Micromax 100 days replacement warranty Program Launched

Every company wants to be loyal and supportive with its customer base, and the Indian tech-mammoth Micromax has taken one step in this direction. Micromax has announced 100 days exclusive replacement warranty program for its feature phone series. The program boasts to be expanded up to smartphones too in the near future, yet for the time being the program will cover up any hardware faults on their feature phones. Currently the handsets included under the program are Micromax X1i, x706, x424, x740, x730, x904, x512, x412 and the x726.

Micromax Replacement Program of 100 days feature Phones

Under the new 100 day replacement program, Micromax commits to swap the faulty feature phone devices with the same or equivalent model upto 100 days after the initial date of activation for the phone. The thing to be duly noted is that, replacement would be considered as a choice only if the there cannot be any software workaround for the problem. These 100 days are itself included in the 1 year Micromax India Warranty one gets after purchasing the device.

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For the smartphone segment, Micromax has introduced some new initiatives too, they promise to provide a Damage Protection plan for the Micromax Canvas Dual 5 and a one year screen replacement warranty for the Micromax Canvas 2 (2017). Micromax brags to have a 1,000 service centers around India which assures that upto 90% of the client’s issues are settled within the first 7 days.

UPDATE: 100 days replacement warranty launched for Smartphones now, check the list.

Micromax 100 days replacement program

On the off-chance you are pondering, how does this varies from any other manufacturer warranty that you receive with your products, that is due to the fact that instead of just replacing the faulty hardware part, Micromax here promises to replace the whole handset itself. Micromax has made a striking move with this scheme today, and Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing and Commerical Office for Micromax cites same as well while launching this new scheme for their customers.

In the last few quarters, we have invested heavily and worked diligently to improve our service experience. We have a large base of feature phone users and for these valued users one of the key proposition for buying their phone is a great after sale service experience. Taking our promise, a step ahead, we are now bringing a care free user experience for all the feature phone customers offering them full replacement within 100 days of purchase, if any problem arises.

Eligibility to this program:

  1. Even after software tweaks, the phone isn’t in working stage.
  2. It is eligible for hardware failures.
  3. If your device is in warranty and complies to the terms mentioned in the warranty card.

Exception to this program:

  1. If 100 days have already crossed. If so, regular repair 1 year warranty would work.
  2. Replacement of accessories is not allowed in this program.
  3. Device which does not conform to the warranty’s policies will not be covered.

What Replacement device you would receive?

  1. Replacement device would be of same or equivalent model.
  2. 48~72 hours would be the maximum time if replacement device could not be arranged in time.
  3. If replaced, warranty will be changed to replacement unit which is quite obvious.

For documentation of the same, visit this page on the official site.

UPDATE: 100 days replacement warranty launched for Smartphones now, check the list.

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