Micromax Canvas A111 aka DOODLE Price, Specs, Images, Details

Micromax is following all possible ways to cut down the sales of Samsung and other mobile manufacturing companies ruling over Indian smartphone market . After the launch of Canvas 2 and other canvas Smartphone series , Micromax has emerged into a giant company which has changed the whole scenario of Indian smartphone market . Earlier Micromax was producing only featured phones and the day they released their smartphone series they have been profited allot and these days they are almost ruling the low budget smartphone market . Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle is a new canvas smartphone which was launched in the month of May 2013 .

micromax canvas a111 doodle

The Note Competitor Doodle is here now . If you are looking to buy Samsung Note Phone then before that you must check out the specs of this phone . If we compare this phone with other canvas phones then definitely this phones has different looks as compared to other it looks better than other canvas phones . The phone comes with a Stylus (in simple words it means a pen or a stick which is used to operate the phone ) . Check out the image below which shows the stylus , We people don’t often use stylus as we like to operate the phone via our fingers .

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Micromax Canvas Doodle with Stylus


This phone is available at a very affordable price if we compare it with other smartphones manufactured by other mobile companies .The phone has a big screen of 5.3 inch which is bigger than other canvas smartphone . Personally i liked the looks, design of this phone very much .

Micromax Canvas A111 DOODLE Specification – Everything You Need to Know


Screen : This phone has a 5.3 inch (13.46 cms) screen which has a color depth of 16.7M . This phone has a screen resolution FWVGA(480*854) . The phone has a medium quality screen which is normal LCD display while the other canvas mobiles like Canvas 2 , Canvas HD has LCD IPS display . As default Mp4 , 3gp video types are supported but you can install app like MX player which allows you to play the video of almost every codec .

Micromax A111 Doodle screen size

Android Operating System :

The phone runs on android OS 4.1 Jelly bean . Micromax hasn’t started releasing updates for its smartphone series yet but yes they allow you to bring your phone to their care centers to get your phone OS updated .Canvas HD runs on 4.1.2 and canvas 2 runs on 4.0.4 and canvas 2 plus runs on OS 4.2 .

Design :

The phone comes with a good design which differentiate it with other canvas smartphone . The phone is very slim and design is very appreciable . The phone comes with a stylus which is available only with Doodle Smartphone  .On the left extreme side volume key is present and on the right extreme side Switch off/lock key is present . Overall the design is exceptionally good and it bit resembles like Note smartphone . The only think which i don’t like in canvas smartphones rear camera design which is always placed bit out of the back panel .

micromax doodle sleek design

Processor & Storage :

The phone is equipped with 1.2GHZ Qualcomm 8225Q processor but the RAM is only 512MB for this kind of phone the RAM should be atleast 1GB . I don’t know why Micromax has provided such low RAM to such a phone .Nevertheless  the phone is capable of running high end applications without any issue but still according to me if the RAM have been 1GB or more ,this smartphone would have been really a very good choice among all other canvas smartphones .

Camera :

The phone has a 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera . The front camera clicks photographs of good quality and allows you to do 3G video calling and video chat with the help of certain apps like Skype , etc . The phone has a dual LED flash and supports autofocus (focus on touch) .

Micromax canvas doodle camera

Battery :

Phew , finally Micromax increased the battery power at least in this phone almost all the other canvas smartphones comes with 2000mAh battery only this phone has battery of 2100 mAh . They increased a bit but that’s not enough for those users who operate phone all the time with internet connection ON all the time but still a sigh of relief for those users who were unwilling to buy canvas smartphones because of battery issue .

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Micromax Canvas Doodle Smartphone Key Features :

  1. 5.3-inch big screen .
  2. Android OS 4.1 JellyBean
  3. 2100mAh battery
  4. 8MP Rear and 2 MP Front Camera
  5. Sleek Design
  6. 512MB RAM
  7. Dual SIM


Micromax Canvas A111 DOODLE Lowest Price – Online Shopping

The phone when launched was priced at Rupees 12,999 but yes there are many online shopping sites that are offering this phone at much low price than what is mentioned on the official website of Micromax . I just checked an online shopping site where you can buy this phone at just Rupees 11,399 . Thus you can save 1600 Rupees , to buy this phone follow the below link .

Buy Canvas Doodle A111 at unbeatable price


Micromax has launched an upgraded version of canvas doodle i.e Canvas Doodle 2 .

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If you have any kind of query regarding this phone , you can ask us via a comment .


