Micromax Canvas Phones Android 4.4 kitkat update Available Soon

Great news for all the Micromax users. Few days back we reported pour readers that Micromax has stopped Android 4.3 development for existing smartphones and that time we predicted that they will directly provide the kitkat update and yes that prediction holds true now. I can say most of the canvas phones will soon receive 4.4.x update on their phone and that a really good news for all those people who were seeking for updates. Micromax Android 4.4 Kitkat update will be available soon.

Android 4.4 kitkat update for Micromax Phones

Lots of our readers got disappointed when they came to know that 4.3 Android update won’t be rolled out for Micromax devices but yes now there faces will be surely cherished with this news.ย 

Also i would like to state one thing that the estimate time of arrival is not known yet but it is confirmed that this update will be available soon. I request all our readers to subscribe to our blog so that they receive all latest updates from our side. The subscription box is present on the right column and do verify your email too.

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The source for this information is as usual MMXNewsCaster who is well known for leaking Micromax latest updates. The guy always produce leak update and all the time it holds true.

There are a list of smartphones under Canvas series which will receive this update. No news regarding the Bolt smartphones and also the arrival of the update whether it will be via OTA or manually.

For few handsets it is marked that they will receive a 4.4.x kitkat update and for two smartphones (canvas ego and canvas 3D A115) – these two smartphones will receiveย  4.1.2 update.

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List of Micromax Canvas Phones to Get Android 4.4 Kitkat Update

Micromax Canvas PhoneAndroid 4.4 Kitkat Version
Canvas Turbo A2504.4.x
Canvas Doodle 2 A2404.4.x
Canvas 4 A2104.4.x
Canvas A2004.4.x
Canvas Magnus A1174.4.x
Canvas HD A1164.4.x
Canvas HD A116i4.4.x
Canvas 2 Plus A110Q4.4.x
Canvas Doodle 4.4.x
Canvas 2.2 A1144.4.x
Canvas 24.4.x
Canvas 3D A1154.1.2 (JB)
Canvas Ego A1134.1.2 (JB)

Happy to see your phone listed above? I know You’re. Share this good news with your friends on social media too and stay tuned we will soon post how you can get Android kitkat on Micromax phones once the update rolls out officially.


  1. Abhinay Vaidya says:


    Is Canvas 2 A110 able to upgrade?

  2. Saket Joshi says:

    Is the news official, though it is by MMXNewsCaster? Also what are the chances that MMX will quit the development after they feel that the UX is buggy or laggy?

  3. Dark Invader says:

    Model A116 will get 4.4 or not?

  4. Avneesh says:

    What about Canvas HD A116…. ?

  5. shibu mathew says:

    When will the update be released??

  6. Prasad Pawar says:

    When will i get the update for my canvas A110

  7. gunjan says:

    Please tell me that how can i update my Canvas HD with 4.4.

  8. ishant zanwar says:

    My phone is canvas doddle a111 when I will get an update

  9. CMahendra says:

    How many days remaining for April 1st? ๐Ÿ˜•

  10. Harbans says:

    I had A canvas music , which was stolen unfortunately!!
    Being a Micromax fan, I am considering another Micromax device!
    Please suggest me the best phone within Rs. 10-12000.
    I want to buy Canvas HD but will its price fall in near times?????? ..coz my budget is as stated above.

    • admin says:

      No idea. Canvas HD price is still the same as it was when the phone was launched. Canvas 2.2 is also a good phone.

    • Tushar says:

      canvas 2.2 is an awesome phone, u must go for it… i own this device too and i’m more than happy with it….

  11. prasanth says:

    wat about canvas a74…? will it get d update r not?

  12. Jitu Yadav says:

    Wo wo wo what a awesome new year gift frm MMX.. I m so exited abt 4.4 update. Bt i have some quesns in my mind too. If MMX will cancel its development saying that it has so mant bugs nd all that. As we all know that at the time of 4.3 they also did the same.

    • admin says:

      Nice point. But I don’ think this will happen in this case. Rest Hope for the best.


