JellyBean 4.2.1 Update Now Available For Micromax Canvas HD

Micromax Canvas HD runs on android OS 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and in the specification post we stated that Canvas HD device android OS can be updated to 4.2.1 through the phone manually as we can do with Samsung and other phones ,we get an option to update the OS manually through the settings>>About Phone>>System Updates option . Like other mobile manufacturing companies , Micromax has started providing the updates and also they have provided a way through which users can get their phone’s android OS updated through their service centers . Well it’s a pretty old news for many but for some people it might be a new thing .

Micromax-A116-Android-4.2 update

Though the phone isn’t updated to the latest OS 4.2.2 but atleast an update has come . Micromax Canvas 2 Plus has already got this update by default . I heard canvas 2 can also be updated to the JellyBean 4.1.2 .

How to get Android 4.2.1 Update on A116 Canvas HD ?

  1. Visit any MMX Checkpoint ( Micromax Mobile Service Center ) and ask them to update your phone OS
  2. That’s it!


Before you visit the service center make sure you’ve backed up your data present in the internal storage as the external SD card can be mounted out but you need to have a backup of the data present in the internal SD card . You can have a backup of the internal SD card with the help of some data backup apps like Titanium Backup.

Once you get Your OS updated , first of all you will see a new notification bar plus it is semi-transparent , few bugs have been fixed like of GPS ,.As stated above OTA (Over the air) function has also been introduced into the phones through which users can now update their phone while sitting at their home manually . No need to visit the support centers , as soon as the updates are available you can check from your phone . Isn’t that a good move ?

Micromax Canvas HD 4.2.1 Update Overview (Screenshots)

Micromax Canvas HD 4.2 OS update Screenshot

Lots of people suggested us to write a tutorial on how they can get 4.2.1 update on canvas HD manually without visiting the service center . You can read the tutorial here .

Tutorial : How To Upgrade Canvas HD from v4.1.2 to v4.2.1 Manually


Image Courtesy : MMXNewsCaster


  1. Ravi Shah says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have a Micromax Canvas HD phone. I can’t find System Updates option under settings>>About Phone menu in my device. Are you sure that option is available for all the devices ?

    Without this option, is going to Service Center the only option to upgrade my phone?

    Please advise.

    Ravi Shah

    • admin says:

      Yes One way is to go out to their service center and the other way is to connect your phone with your computer and Micromax drivers installed to your computer .

      • shiyas says:

        i brought canvas HD from kerala. but now iam in soudi arabia. here no service available for micromax. so can you please tell me the procedure for updating 4.2.1 using laptop or desktop…

        • admin says:

          Via OTA the update is available . Settings–>About Phone–>System Update. If you want to update manually i will write a separate guide for it soon.

          • shiyas says:

            In my canvas HD there is no option as “system update” in settings-about for menu. can you please instruct me how to upgrade the os in canvas HD manually.. ?

          • admin says:

            Hi Shiyas

            Once i write the tutorial for it i will either send you the link via mail or will post here .

      • Brendon says:

        Hey admin
        Just wanted to no if the MMX canvas 2 plus is also upgradable and if any updates are available for it? Please reply at the earliest.thanks alot!

        • admin says:

          Canvas 2 plus is already running on 4.2.1 , in coming weeks 4.3 will be available for this phone but currently no update is available .

  2. Rahib Kazi says:

    Hi Admin i have bought a Micromax Canvas A88 aka canvas music, however recently I am facing serious issues, like the games get close in the mid while playin also the softwares like whatsapp gets closed while typing what should I do

    • admin says:
        Close all the unwanted apps . Don’t minimize the game/app if you aren’t going to use it , Just close it . The apps may be running in background consuming more memory .
        Scan you storage media with Antivirus .

      Last solution : Take your phone to the nearest service center and ask them the solution to this issue .

  3. Om Shedbale says:

    There’s no system update option..

    Is the Micromax service centre gonna charge me for update ????

  4. shiyas says:

    Dear Admin,
    I have a Canvas HD but the problem is my phone is not supporting “malayalam” font. it is very disappointing thing. actually all the other models which came with android 4.1.2 is supporting malayalam font.

    • admin says:

      Install Malyalam Font to your phone . Download Kaumudi as this is the best . Now after installing this go to settings–>Display–>Font Style –> Choose the new font .

      Check if this method works in your phone or not . If not then i will come up with a different method .

      • shiyas says:

        I installed the font. but when i open settings-display, there is no font style option. only have font size option.

        • shiyas says:

          Dear admin,
          I found the Rooting tutorial for Canvas 2. is it same for canvas HD(jelly bean) ? . i did not found any tutorial for canvas HD in this site.