  1. Hey,
    I bought this phone a few days back and the power or lock key is shaking a little bit. Is it something to be concerned about or is it alright?
    Please Tell me
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Ram

      As you might be aware that Power/screen lock button is very important in operating the phone as if it stops working you might not be able to access your phone . To be on safer side just get your phone checked at the nearest Micromax service center .

      Tip – There is an app called ‘Button Savior’ which allows the user to lock the phone with out using the Screen lock button .

    • Mahesh Paudel says:

      Hi, as far as the power button is concerned, it is perfect in my phone. U ought to go to the service centre because it doesn’t come like so after manufactured.

  2. suresh says:

    I am using Micromax canvas doodle..and i bought this phone a few days back……my problem is i don’t have the option for video calling….can any1 help me out…..

    • Mahesh Paudel says:

      I am getting a little confused. Does the option for 3G video calling comes only under 3G network? Once I was in 3G network and my friend, who was with me, just tried with a video call. The matter is that the call went on ringing from his phone but my phone Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 was unable to detect the call. And no missed call notification too. Please help this issue out.

      • Yes 3G network is required .

        • Mrityunjoy says:

          I have fatching same problem
          I know & try all sattings for it but video calling option not in any option
          I have allredy using a110 it has no problem
          pls advice me

          • admin says:

            I think video calling feature isn’t available in doodle.

  3. happy says:

    hiii.. a111 doodle ya mobile ka bara ma btya sakta hoo is nobile ka respoons kasa ha camera kasa ha photo saf clik kerta ha khi is ka camera and mobile speed kasi ha kahi fake too nhi ha pls shi batnya friend

    • admin says:

      @happy – The phone comes with a rear camera of 8MP and front of 2MP which produce sharp images. Since the phone comes with 1.2GHZ processor and 512MB the phone may not hang .

      Hindi Translation : Phone k camera ki clarity achi hai and Processor bhi acha hai bas RAM thoda kam hai . Is price range me phone acha hai .

  4. sushil kumar rao says:

    I am using Micromax canvas doodle.and i bought this phone a few week back,i am facing problem that i have not getting the option for video calling.
    need your help…..

    • admin says:

      Hi Sushil

      I took my friend’s doodle phone and saw that there isn’t any option for video caller in Dialer Tab . Follow the procedure to make a video call :
      Go to contacts and select any contact and then click on ‘Call Option’ . Check out the screenshot below i have highlighted the option :
      Canvas Doodle Screenshot For Video Calling

      • Is this is the screen shot of canvas a111, because i can’t see this type of image in call option. It has simple calling option not the vedio calling option.
        I also want to update the android version to the 4.2 jelly bean…Is it possible and how?

        • You’ll find this option in contacts option . and currently 4.2 JB isn’t available for doodle. We will keep our readers updated once this update comes out officially .

          • In the contact option there is simple option of calling not vedio calling. are u using any additional software?

          • Hi Faizan
            Can you please post the screenshot here?
            No I’m not using any additional software .

          • send me ur mail id . I am not able to post the screenshot here..

          • Mail the screenshot to this address: rmehta749[at]Gmail[dot]com .

            Replace [at] by @ and [dot] by .

          • waiting for ur reply on Micromax A111 vediocalling option in contact. screenshot is already mailed to u.

          • native vedio calling not showing in contact option. screenshot is already mailed to u on you email id….
            waiting for your help………

          • Hi Faizan,
            I apologies for my late response. Since i don’t have the device with me, i am not able to figure out this thing properly.

      • I am also facing the same problem of making 3G video call This screenshot is defenetly not of the canvas doodle A111. Please see the ‘E’ mark at the notification bar, placed over the network bars. But in doodle, it remains parellal to the network bars

  5. Harrish says:


    I brought this phone couple months back but now the lock or power key is not working properly .

    • Hi Harrish

      The best way is to take your phone to the service center to get it repaired . They will resolve this issue within few minutes . Btw you can use apps like button savior which helps you to lock the screen without using lock button .

  6. Guddu kr says:

    I am using Micromax canvas doodle.and i bought this phone a few week back,i am facing problem that i have not getting the option for video calling.
    need your help…..

    • I have posted a screenshot in the comment section stating how you can make a video call from your doodle device . Please check

      • santhosh says:

        I too facing the same issue…i cannot make video call using 3g network ..there is no option available for making video call..but using skype & hangout i can make video call..please help on this issue how to make video call using 3g network

  7. HI, My Doodle sometimes get automatically on Speaker phone, and screen shows Canvas logo. What might be he issue?

    • Don’t know. visit the service center and get your phone checked. They can guide you properly.