  14. kalyan says:

    hiii am using a cavas magnus. it is listed in the upgrade list above. will i get a notification when am eligible or shall i try it myself somewhere?
    and… is the update news official? It will be a great favor let me know admin.
    thank you

    • admin says:

      The update is official and you’ve to check yourself or keep visiting out site as we will post about it.

  15. ragesh says:

    brother ๐Ÿ™ please tell does canvas 3D A115 will get update ๐Ÿ™

    • Yes 4.1.2 Jelly Bean not kitkat!

      • ragesh says:

        BUt we have current version 4.1.2 jelly bean really
        BUt other are saying it will update from 4.1.2 to 4.4.1
        im confused ๐Ÿ™ help us
        ! .. also wish u a happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚

        • admin says:

          Happy New Year to you too Ragesh. The kitkat update will be available for your device. Please wait.

  16. nilesh ojha says:

    please tell me
    we have no opt. of update in mmx so how can we update with kitkat
    pls. revert

  17. Vivek says:

    can we upgrade our canvas doodle into 4.4 android verson ..

    • admin says:

      Yes the phone is eligible to receive the update. Just wait for the update to roll out officially.

  18. Rajat says:

    Canvas 2 is gonna get 4.4 update right??
    I know it’s a silly question but I’m right, right??

  19. saravanan says:

    hai pls send me the link to download the micromax driver to update my phone using pc.


    what about canvas music a88 it can be updated or not?

  21. naidu says:

    sir i want to micromax a110q android latest version 4.4.2 file plz help me sir plz plz plz

  22. satish pandey says:

    Louncher not spoted phone this problem it your phone solusan

  23. N Vijayakumar says:

    I am using Micromax A90s. Is it comes under Canvas category. Do I get the Kitkat update for A90s.


  24. Still waiting ….when the update is coming any news..???

  25. atharva says:

    Sir i own a micromax canvas 2 plus will this phone will get update of kitkat version? Rply asap nd thanx! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Jitu Yadav says:

    Its the end of January bt nothing is happening. Not any new on any site about Kitkat in micromax not any other things. Is this possible that may be Micromax quits from 4.4? As they did at the time of 4.3
    Its so bad to wait for an update nd we got nothing just wait more nd more..

  27. rakesh says:

    can i upgrade micromax a117 magnus to kitkat

  28. Micromax released kitkat ota yes confirmed i have canvas 4 i have installed it yesterday with ota

  29. Akarsh says:

    Is the update avaliable ?.or is it a false news.?….OTA update shows โ€˜Your system is currently up to date’…

  30. i also hav canvas 4 no update till now…

  31. sandeep says:

    when wiil you release update for magnus

  32. Anuj Vidyarthi says:

    I have recently bought the Canvas Turbo which has 4.2.1. The device is listed for Kitkat update. Is the update officially launched? How can I update my phone?

  33. hey please tell me how can i update my canvas a115 3D 4.1 to 4.4 kitkat?

  34. Ramesh Talco says:

    Sir my mobile micromax turbo a250

    Eagerly waiting for kitkat

    Aprox date of release pls

    Or its all in the game for sales advertise

  35. Ramesh Talco says:

    After your sugest i had bought micromax turbo A250
    If am i get 4.1
    Any timelimit
    Atleast before march
    Or its only in the game of sales promote

  36. joseph daniel raj says:

    When 4.4 ll come jan also finished all micromax user r wating for this only…….. Y its takes so late

  37. Akshay Akky says:

    I hv magnus A117 nd i hv chckd just right now but there is no update…..its showing system is up to date…..how did u update ???

  38. Kaushik says:


    I’m Using Canvas 2 Plus is there any Kit Kat update for Canvas 2 Plus or its just an Rumor ??



  39. santosh says:

    its the starting of feb month but there is no official news from micromax

  40. Sachin says:

    When will the update of Canvas Fun come??