  5. mohit says:

    my phone rear speaker is not working and even on headphones are not working!!!
    i think auto drive is corrupted what can i do now???? plz help
    but calling speaker is working

  6. Nafeel Mohamed says:

    Hi admin,
    I am using canvas hd a116… I want to update my mobile with latest jelly bean update without going to service centre..If i do manually means whether i lose a warranty or not? and also tell me any automatically update option pls help…

  7. Ashish Rana says:

    Let me know the way to update Jelly Bean 4.2.2 in my Canvas HD.

  8. Pramod says:

    Is there Jelly Bean 4.2.1 updates for MMX canvas Music A88?

  9. Arjun Sanjeevkumar says:

    I have Updated my Canvas HD to Android 4.2.1
    I can’t sync contacts from Facebook.
    It’s having some grains(a white line) on title bar of apps, space key.
    Using more RAM space than 4.1.2

    • Arjun ,

      If possible can you please post any screenshot ? You can also mail me the screenshot here rahul[dot]mehta749[at]gmail[dot]com . Replace [dot] by . and [at] by @ .

      And Regarding the RAM usage check which app is consuming more memory either Stop them or delete them . Check Settings–>Apps–>Running .

    • Ravinder Sain says:

      Hey there. I have the same issue can’t sync my facebook contacts to A116. Erilier I had a A110 on that one too same issue. I installed Facebook app. In settings did the sync off and then on. Didn’t help. Plz help.

  10. Danish sk says:

    Unable to sync contacts from Facebook in 4.1.2 Plz help

  11. I’ve canvas 4.1.1 is any update

  12. Hi Admin,
    I wanted to update my canvas hd to jelly bean 4.2.x
    I wanted to know whether the screen flickering issue is resolved or not.
    please do reply.

    • I’ve seen people commenting o our site stating this issue, this could be a reason Micromax has stopped providing 4.2.1 for canvas HD for a while.

  13. using mmx canvas hd…no system update option ….please send link to update mobile

    • Hi
      You can update manually , we have written a separate tutorial to do this and the link is present in the post . Read the above post again .

  14. hi friends,

    any one can help me i have canvas HD am just planing to do upgrade 4.1 jelly bean to 4.2 how its working any problem facing

    • Screen Flickering – I’ve heard people complaining about this issue when they updated to 4.2.1.

  15. Hello admin,

    1 question is that..!! after upgrade 4.2.1 my phone is going to hang now plz give some information to update previous version..!!! plz help me

  16. dear admin,
    I’m using MMX Canvas A116(Canvas HD). i want it to be upgraded from Android 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 via MMX check point. Astonishing part is that when i visited the check point today, they told me that MMX hasn’t released an upgrade for Canvas HD and they are helpless. Instead they offered me they could root my phone which i eventually loose my warranty so i rejected the offer.
    Could you please suggest me any idea so that i can show them MMX officially released an upgrade and i could claim it at the check point ?

  17. hi admine .

    my canvas hd have problems in auto mode of brightness line in display . what i can do ?

  18. Sumit Kashyap says:

    Hi Admin,

    I want to update my Micromax Canvas HD (A 116) .. But I am scared if I will loose all my data ? Is there any way to update without loosing my data.


    • Yes you’ll lose all your data. To be on a safer side take a backup of your data and restore it after OS upgrade.

  19. hey i am trying to update my Canvas HD A116 to android 4.2, but i am getting below mentioned error. Please help me

    Error message::


    [Platform error] the load and target are incosistent

    [Hint] :
    The load to be downloaded is for 6589
    the target platform is
    Please select a correct load according to target to download.

  20. Saurabh says:

    Hello admin,
    I update my canvas hd in service center to 4.2 jelly bean. But after update the camera record video at 25 fps not 30 fps. I try restore default. But problem still there. Please tell me what is the problem.

    • Don’t know may be i need to check my self. Please wait.

      • Saurabh says:

        Thanks admin for replying,
        I want to inform you that in sunlight it record in 30fps but in room light it record in 25 or 15 fps. In jelly bean 4.1 it record always in 30 fps, either in sun light or room light (low light). Please the tell me (the setting) how can I record videos in 30 fps in room light.

  21. alwin george says:

    i just did all the steps as mentioned but after conecting my phone to my pc…theres nothing happening.! i can hear the sound when windows detect a hardware..but SP tools is not detecting the device and the upadtion process wont start even after a few minutes…please help me..!

  22. Arun Kumar says:

    any upadation coming for canvas HD from 4.2.1to 4.2.2or 4.3?????