  8. Hey anyone tell can I update my canvas doodle android 4.1.2 in to 4.2 ..please tell me…

  9. Hi,
    I bought a Doodle A111 today but i m not finding the vedio calling options. I saw your screenshot but in my phone i did not find any option like that. Please suggest as it is very frustrating.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Best Regards

  10. Hey anyone tell can I update my canvas doodle android 4.1.2 in to 4.2 ..please tell me…

  11. Rohan Sardana says:

    Heya Admin ,
    I wanted to ask that I should buy A111 doodle or Canvas Lite ?? Also 512 mb ram ok with this device or some low ram issues ?? how are apps working?? and also plz suggest me some good phone below 11k..


  12. Hi
    I just bought a A111 one week ago, how can I update my canvas doodle android 4.1.2 in to 4.2 ..please let me know…

    • Hi Raj,
      Currently 4.2 JB isn’t available for Doodle, once it is rolled out we will update you. keep visiting our site.

  13. Vaibhav says:

    Hey Admin,

    Does Skype works well on Doodle on wi-fi and 3G network?? Does the camera heats up after use? I’m planning to buy it but reviews aren’t encouraging..

    • @vaibhav
      I’ve not heard of that issue (heating up of camera) till date. Well Skype is compatible with that device. I’d advice you to ask any of your friend owning this phone as he/she would answer to your query properly.

  14. Rajkumar says:

    Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 is it support skype application. bcos i heared that skype doesnt work in this phone clear me… Tommorrow i am going buy this phone…

  15. faizan says:

    hi admin,
    is it possible to increase the ram of Micromax A111 via rooting or any other method? because my phone hangs many time when i play subway surfer for half an hour and it gets heated from back side……..
    please suggest ………….

    • admin says:

      I will post a guide on it. Meanwhile follow these steps – Close all unwanted apps, Clean the RAM and don’t play games while you’re charging your device.

  16. Sumi Dessai says:

    Pls tell me how to make a 3g video cal from doodle.

  17. Satyaki says:


  18. i thinking on buying it but can you plz tell me how good is it’s touch??
    i have also heard that the company has stopped manufacturing this phone, is it true???

  19. Gurinder Singh says:

    Hello. I want to buy “Doodle 2” phone. Plz tell me that can we operate this phone with stylus only….?? or with stylus and finger both…..?? Plz reply as early as possible…..

  20. Nishant says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am facing the same issue of 3g video call. No option for 3g video calls.
    Can this problem be resolved with some drivers or software download????
    Or I have to visit the service centre??
    The screen shot you have posted here may not be of Canvas doodle. Because even in the contacts, there is no option of 3g video calling.

    • Yes the screenshot i posted is not of canvas Doodle. I don’t have that device so can’t tell you about that.

  21. A111 have only 3G internet not 3g vedio calling facilty

  22. raghav says:

    how to root micromax canvas doodle A111…

  23. Faisal says:

    Hello sir..Sir plz tell me when will be rolled out jb 4.3 for doodle 111
    plz tell me m waiting ur ans..:-)

    • Faisal, the update won’t be available on Doodle for now. May be in future it will be available but not sure about that.

  24. kanchana says:

    i have purchased this cellphone….its good…but will skype work on it? how?


    Hello, Sir I want to know about the screen feature about mocromax canvas doodle A111. I want to say that whether lcd feature is normal lcd or tft or ips display feature on this phone. Please Sir suggest as soon as possible.

  26. hi
    my micromax a111 phone which i brought a few days back is having some problem with gallery i think.
    photos taken in mobile is not getting saved at all.. when we view the photos in gallery we get oly a grey image and all the photos taken are lost.
    can anyone suggest me on what should be done to rectify this problem.
    thanks in advance

  27. Vikranti says:

    Recently purchase canvas doodle the phone is heating back camera side what to do

  28. i brought canvas doodle today i didnt find any option to activate 3g network

    • Settings–> More–> Mobile Networks–> 3G Service –> Enable (Choose the connection) and Network Mode (WCDMA only).

