Micromax AQ5000 on its way to India as per Zauba

As per Zauba’s listing Micromax AQ500 is going to be launched soon. Per the import listing the phone has been imported to India however there is no word from the officials about its release as of now. There is just a few information about the specs of the device currently and we would be posting out more details as soon as we receive it.

 Micromax AQ5000 listed on Zauba

Questions is – would this be a Micromax’s device or Yu‘ one? Well we don’t have the answers yet but we did research a bit and guess what we got a clue. Refer to the below information.

You might have observed that similar model number phones lies under the same series, like we have phones with model numbers A177, A311, all in canvas series and yes we do have the same in bolt series.

Now what does this AQ implies to in AQ4500?

Well Canvas series had its first Android one smartphone and the phones comes with AQ model series (Canvas A1 model number AQ4501) and the phone which is listed on Zauba depicts a similar model number starting with AQ. So, this could be just another device in canvas series. There is no word by the officials if this is an another addition to the Android one series so we are really not sure right now if this is going to be the device belonging to Android one or not however one thing is expected that the device could be launched under Canvas series.

The first phone introduced to YU brand is the Yureka which has the model number AO5510 which also starts with A but the phone is yet to be available for sale so we believe YU might be watching the sales mark for Yureka first instead of launching one more device. Once they judge the Indian market then they would make up their mind for future releases. We saw a post on Yu forum regarding the same and someone mentioned it to be as Yureka Lite, there is a less possibility of this device to be Yureka Lite. We would be confirming about the same and would post it out here.

The device is going to have a 5 inch screen and it would be a dual SIM phone as per Zauba’s listing. Apart from these two specs no other information is available currently.

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