How Micromax became the first choice of Indian Youth

A software company started by a group of four friends has become one of the largest Indian Mobile Company. Yes we are talking about Micromax here, who had a thought in their mind that this company will one day be the choice of Indian Market which is ruled by the biggies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia.

Micromax Mobiles Logo

Micromax Phones has everything like big screen, latest android version, catchy features which Youth aspired in today’s date. Micromax has successfully able to raise its level from that of the Indian Companies like Lava, Karbonn etc and is able to mark its presence by contributing about 22% of its shares (currently) in Indian Market.

Why Micromax?

A question may arise in your mind that why only Micromax, what are its qualities which make a clean swipe over other handset available at same range. Here we are mentioning some of the qualities which win over Young Indian Brigade Heart and what made Micromax what it is today.

Cheap is in:

In India not everybody can afford apple or costly Samsung Galaxy Phones. Micromax made it possible to bring all those eye-popping, alluring features in the handset with elegant looks and affordable prices.  Before Micromax , Chinese phones used to define the cheap handsets. But Micromax redefined the cheap mobile phones market by bringing phones as well as android which at a time was out of reach of youngsters having low budget.

A Company with a different attitude:

Micromax had always flaunted risk-taker nature. Micromax had never been coy doing the things which biggies would not even dare to. Micromax brings the first Bling phone which succeded in roping profit to the company’s shares.

Micromax has always been innovative trying different and unique features. Micromax introduced the first mobile having largest battery backup of 30 days, even this was the first Indian Company which managed to bring Dual SIM handset and mobile phones which was able to switch between GSM and CDMA simply by detecting the phone’s position, this features used gravity sensors to detect the change in position. Its recent accomplishment is to introduce low cost dual core ICS smart phones.

Micromax also introduced the headsets with embedded Bluetooth which relieves the person from worrying about the earpiece.

It is not always cherry on the top:      

Although Micromax has become the top choice of Youngsters, still it has some drawbacks. One of which is atrocious Customer services. But Micromax is putting all its effort to make its services as much interactive as they can. Even they are brushing up their features more and more day by day so that it can fulfill up to the Youngster’s Expectations.

Micromax is leaving no stone unturned to compete against Smasung and more or less Youngsters has open-heartedly welcome this company’s efforts.

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