Micromax MiMax Extended Warranty Limited Offer for LED TVs

Till now we have seen Micromax offering deals which are not just comfortable for our pocket but is technically advanced, whether it is a smart phone or a LED television Indian manufacture has always made sure that it is giving the best of the lot to its customers. Keeping the trendy and innovative steps which the company had always taken, Micromax has launched a new MiMAx extended warranty. It is because of policy of the company to ensure that the customers must be totally satisfied with the purchased goods.

Micromax MiMax Extended Warranty on LED Televisions

The USP of the MiMAx warranty is that one can now have extended warranty on the LED televisions provided by the company even after its manufacturer’s warranty expires. The package of extended warranty can be purchased at optimal worth and it is a smarter option as compared to the one in which the services of a third-party is getting involved.

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Benefits associated with MiMax extended warranty:

This warranty lets one protect the LED Television from any sort of technical or mechanical glitch. It offers the advantages like:

  • There are two schemes available, one for 12 months and other for 24 months.
  • Since it is the guarantee and responsibility of the company so even if any technical or mechanical fault occur, Micromax will handle.
  • The response time is comparatively fast and one can have the pleasure of interrupt free services.
  • To restore the working of your LED, mechanic or trouble handler will visit on site.

MiMax Price:

The prices are fixed according to the screen size of the LED Television. Here we have mentioned the worth of the extended warranty according to the screen size of the television. One also has the option of choosing in between one year and two years warranty. Here is the list of the prices:

Screen size: 1 year 2 year
20” Rs. 499 Rs. 899
24” Rs. 599 Rs. 1099
32” Rs. 799 Rs. 1499
39” Rs. 1099 Rs. 2099
40” Rs. 1199 Rs. 2299
50” Rs. 1699 Rs. 3199
42” (UHD) Rs. 1799 Rs. 3399
50” (UHD) Rs. 1999 Rs. 3699


One can clearly see that these prices are really affordable and are quite less in comparison to the one if a person visits a third-party for the same work.

Conditions associated with the MiMax extended warranty:

There are few restrictions related to this extended warranty and these are:

Electronics parts like panel, power supply, Main PCB, sub PCB are included in this warranty. Parts like aesthetic or plastic parts like remote controller, cabinets, stands, accessories, cables like HDMI, AV etc do not come under this warranty

How to Purchase?

  • The user can purchase this extended warranty when he will be buying the new LED TV or within 45 days of the purchase.
  • If one wants to buy for an already purchased LED TV, then he can call on the company’s toll free number i.e 1860 500 8899 and can register themselves for the MiMax extended warranty.

MiMax extended warranty has come up with a good option of protecting the warranty of the televisions and also provided On-Site Repair Visits. For more details, kindly refer to the below image about MiMax offer.

MiMax Extended Warranty offer Details


  1. i a khan says:

    Bakvas I purchased led no body lift my phone for installation

  2. Kishor says:

    The point regarding ‘Service from Micromax is very fast is wrong’, their Toll free numbers won’t work most of the times. You’ll fed up trying them. Also, there won’t be any followup even if you send SMS .

  3. mohit tantiya says:

    Recently Ive purchased 8(EIght) 32″ LED TV’s from Flipkart. 3 Years warrantky was iffered in the product. I would like to know if we need to register the product online to avail the same or it is automatically registered. In case we need to register the product kindly share the link for registration.

    • Deepak says:

      I would like to know if we need to register the product online to avail the same or it is automatically registered. In case we need to register the product kindly share the link for registration.

    • Dinesh kumar says:

      Hi. This is Dinesh. I also buy from flipkart.. Although i got my tv but installation is not done yet.. I called flipkart regarding extended warranty help.. Flipkart said that u have to pay for the extended warranty additionally. However it was clearly mentioned on flipkart website 1+2years warranty. I purchased on 27 october.. Now I am planning to return because of warranty issue. Dear all please let me know have you got the extenemded warranty free of you paid for the same.

      • Ankush says:

        Call Micromax CC and Tell Model Number Flipkart and Serial Number they Will extend the Warranty Free Of Cost

      • Ankush says:

        Registration with brand is mandatory to avail the free extended warranty (please check below on how to redeem extended warranty).
        ** Steps To Redeem Extended Warranty ::
        To Register for extended warranty customers need to send an SMS by typing EW from customer’s mobile number and sent to 92122-30707. On sending the SMS, customer will get a confirmation SMS from Micromax. Micromax customer care executive will call within 24-48 hrs and will ask for additional details – Customer name and address, TV model no., Registered mobile no., TV serial no., Vendor name , Date of purchase etc. After confirmation a unique customer extended warranty ID will be generated and sent to customer on his registered mobile no. The SMS should be retained in records for the warranty period.

    • Ramani says:

      By contacting the customer care,you have to register the warreny, by giving all the details, about the model no, invoice no.date of purchase and other particulars,they ask for.otherwise you may not be getting it.

  4. Ramanan says:

    I bought the led tv on 14 oct 2015 as per my invoice i have 2 years additional warranty free
    But i haven’t registered. the steps to availing the warranty not told by flipkart or micromax during installation.
    now my 42 inch led tv panel has repaired and they are not able provide any service since the warranty is registered with
    serial number of tv. What do i need to get 2 years additional warranty.

    • Kurian says:

      I have the same problem, 14oct 2015 purchase, 42 inch, Micromax says not registered, some PCB problem etc. Please advise what to do for repair under 2 years extended warranty?

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