  29. I am facing a screen shot problem In my phone that is the Micromax doodle A111.. It is showing me that the memory card is full.. But I have formated my memory card twice but still I am not able to take screen shot.. Pls do help me.. And tell me the solution as soon as possible… Error message Is being shown whenever I am taking a screen shot.. That is the memory card is full but the actual space left in memory card is more than 5 gb… So Pls get me the solution for this problem.. … Even I have deleted all the screen shot but still I am not able to take.. Pls do reply for it..

    • Already answered your previous comment. Please check your mail. You may have received a notification regarding the same. Contact us on our official Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MicromaxCanvasSmartphones

      • satish says:

        i took my a111 few days back , but i downloaded temple run and subwaysurfers but these games does not supports to my ,so mobile gets switched off , i took it to the bangaloremmx service point , they replied your a111 mobile does not support this 2 games , is this true or do we have any option ?

        • I don’t think so, these games must be compatible with your device. You need to check your device first.

  30. satish says:

    ok sir ,still not recieved my mobile from service center once i get i will check once and give my feed back sir , thanku…..

  31. Himanshu says:

    Hii….admin… i have doodle…since it is quard core bt … it is bit slower …it may be RAM problm…so how we increase RAM by rooting upit…or other way??? w>4>r

  32. om prakash says:

    how to take a screen shot INA 111pl.help

  33. Ramya Thyagu says:

    I couldn’t open the notification bar.. if I scroll its not coming down.. wat to do??

  34. Ramya Thyagu says:

    once I take a snap I juz get grey view in gallery.. I couldnt find any photos which I took… lots off problems.. pls gemme some ideas…

    • Whenever you take any screenshot, the screenshot appears in the notification bar. See it from there and check its location.

  35. I am having canvas doodle A111 ,I have bought just a month back and now I am facing hanging problem,it suddenly hang and automatically get switch off while using…plz tell me how to rectify this problem asap.

    • Do you close the apps after using them? Thoroughly scan your phone check if there any malicious app installed in your phone.

  36. Hi Admin,

    I have got a doodle phone… however when i try playing games like subway.. temple or the room… it works for sometime and then shuts down automatically (not the entire phone. only game gets shut). Could you please advise what might be the issue…

    Secondly you guys were suppose to post a guide for increasing ram through rooting for A111. Could you please advise if its done.

  37. kannan says:

    Hi boss I own a canvas a111 . U see I can download and browse in this phone and also I can play videos but the problem is I CAN’T PLAY VIDEOS ONLINE .
    I can download them but again I can’t play them HELP PLEASSSSSSSSSE

    • Are you using 2G connection? And Which browser you’re using? and does that browser ask you to use any video player to play the video?

  38. Hello,
    I bought A111 Doodle mobile before 2 months, I am facing issue network issue, Every one found me switch off Or not reachable. Where my phone is ON. I have checked it with other phone and i have found it’s the problem of my phone.
    Could you please urgently check and let me know is it a software problem or do I need to update version.


  39. Hi admin,
    i have this mobile….& my games is not working properly….when i click on the games it open for few seconds & then its closed. i m facing this problem from last month….can you plz Advice…

  40. NAVANEETHAN V says:

    I purchased A111. How can I know IMEI no.

  41. saurab mishra says:

    I bought this phone 2 weeks ago.Now I m facing one problem i.e. the ic will be heatng when I play games the mobile heats,battery is not heating.
    Plzzz give me some solution about this…………………

    • Take your phone to the service center and report them the same.

      • Mahanthesh M G says:

        How can I avoid background apps runs automatically in ma A111 and to free-up RAM,
        always RAM will be more than 85%.
        And I have not installed many Apps…

        • Force stop or uninstall apps!

          • mohd.Abrar says:

            Bhai mere fon ki ram full horahi he jiski wajah se mera whatsapp bar bar ruk jata he me apni ram kese saaf karun a111 plz help me

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            You would need to manage the background application’s RAM usage. Force stop the useless apps that are consuming more memory.

  42. durgaprasad says:

    Last week i bought doodle a 111. The problem is with the volume. I am not getting any ring when somebody calling me. If I switched off the mobile, it works properly for a while and after sometime the problem continues. please advice me

  43. A.Suda says:

    I just bought a micromax canvas doodle a111. Please tell me whether I can download candy crush saga and save it on my memory card. What are the steps for this? Please tell me.

    • admin says:

      Download the game, go to settings–>apps–>tap on candy crush–> Move to external card.

  44. Preethi says:

    I have doodle A111 .If I capture a photo and open that it will display grey color .can u pls suggest what is the problem?