  41. Manank says:

    I will wait for 4.4 kit kat update but 4.3 Jelly Bean Update is Available for Micromax Canvas 2 A110

  42. Manank says:

    I will wait for 4.4 kit kat update but 4.3 Jelly Bean Update is Available for Micromax Canvas 2 A110?????

  43. Amit kumar says:

    Model A114 will get 4.4 or not?

  44. Dhara shah says:

    but after installing Go LAUNCHER my MICRO MAX device canvas 2 plus A1110q is hanging so much………………………………………………………..

  45. sandeep says:

    M wating micromax mobile 2k display and rec

  46. Tarun Arora says:

    Is MMX serious in releasing the update. Other phones have already released it. There is no fun left… Why r thy delaying the update.. I think thr wld not be any update….

    • Dileep Kumar M says:

      I think they just publish such news to gain more market share. Its been 7 months, I am waiting for an update. I am happy that with 4.2.1, my canvas 4 gives 50 hours uptime with wifi/gprs ON all the time.

  47. pankaj says:

    Will canvas2 a110 update on android 4.4 kitkat or not??????

  48. mir tanveer says:

    Is 4.4 present at service centers or not

  49. Shubham Gupta says:

    Hey guys. Android 4.4 has been uploaded to mmx servers for canvas 2. Believe me guys on 15 th Feb 2014 at arnd 6 pm there was a notification in my canvas 2 to update firmware ota bt i was nt in Wifi area. Nw its showing ur system up to date. I guess mmx is waiting to release it on day of s5 release which is very near. So wait and i m quite sure very soon we will be able to update our device.

  50. dear admit..
    how to upgrade my canvas 2 to jelly bean, i have tried everything, but its showing “Brom error: S_FT_Download_Fail (4008). Now tell me what to do my phone is dead… please help…


    I own a canvas a116 hd,wen will it be upgradeable to 4.4???? Also,i checked in,in one of the micromax service centres and they said that it isnt even upgradeable to 4.2 :/ ….!! So is this news for real,nd if yes,then when is the upgrade due???? Plz do reply

    • No idea when the update will be available. BTW you can upgrade your canvas HD manually to 4.2 Jelly Bean!

  52. Kiran Patel says:

    really, canvas 2 update with kitkat 4.4x…? or Fake?
    january 2014 complete, now february end come… when update os… complete? reply…

  53. ajaan khan says:

    its been 2 month already that u saying update will come out end of jan then end of feb … i think it goes like that for a year . Does Micromax making update or sending a rocket on Moon ???

  54. Karthik says:

    Hey Common MMX, Let us know the date of when the 4.4 Update will be available. I have 116 HDi and i am waiting for the update.

    • Rajiv patil says:

      It is absolutely a rumor. I have checked with a micromax service dealer and it seems to be not possible since these kind of update will hammer the sales of their new releases.!!

  55. Sai shreyas says:

    will micromax A 76 get the update for android version kitkat??

  56. Shishir says:

    Hi Admin..

    I know MMX has stated that the update to kitkat will be available soon.. Can you pls confirm the ETA or any tentative dates it will be available?? I am sure all the MMX users are eagerly waiting for this release to upgrade their device with the latest Android..

    • admin says:

      Nothing is confirmed in case of Micromax Android updates as this news was leaked by MMXNewscaster, not officially announced anything by Micromax.

  57. Yogesh says:


    I seen all what you posted, Can you let us know the date that we can get the Kitkat 4.4.* to my micromax canvas 4 to up grate, I seen your post that u say’s the update will release by Jan end but this is March, I don’t see any update of you recently kindly let us know when we can see the update on over smart phones.

  58. abdul says:

    admin if mediatek devices are getting update what about doodle a111

  59. Anupam says:

    Hi Canvas Knight is recently launched with 4.2.2.
    Will this device can be upgraded to 4.4x?

