 hours of talk time and 345 hours of standby time.

The phone runs on Android operating system v5.0 Lollipop. Most of the Micromax devices are now coming with Lollipop operating system out of the box.

The rear camera is of 8MP with Stacked CMOS IMX219 Sensor from Sony and 4P Largan Lens and Blue Glass Filter while the front one is of 5MP with beauty features.

Micromax Canvas Silver 5 Camera

The price of the device is 17,999 which looks more taking specifications into account however if the device is built nicely and the performance of phone, camera, battery is good enough then we can say that the phone is priced correctly.


Pros and Cons of Micromax Canvas Silver 5


  • AMOLED display & Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
  • Slim & beautifully designed.
  • 4G.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Light device, weighs just 97 grams.


  • Over Priced.
  • Less battery capacity.
  • At this price they could have added a more powerful processor to the device.
  • No expandable memory,
  • Single SIM device.

Update: The name of this device is Sliver 5 and not Silver 5.

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If you have any questions about this device, let us know via a comment.


  1. utpal basak says:

    It will be flove item for its features and price . I am sorry.

  2. Navendu kumar says:

    Worst phone at this price bcoz no advance processor no sd card slot less camera poor battery n lower brand smartphone

  3. KULDEEP BISHT says:


  4. DIPESH KALAL says:

    dear micromax m waiting for lolipop update since 1 year…my cell phone is micromax a116 hd…….when you gonna gives us update….since last 2 years you telling us that update will available soon….plz fix it soon replay meon mail

  5. shubham says:

    just a rebranded phone. See Wiko Highway Pure 4G http://www.gsmarena.com/wiko_highway_pure_4g-7102.php

    • Nikhil says:

      But still, Micromax has suceeded in making more stylish and more Royal look to its phone as it always does. I saw the website you mentioned, that phone looks awful compared to this

  6. Sarfaraz qureshi says:

    The divice I want minimum 5.5 inch and 3 GB ram inbuilt 32 GB full black amoled display


    compare other phones like moto g 3rd gen. price is high and back cover is not suitable for that hand set

  8. Priyan says:

    this phone is looking just slim that only the specification but nothing…

  9. Priyan says:

    I am a village user of micromax.i am useing canvas selfie.in village there is no 3g network and 2g also.here you launched 4g.but thats ok for this price atleast use 16mp rear camara and 8mp front camara.

  10. Himanshu says:

    There is no doubt that micromax is the king in the current market scenario for the budgeted smartphones…
    Also famous for its unique n royal looks n features…
    But if the Canvas Silver 5 is concerned…
    Pl.s modify the phone with atleast dual sim n external storage…
    Rest evrythng is fine…
    I’m also waiting for this product…

  11. shamsher says:

    Its nice but some features are old fashioned which is not understood…

  12. Sunil Khot says:

    Why Micromax doing jocks always ..? is 2000mAh battery sufficient today ? Always micromax doing crap in every model, you will find in every model that 95 % features is good but always 5 % weak in any important feature like battery , or external slot . you designer people just think on this.

  13. vikash says:

    nice looking pic micromax canvas silvar 5

  14. Sharma jaykishan says:

    The only change i need is snapdragon 810, dual sim, external storage speaker at bottam like i phone that sit stil the price is gud and with this specs the company can raise the Amount till Rs 20000.

  15. S.Arsheyaa says:

    Phone is looking nice but it should be atleast Dual sim& Expandable memory

  16. AMIT SHARMA says:

    Why I by this mocromax low quality branded phone Rs 17999.00
    In this range I will buy iPhone

  17. pankaj says:

    17,999 price Impossible I am sure no one will desire to buy it. According to the feature the price of this phone is 8,000. I thing it could have been more reliable for people…

  18. Pratyush chauhan says:

    Everything is gud in micromax phones but why u all micromax phone manufacturers think about its battery problem, can’t you increase its battery power which gives your phone a new life in the market. Think about it and make ur phones with a gud battery power.

  19. Lingaraju says:

    The divice I want minimum 5.5 inch and 3 GB ram inbuilt 32 GB,Camera also low

  20. Jatinder Singh says:

    If u Are reading this msg Micromax pls stop adver. with Hugh Jackman you guys are insulting the him Youuuuuuu guys are advertising an old tech. i feel embarrassed for him…whats new just the weight man pls upgrade ur processors to snap 810 and introduce some new Gpu mali t7*** M* and come up with quad display and sharp and crisper cameras. and smart ultra fast charge and huge battery life………..come on micro- max up ur device……….:)

  21. Nandan Saha says:

    single sim so bad feature in this mobile…

  22. Nandan Saha says:

    single sim so bad feature in this mobile…not so good processor

  23. ddipankar00 says:

    The device is surely overpriced.. Apart from its slimness there is not much in it to attract the users. Same old hardware and same camera below par.

  24. shashi kant says:

    Although the looks gud n slimmer…bt main lack of thing in ds phone is no battery bak up, no dual sim, lesser processor, xpandble memory n d price which is very high.

