[Dongle] Micromax MMX 444L 4G LTE USB Modem Launched

Much acclaimed Indian android maker, Micromax is ready to bring the all new 4G LTE USB MODEM. Till now only Airtel has brought the 4G LTE USB Dongle. But now Micromax is all set to launch the Micromax 4G LTE Dongle. It includes all the features which one expects like Plug and Play, Phone book and SMS support, external memory expandable up to 32GB, Multi OS compatibility like Windows, iOS, Ubuntu, etc.

Micromax MMX 444L 4G Dongle

Not to forget Micromax is also planning to bring 4G LTE compatible smartphone. We did post about the same a month back which you can read here.

What is 4G?

We are talking about LTE, LTE is nothing but “Long Term Evolution”. It is a radio access technology which is specially designed to deliver high-speed. This is the reason 4G LTE is gaining more and more popularity. Since it is fourth generation which is latest after 2G and 3G, till now it was only 3G which was considered as the best option for high-speed but now with the entry of 4G one can have the best of speed till now.

One can see the significant difference in their speed when downloading files or doing Video chat, playing online games or viewing and HD movies or videos online. It is the latest platform after 3G. 4G LTE is yet to be accepted by the Indian market. But there are many smart phones which have started delivering 4G LTE services. And now after Airtel, Micromax has taken the initiative in this segment.

What makes 4G different?

It is a wireless internet access. One can now have enhanced experience of multimedia applications like watching videos, movies, e-learning, HD content and many more. Since it delivers extremely high speed through which one can download multiple heavy files whether it is of high-definition or of normal resolution. With downloading options, one gets high uplink and downlink speeds. Moreover the speed is high therefore the user doesn’t have to buffer the videos, it will be done beforehand. It ensures “Zero Buffering”. In 3G also while watching movies on “YouTube” one has to wait for some time to let the video buffer (1080p most of the times). But with 4G, there is no such problem. Apart from that one can also enjoy high definition online gaming and all the apps which requires high internet speed connection. Even video chats will be much more fun; apart from clarity one will get uninterrupted services.

Micromax MMX 444L 4G LTE USB Modem

Micromax 4G LTE USB Modem Features:

Plug and Play:

  • This feature will let you browse the internet, chat and do much more by just plugging in the dongle.
  • Dongle allows you to be independent so as to use the net whenever and where ever required.

Independent of OS:

  • Works on Windows XP/8/7/Vista.
  • Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8.
  • Can connect any laptop, desktop.
  • Basically it is independent of Operating system.Storage and Connectivity:
  • It can carry all the pictures, movies, music and many more apps since it include expandable external memory up to 32GB
  • It can select best network which is available around that area so that one can have seamless connectivity.

Difference between 3G and 4G:

  • It provides 5 times faster speed as comparison to 3G
  • It provides 3G HSPA speed of 21Mbps/ 5.76Mbps.
  • 4G LTE delivers speed of 68Mbps/17.8Mbps.

Micromax MMX 440L Specs:

  • Network: 4G
  • LTE-TDD: 3GP Release 9, Category 3, up to 68Mbps DL and 17Mbps UL@ 20Mhz bandwidth
  • LTE-FDD: 3GPP Release 9,Category 3, up to 100Mbps, DL and 50Mbps UL@20Mhz
  • Dimension: 89X28X12 mm
  • Weight: <40gm
  • Downlink: 68Mbps
  • Set up mode: Plug and auto installation
  • Expandable memory: 32GB
  • SMS feature: yes
  • Phone book feature: yes up to 3000 contacts
  • USB: USB 20 high speed
  • Operate System support: Window XP/Vista/SP3/SP2/7/8, Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8, Ubuntu 10.04/12.04/12.10


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