  23. Hi, I have a doodle 2 and it had voice clarity issues with connected to a Jabra wave headphone. When i make a call i sound like a robot to the other person. I dont have this issue for an incoming call. I know for certain that this is not the headset because i got is replaced brand new and the replacement also has the same issue. I read someplace that upgrading the OS will fix the bluetooth issues. Is there anyway i can upgrade to Android 4.2.3. Let me know. THanks.

    • The update isn’t available for doodle 2 and regarding that headphone issue i can’t help you in that. I can only suggest you to get your audio jack checked at the service center.

      • This is about the bluetooth known issue that 4.2.1 has. I was referring to a jabra bluetooth headphone and not the wired one. I tried the bluetooth plantronics also and have the same issue with the outgoing calls. I sound like a robot to the person at the other end.

  24. Nikesh says:

    I am not able to connect the data connection…….

    whenever i touch the data connection tab… my phone was automatically switch off and not start even i restart the phone…. i have to restart the phone and immediately doing the data connection off… thereafter i have to use my phone..

    so, pls help on this…..

    Nikesh Makwana

    • Visit the service center and ask them to rectify it.

    • Suresh Soma says:

      Nikesh Makwana

      i am also facing the same data connection issue.

      could you plese help me if you got this issue is fixed.

  25. hello admin,
    i have recently updated my micromax a116 hd canvas. I am facing an issue of my phone not able to detect my sim card. Please help me on that. What should i do to make it work.

    Thanking You!! waiting for your kind response as soon as possible.

    • Rahul have you tried inserting a different SIM beside the ones which you were already using.

  26. Prashant says:


    Please tell me the how can i upgrade MMX Canvas A116 HD Android Ver. 4.1.2 to Ver. 4.2.

  27. hello admin,
    i have recently updated my canvas hd everything is fine but i am unable to download any app from play store. it stucks on downloading and downloading doesn’t start. Please help

    • There might be a problem with your internet connection. Update the play store app or download the app’s apk file from web.

  28. hi i have a 116 HD and want to upgrade to 4.2.1 please help me .

    i am currently in mauritius so there is no service center here .

  29. pratik says:

    Hello Admin,

    I have canvas 2. I want to update it from 4.1 to 4.3 …Updates are showing in Settings but cant install. After pressing OK no process is done…I dont want to send my cell to Service centre as they take too much time for that..

    Need your help.

  30. ganesh says:

    Hi admin
    Today I have visit for update for my canvashd they told me they don’t have the update of HD

    • They took back providing the update for canvas HD as Few people complained about the issue they faced after the update. You can now manually upgrade to 4.2.1. The guide is present on our site under OS updates section.

  31. Praveen says:

    Dear Admin ,

    I have updated my Canvas HD mobile with 4.2 jellybean in a micromax checkpoint in chennai the display and features are so good , what is the problem i am facing is , touch is so hard and i couldn’t type msg’s so quickly as before , and the hectic is when i restart my mobile , the screen says , TP upgrade is yet to start so dont touch ur mobile , after a while it says firmware upgrade failed , what can i do with this , plz help me with this issuse ,
    I even have system update function in setings , can i use it for TP Upgrade , wil thre be any prob using that function at this stage ?? Plz clarify me

    Regards ,

  32. Yogendra Singh says:
  33. Does this update make swap memory between internal to external..

  34. Send me a link of 4.2 update on my HD phone bcoz I don’t have systems update option in my me.

  35. Navneet Jachak says:

    I have a Micromax A111 Doodle Canvas phone. I have rooted it & working too fine. Still interested to upgrade OS from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1. Can A111 upgrade for 4.2.1 ?
    How can I upgrade as there is no option of “settings>>About Phone>>System Updates option “.
    Please support me to upgrade OS of my device.

  36. MUDASSER MIR says:

    I upgraded my MMX canvas HD to 4.2.1 but after this upgrade I have issues with with battery .whenever I take the battery out from phone after putting it back to phone the battery level suddenly falls and some times goes from 80% to 10% with a warning of battery low…..please let me know what is the problem and how to resolve it…..Please mail me the precious reply

  37. Hello Admin,
    I have Cnavas HD A116 (Android 4.1.2). I have two queries.
    1. How can I disable Android OS from using background data? I have a limited Data plan (of 300 MB) and the Android OS uses over 50 MB of the data. I wish to disable the OS from using the data.
    2. How do I install Gujarati fonts for my phone?

    • Hi Rahul
      To disable background data follow : Settings–>Data Usage–>Tap on the App–>tick on Restrict Background Data. By default it doesn’t allow restricting data for Android OS.

      Root Your device and install custom (Gujrati) Fonts.