  25. Ravi says:

    Everybody asking about processor but only 10% of people bother about highend processor. This processor is enough for all necessary jobs. It’s not a laptop rt? Coming to battery, its not lithium ion but its lithium polymer. 4000mah lithium ion battery is equivalent to 2000mah lithium polymer. That is enough for a high end mobile. The iPhone is having only one sim slot. everybody agrees it. Also happy with. But u people expect dual sim in micromax. IPhone don’t have extended memory slot. That also everybody happy. But expect the same here in micromax. Camera also 8mp in iPhone. A Sony camera of 8 mp is equivalent to 13mp cameras in other mobiles including micromax. I call micromax sliver 5 as the iPhone 6 of India. I am proud of micromax that it can produce such a nice piece that can compete with iPhone 6. It’s an Indian company doing it. Great.

  26. S.DINESH KUMAR says:

    this device is price is high so price less than the mobile

  27. First come first people buy micromax bcoz of its less price and good specs but this tym MM did it opposite the phone is overpriced and at this price u ill get much better phone.I dont knw y they dint gave full hd screen and battery mAh is less camera is not up to the mark so its a blunder from MM…

    • Junaid says:

      1. Will you get an aircraft grade alloy frame, 97 gm and 5.1mm slim phone at that price?

      2. A 60 inch LED TV has full HD, so does a 32 inch LCD TV. But we would see more details in the larger TV. So do we need 1080p in a 4.8 inch screen? Can our eyes see that much detail in such a small screen?

      3. Big bulky 5.5 inch full HD LCD phone have 3000 mAH. That’s about 6.3 mAH per sq inch as per pixel density plus the powerful processor. Whereas, 4.8 inch 720p AMOLED screen with 2000 mAH gives about 6.7 mAH per sq inch and has a less power consuming processor. BTW, FYI an AMOLED consumes less power.

      So, how is the battery not enough?

      4. As for the camera, I’m yet to see any photo samples of this phone. Big MP camera doesn’t necessarily means good photos. Please compare the Sony Xperia z series with 20.7 MP photos with 13 MP camera of Samsung S4. For your ease, check out the gsmarena.com camera compare tool. You’ll get my point.

      Please us a phone first before commenting.

      I’ve been waiting for a true genuine review for a long time. But, all I get is these stupid speculations.

  28. Nimai Debnath says:

    Battery should be at least 3000mAh…

  29. kajal says:

    dear micromax m waiting for lolipop update since 1 year…my cell phone is micromax a116 hd…….when you gonna gives us update….since last 2 years you telling us that update will available soon….plz fix it soon replay meon mail

  30. Parmar Rakesh says:

    yaa i appriciate the light weight and design of the phone but it fail to attract the person who like new trend smartphone upto some extent it is good but on the other side it has low battry ,single sim , limited memory and high price so overall it is not fair ..

  31. Shashank says:

    hi, I think this is one of the best phone as per design aspects. Its differentiate this phone as IPhone. Light weight, best processor, one cell display technology, 16GB is sufficient memory, 4G all are standard requirement. But only cons is not available on amazon.

  32. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Micromax silvar 5 have only a good look..
    Apart look the phone has nothing special even no have today’s basic things like good camera quality.. Long battery life..dual sim..speed Processor…etc in this price range..
    I give thumbs down… Sorry Micromax

  33. Ranjit Bauri says:

    Battery – Sucks
    (3000 mAh required)

    Processor – Sucks
    (1.6 OR 2.2 required as compared to Xiomi,Zenfone,Infocus,etc.)

    Memory – Sucks
    (External memory required)

    Price – Sucks
    (15K would’ve been the best ‘Truly Overpriced’)

  34. dinesh says:


  35. Abir Karan says:

    Phone is nice, but should be at least more camera capacity like 13 megapixle & dual sim expandable Memory.Phone look is very good its no comment bt specetures is to short..I appriciate the light weight and design of the phone.

  36. rui rodrigues says:

    an awesome phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. bibek says:

    It’s cost is much higher than canvas nitro 2
    The phone is superb ..
    But it lacks some features like…..
    1….. it has only 8 mp back camera..IT SHOULD HAVE 13MP BACK CAMERA
    2….. Having no microsd card slot..IT SHOULD HAVE NEARLY 64GB SUPPORTED CARD SLOT
    3……having no gorilla glass protector.. IT SHOULD HAVE GORILLA GLASS
    4……its hight is 4.8″ ..IT SHOULD BE A LITTLE HIGHER LIKE 5.3″
    5……its battery is onlyonly 2000mah..IT SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 2500MAH OR HIGHER BATTERY

  38. Junaid says:

    The problem with we Indians is that, if it’s made by a foreign company even Chinese, we’ll be like OMG! Etc etc. The British took our best and made us believe they were better than us, and we are still stuck in that mentality.

    The specs of the phones and expert comments are like, “mileage kitna deti hai”. Do we even know what is our actual requirement. Bloody, big specs phone has become like a show of thing, whether you need that processing power or not? How many of us actually under stand it.

    An Indian brand is making international presence, that’s nothing. But bada screen and bada specs chahiye. The many objective of this phone was to be the slimmest phone with an average performance.

    BTW, what about VERTU phone, they have nothing….yet they make the most expensive phone. Please comment on that all those experts out there.

  39. sireeish says:

    When i watch this micromax sliver 5 advertise by huge jacksman i feel this phone would be best phone after i had buy and use this phone for 4 months feels nothing good about this phone so low internal memory and less battery & cant even exchange even through i to sell at 18,000 people say prise is 8,000 only very disappointing about this phone dnt know what to do . micromax company are trying new models ,but features are so bad .

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