  45. joel says:

    i bought micromax doodle a few days ago i am facing the problem of Camera when i ON the Flash and click photo my mobile gets off so any answer to this question

  46. A. Suda says:

    I bought q micromax doodle A 111 three weeks ago. I downloaded Candy crush saga onto my memory card. But every time either I the beginning or in the midst of the game the phone starts buffering and gets shut down. Am never able to complete the game. It says the android has shut down. It’s frustrating. So far in 2 weeks I have been able to play this only on 5 or 6 occasions. Please help.

  47. Satish says:

    My Micromax canvas A111 is directly off while running the play store. it not starts, only Blue Light is Blink when start button is pressed.

    Pl. tell me the sol’n immediate.

  48. Anupam Thakur says:

    The battery got damaged just after 6 months. I generally use Mobile Phones very carefully so there is no question of misuse. The battery is really poor. The Phone had been working nice till now. I bought it in August 2013.

    • admin says:


      You can get a new battery from the service center. Battery comes under 6 months guarantee so you need to pay this time.
      And the battery got damaged in what manner? bulged?

      • Anupam Thakur says:

        Yes, the battery budged and definitely not due to overcharge because I take care of mobiles very much and use it very carefully.

      • richa says:

        Ikr! Even mine! U sure that the battery comes under 6months of guarantee?

  49. richa says:

    Dude, I bought this phone like 3-4 months ago, and I’ve a major battery problem. :/ MAJOR! I’ve been facing this problem since last one week or so. I have to keep charging my phone for like… every hour! And even when I’ve 80 or 70 or 60% battery, the phone switches off automatically. And when I switch it on again, I find 1% battery. So, basically I’ve to keep charging my phone forever! :/ :/ so, is it like I’ve to replace the battery? If so, then which one would be the best one? I installed many battery saver apps, but none of them worked. I have to keep my mobile data off for almost entire day in order to save battery. And I already had some prob with this phone in the past. I really really love my phone, and don’t want a new one.

    Can you please help me out!? Please! :/ 🙁 _/\_

    • admin says:

      Visit the service center and ask them to replace the battery. Battery comes under 6 months warranty as per the information I have.

  50. bharat says:

    i hv micromax doodle (A111), not getting incoming calls, if someone call me they understand phone is busy afer one call ring, what is solution plz advice.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Are you using any call blocking app? Check your phone’s calls settings too.

  51. Lokesh says:

    I am unable to make video calls form Micromax A111….. can any pls help ……

  52. madhavaram says:

    hello admin 🙂
    I bought this phone on 29th march 2014. My problems with this phone are:
    1. the phone is heating while it is charging
    2. some sort of burnt smell where i keep my charger to the phone
    3. over heating of phone when i speak for about more than 20 mins for a local call using plans (not viber or skype call)
    4. camera shutter sound even when the phone is in silent mode.
    5.when i play stick cricket stick tennis for around half an hour… my phone gets over over heated
    6. battery issue… i am getting only 7-9 hours of charging with my mobile data ON.
    7. speaker problem… when i play loud music in my phone the song keeps on breaking!!! but this phone is quite good when u speak or carry ur work with ur head set :

    Admin ji…. please suggest suitable answers to my problems… solutions to my problem… brought this phone with my first salary 🙁 🙁

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      For the first and 3 issue kindly ask for a replacement issue as it is a serious problem.

      • madhavaram says:

        Sir… u said replacement. is it for mother board or else the entire phone??

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          The whole phone. Contact Micromax officials regarding this issue.

  53. sunanda says:

    Having problem in playing candy crush and other games like can you escape series, very sad with its performance. Can you help??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Follow: Settings–>Apps–>Running Apps–> check which app is consuming more memory. if it is not much required, disable it.
      Btw You’re on which level?

  54. Nikhil says:

    I am using Canvas Doodle A111 for the past 4 months. The problem I am facing is about the 3G network. Whenever I switch from “GSM only” network mode to any of the other two, viz., “WCDMA only” or “GSM/WCDMA(preferred)”, it automatically switched to “GSM only” mode. I don’t think it is related to my location, as the situation prevails, even if I move to other places.
    Any suggestions?


    • Rahul Mehta says:

      if you want to experience consistent 3G connectivity choose WCDMA only.

  55. sunanda says:

    Thanks rahul… I will do that…let’s see its working or not. …&I’m in 126.

  56. NAVANEETHAN V says:

    I would like to upgrade canvas a111 jelly bean to kitkat. Is it available now?

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