      • Thanks for replying to both queries.
        So there is no way to restrict the data usage by Android OS? I have already restricted the background data usage for most of the apps but such option is not available for Android OS. Nothing else can be done?

  38. hey admin there is no option of system updates in my canvas hd can u help me to update my phone manually

  39. SGhosh says:

    After upgrading to 4.2 Android, I am getting external card removed message and I have to reboot to get it detected. Can you help with this bug

  40. Shivam says:

    hi,admin i have MMX Fun A63…i am not able to record my calls…any call recorder are not working…can you help me plz..?

  41. Tabiu Dui says:

    Hi admin, after update 4.2 os to my canvas hd i can’t acces to play store app. Plz help me.

  42. Arshad says:

    I have updated my phone ( Canvas HD ) to 4.2.1, but still, with the versions 4.3 and 4.4 in the market, my canvad HD looks outdated. When will the “Expected” 4.3 update be available to the users.?

  43. Tabiu Dui says:

    Motorola moto G got latest Os android 4.4 kitkat, when will Micromax rollout the latest os kitkat 4.4 for its canvas smartphone series?

  44. Amit Chauhan says:

    In my canvas HD there is no option as “system update” in settings-about for menu. can you please instruct me how to upgrade the os in canvas HD manually.. ?

  45. Amit Chauhan says:

    I have a Micromax Canvas A116 phone. Still interested to upgrade OS from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1./4.3. Can A111 upgrade for 4.1.2 to 4.2.1./4.3 ?
    How can I upgrade as there is no option of “settings>>About Phone>>System Updates option “. no option as “system update” in settings-about for menu.
    Please support me to upgrade OS of my device.

  46. amit says:

    Hello admin. After updating canvas A116 HD to 4.2.1. Many options (#i.e developers option) got removed or absent. Screen fluctuating occured ( some time) and a white thin grain line occurs in starting up of any app as well. . mail me solutions asap.-> amit(dot)android(dot)2410(at)

    • admin says:

      Switch back to 4.1.2 as we don’t have the solution to the screen flickering issue.
      Developer option can be unlocked by tapping on build version 5 times.

  47. Sandeep Gupta says:

    Sir i sucessfully updated my phone to 4.2 but sometimes screen start flicking when i watch vedio……
    Can u tell me the prob and the solution

  48. vipul says:

    after updating my canvas hd i cant manage internal storage. i count the all apps mb in apps setting but ther is big difrance in used memory and apps memory how i explore what other mb are used. plz help…..

  49. akshay says:

    Hello admin i am canvas Hd user and i want to update 4.1.2 to 4.2 so i followed your steps but after shutting down my phone and connecting it to pc my phone just charges i also installed drivers of X64bit but still no response tell me what to do please. Hoping for your reply. 🙂 thanx

  50. viany says:

    i recently upgraded my canvas hd to 4.2.1, but m facing many probleme, now plz tell me how to degrade it to original version

  51. Rick says:

    Dear admin, I am a micromax canvas hd user. My problem is ‘Where the “font style” option locate in micromax canvas hd ?

  52. Nilesh says:

    Dear Admin,

    Plz tell me how to install gujarati fonts in my mobile Canvas HD ( A116 ). &
    How I read Gujarati language on my micromax canvas HD.?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Root your device and install custom fonts.

      • NIlesh Vaghela says:

        Dear admin rahulji,

        Plz tell me how to i Checked my root device and how i install custom fonts ???

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Did you root your device? You can check the status of root by download ‘Root checker’ app from the play store.

  53. Thangaraj says:

    i have upgrade my phone to 4.1 to 4.2 after i have facing some issue on my phone one of my problem is when i attend the call after i try to disconnect the call the display coming very delay what is the solution

  54. Kartavya says:

    I am using canvas HD.. Pls tell me how can I make background data off ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      For which app do you want to do that? Or you want to completely turn off the internet connection?

  55. I m using canvas hd. My bluetooth and wifi has stopped working. Can u advise wt meeds to b done

  56. Hi Admin,

    All known issues of canvas HD 4.2.1 upgraded resolved or still you will recommend not to upgrade.
    Plz suggest.

  57. Is it possible to roll back the jelly bean from 4.2.1 to original 4.1.2 in micromax hd 116 ?

    If yes then please provide me download link for the same.

  58. Dear admin, my micromax canvas HD a116 have no option to install the apps on external SD card….is it possible to update 4.1 To 4.2 Can you help me

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Yes, you can update to 4.2. The guide is present on our site under OS updates section.

  59. Anshuman Dubey says:

    I Have A Micromax Bolt A069 And It’s Stuck In Bootloop And Isn’t Starting….Just The Micromax Logo Is Coming And Nothing Else!…..What Should I Do?


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