Micromax Canvas 5 : True Octa Core MT6592 Features Details

Micromax is ready to bring the phone which I guess would give tough competition to the android phones in mid range segment as it is having all the desired features along with “True Octa Processor”. Prior to its launch, Micromax Canvas 5 has created a great stir in the Indian Smartphone market. Yes for the very first time, Micromax is bringing Octa Processor in its smart phone range. Or we can say very first mid-segment android phone to have a “True Octa Processor”. And this is not the end, the one thing which you would find difficult to believe is its thickness which is just 6.99mm (Rumor).

MediaTek MT6592 Octa Core on Micromax Canvas 5

With all these features it is really hard to believe that all this is true. Gone those days when Micromax was just a kin to Chinese handset.

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Kitkat Android 4.4 Nah, bring us something new man…

Talking about the True Octa Processor, it is the one thing which will make your experience of smart phones extremely wonderful. Octa Processor means eight completely independent cores which is in combination with the Media MT6592 delivers the performance which is unforgettable. It will completely change your experience of the android phones.

Eight cores in just one handset mean that you will be able to run the most demanding app without any hesitation. And you have the complete advantage of using one core for just one app and ability to power down rest of the cores so that battery efficiency can be increased. So all in all you are getting performance along with battery life.

Eight core provides advance multi-tasking with the ability to manage both low power apps and demanding apps equally. And to provide this, each core is maintained and controlled to take temperatures and specific power consumption.

This is not it- along with Eight core, there is something new

Along with True Eight Core processor which makes this android phone more enticing is the all new quad core GPU. This quad core GPU is collaborated with dedicated sub-processors which provide the graphics experience which you have never seen. With all new and latest levels of 3D games and combat series, you will have a breath-taking gaming experience.

Image Screen Quality which you haven’t seen before:

The one thing which really can’t just describe by the words is its High Definition Quality which will make you as if other HD’s screens are just not up to the level. MEdiaTek MT6592 traits Clear Motion Enhancement Model, which increases the number of frames per second and hence it is capable of providing much smoother and clear viewing experience. It simply without any effort converts 24/30fps to 60fps and therefore eliminates the blurriness associated with distracting motion.

Everything whether it is sport movies or action movies, videos quality is much better.

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Multi-core is yet to be explored:

Micromax along with MediaTek MT6592 has unlocked the full experience of the multi-core processor.

Although other mobile companies have already launched their Octa cores smart phones, but this time it is Micromax which is bringing True Octa core, a company well known for its affordable prices and best features so hence all this buzz about this brand new Canvas 5 is quite natural. More details can be found on the official page of Mediatek.

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