How to Make Your Micromax & YU Phones look like an iPhone?

Android made its debut back in 2008 and it has stayed with us thereafter, all thanks to its different features one of them being the customization support that Android brings on the table for all of its devices. So much can be done on it and it fully deserves the credit for it.

Make Micromax YU Phone look like an iPhone

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As you may have noticed sometimes, that every Android device comes with a different UI and look even though they might be running the same version of Android, this is all because Android is so open with its customization. It allows different manufacturers to design up their own skin or UI for their phones. That is why so many different styles, OEMs like Samsung opted for their popular Touchwiz UI while some others like Xiaomi chose and designed the elegant MIUI.

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Now coming back to the customization options, via it you can easily even opt for some other skin or UI in case you don’t like the default one. You can do this by using the tons of apps available on the Google Play Store. So if you’re an iPhone fan, consider yourself lucky today, as we’re gonna cover the various apps you could install to make your phone look and feel like iPhone and thus make it more similar to the iOS.

NOTE: But before mentioning the apps for you to install, you should also keep in mind, that installing so many apps will take up on your storage capacity and may also use your RAM as these third-party apps may not be optimized as the official ones. So, here is the list of apps that we recommend installing:

iPhone iOS launchers for Micromax and YU Android

xOS Launcher

xOS Launcher is mainly an iOS themed launcher for your android device, this will give the main outlook for your device. Every device comes with a default launcher, but that can be changed easily when opt out for a third party launcher.

xOS Launchers brags to be a simple, lightweight launcher which has all the necessary features that you might need bundled with themed icons and Wallpapers accordingly and promises to be a speedy and smooth experience.



In case you didn’t find the above mentioned xOS Launcher as per your requirements, CleanUI is a great alternative instead. It is also a great app, which is just not limited to the launcher, but also boasts to provide you with the lockscreen, contacts & dialer and the so-called notification control panel.

It may not exactly give you the iOS feel, but it is a close enough and good alternative to choose upon.


Control Panel

The Control Panel: Smart Toggle app gives you the option to have a iOS like Control Center on your Android device. It contains the frequently used options for your device and also allows you to open up your favorite apps directly using it. It supports toggles for various functionalities and is thus an app you can use to make you one step close to the iOS feel.



While Textra might not be an exclusive iOS themed application, it is still a feature rich application that comes to rescue. Instead of using the other alternatives on the Play Store that you may find up and which may be filled with a lot of ads. Textra is a trusted alternative for your messaging app.

You can simple choose it to be iOS styled via its settings, and change the colour to iOS shade which is blue. In bonus, you also get the iOS style emojis bundled alongside it and also has a quick-reply feature at your disposal.


iPhone Lockscreen for Micromax & YU Phones

Lockscreen iOS 10

This is a good application, which simply does what its name says, it brings the iOS styled lock screen for your device. You can even setup your custom wallpaper for the lockscreen and can password protect the device too.

A good alternative for the lockscreen is to use this app which is also a highly rated app and bring a pretty close experience to the iOS system.


iOS Keyboard

Thanks to the XDA-Developers forum, we get this iOS themed keyboard for Android which is pretty close to the original keyboard. It is beautifully themed and can be installed, by downloading the apk file from the link and simply installing it.

You might need to head over to Settings there after to choose the installed keyboard instead of the default one. In case you don’t want to use this, then we suggest to use a popular keyboard app with theme support and look for iOS theme on it.


Geak Camera

Geak Camera is an alternative for your default camera application which is iOS themed. It is based on the OpenGL technology and is a feature loaded application which great features like real-time filters. It’s a really lightweight app which is a plus point considering all the other apps that you have to install to get an iPhone style theme on your android device.

It also allows you to record videos and has a square feature that helps you upload to your favorite social network just as easily without the need of cropping. So go ahead and give it an install.


Assistive Touch

We all know about the floating panel or the virtual home button on the iOS, well this app helps you bring that on your Android device. It is a highly rated app and provides you with a lot of options, there might be some ads that come alongside it, but the upside is greater than the downside.


Bonus for Rooted Users:

The users who have a rooted device with a custom recovery installed are in luck today, as they get to mod their device a further notch than the others. Here are some other mods that they can install to make their device much more iOS like:


The above SoundPack consists of all the iOS sounds from the camera sounds to screen unlocking and locking sounds and ofcourse the Notifications sounds, so go ahead and flash the zip. There is also a revert zip in case anything goes haywire, so keep it handy.



The above is the font used in the iOS. So if you want your phone to look as detailed as possible, go ahead and use the Font on your device.


NOTE: Since you’d be installing a lot of third-party apps, you may have to choose them as your default app as you will be needing to come back to these apps. To clear out default goto Settings>Apps>*the installed application* and select the Clear Default options.

With this, we sum up the article, there are a lots of apps on the Play Store, but most of them might not be from a reputable source and may contain a lot of apps. By using the above apps, you’d be able to avoid such problems. Also, a WiFi connection might be useful as installing all these apps might eat up your data.

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