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The battery is definitely the life line of an Android device. There are hardly any android makers which deliver handsets with efficient battery backup. Same goes with Micromax, though the company offers ideal deals with whopping price range but users may suffer lack of effective battery backup. This can be quite frustrating for the users as they have to regularly charge their phones so that their phones may not get switched off.

Micromax Bolt Phones Battery

Normal Micromax handsets houses 2000mAh battery at the rear panel promising stand by and talk time which is not up to the user’s requirement. Today a person spends most of the time with the phone, searching internet or staying connected with family and friends through social networking websites or apps like whatsapp, so it becomes very important for a company like Micromax to deliver such battery backup which can fulfill the user’s requirements.

Like recently Micromax came up with Canvas Xpress which offers battery backup of just 1950mAh which is quite less as it won’t last even whole day long. But company is taking effective measures as well and has come up with handsets which offers large battery backup like all new Canvas Hue bears battery of 3000mAh. But not every handset comes up with such large battery capacity.

It is quite irritating to use the charger every now and then, so to get rid of this problem, one either has to buy a power bank or has to keep a spare battery with them so that whenever their android phones run out of battery they can either charge through power banks or can use the spare battery. Sometimes due to overuse also, batteries may get damaged. Batteries may also get damage due to ill use like continuously using the phone while you have kept it on charging.

There are many online websites which offer additional batteries. These batteries claim to offer better capacity as compared to the one incorporated in the mobile handsets. These batteries are available at a cheap price tag on many online retailers so that one may not find these batteries unaffordable.

It is not just that these batteries are just available on the online retailers only, even Micromax also provides original batteries that are only available from Micromax stores and service centers. For OEMs users can buy the batteries from online shopping sites.

Even these additional batteries may be insufficient for the users; here we are even mentioning some steps which one can follow to increase their battery backup, like:

  • Turning off the internet when not in use as internet and internet using apps consume most of the battery.
  • By keeping the brightness of the display screen at minimum value.
  • Removing live wallpapers.
  • Keeping the phone on silent.
  • Keeping the screen time out up to 15 sec.
  • Reducing the number of apps shortcuts on the home screen. For more tips click here.

Micromax Bolt Phones Battery Price Online

The below tabular chart has the battery listed for the following bolt model numbers:  A58, A67, A35, A27, A40, A34, A56, A59, A61, A67, A28, A68, A89, A36, A26.

Micromax Bolt Phone ModelBuy
Bolt A58Buy Now
Bolt A67Buy Now
Bolt A35Buy Now
Bolt A27Buy Now
Bolt A40Buy Now
Bolt A34Buy Now
Bolt A56Buy Now
Bolt A59Buy Now
Bolt A61Buy Now
Bolt A67Buy Now
Bolt A28Buy Now
Bolt A68Buy Now
Bolt A89Buy now
Bolt A36Buy Now
Bolt A26Buy Now

If your device isn’t listed above, let us know via a comment we will add it to the list.


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