  60. Methilesh says:

    When is the date of update plz let me know

  61. tarun joshi says:

    just tell me one think admin I think there is no difference between canvas 2 and canvas a115 all hardware ram n processors r same in both phone so y Micromax not give update for a115 plz tell me n don’t delete my comment

  62. prashant says:

    i have canvas 2 a 110 currently have 4.1.1 os and wating for kit kat 4.4

  63. praveenkumar says:

    I have canvas magnus. At present in 4.2.1 version using. When do u will developing the 4.4 version…. All canvas phones performance is awesome ( internet, process, handling, video calling chating also excellent) but camera clarity is very very worst. I.e. a117 is 12mp but samsung, htc, gionee, sony, beat with 8mp. Then nokia beating with 5mp camera. So grate inselt me with my frients smart phone comparision. Kindly improve the camera clarity with micromax smartphones. Thank u….

  64. praveenkumar says:

    Micromax A85 model performance is awesome all apps are easilly to supported hd games are not hanging and long term using be
    Happy. But android 2.2. So when you will improve the 4.2 or 4.4 status. Helpme have not hate the model. So plz atleast 4.1 versions impliment. By A85 users

  65. sukhdeep singh says:

    i think micromax don’t have money or men to develop update, even they don’t have any good service center. from last year we seeing this post and waiting for update and till now no updates on update. they are give us ” BABA JI KA TILU”

    • admin says:


      First of all its Thullu not Tilu. Jokes apart we don’t delete any comment from our site, the comments are first reviewed and then approved so might take some time.

      Regarding the update, there is no word regarding the same from the officials.

  66. Naman Wadhwa says:

    Can u just tell the month when will the update

  67. Gajanan Bhokare says:

    I have canvas 4. At present in 4.2.1 version using. When do u will developing the 4.4 versionโ€ฆ. All canvas phones performance is awesome ( internet, process, handling, video calling chating also excellent). It’s Video Shooting clarity is much better but camera clarity is very very worst. I.e. A210 is 13mp but samsung, htc, gionee, sony, beat with 5mp. Then nokia beating with 5mp camera. So grate inselt me with my friends smart phone comparison. Kindly improve the camera clarity with micromax smartphones. Thank uโ€ฆ

  68. Rajeshkumar L says:

    Kitkat OS released for Canvas 4? If not, when it will release? If it release on June’2014, Will I get Canvas 4 with preinstalled updated kitkat OS If I buy after June’2014 month?

  69. Mohammad yaseen says:

    Its April 4 2014 and no update still , Why? Was That a fake news micromax gave?

  70. arun says:

    when it will upgrade ?having A116 hd ..from the day one eagerly waiting for upgrade …still..but you people do 2015 or 2016 ..2020…let me know us otherwise surely micromax will loose market in india ..all samsung mobiles are upgraded ..

  71. dshfjhs says:


  72. Himesh says:

    I have a canvas 4 mobile but how to update newer version of Kit kat os in my system..

  73. sudershan says:

    Will canvas tab will be gettig update ???????

  74. Jay Tamrakar says:

    Hi Admin

    I am Using A20 (Turbo) Pls confrim

    1. Is the new Kit kat version upgradable over Wifi or it need to connected to PC/ LT.
    2. Is there any fresh date communicated by Micromax offical for Kit Kat launch.

    Awaiting your revert on this.


  75. Bharat says:

    i have canvas 3D A 115 currently have 4.1.1 os and wating for kit kat 4.4

  76. aryan says:

    hey man can you plz tell me, ki android kitkat 4.4 update kab aayega canvas 4 ke liye, me march se sun raha hu ki april ya june me aayega, par ab july aa gaya,. please please teel us… when was it comes, otherwise wait na kare… me ub gaya hu is 4.2 se. plz do it fast as u can. and upgrade our smartphones to kitkat 4.4…

  77. aman says:

    Hello admin, is canvas 2.2 a 114 now update to kitkat operating system. Plz rply. If yes then how?

  78. Raghu Raman says:

    I am using micromax canvas 2 colours a120 can i upgrade kitkat version to my phone.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Micromax did promise to provide kitkat update for canvas 2 colours however they haven’t started rolling out the update for this device yet.

  79. Pulkit says:

    How do I update my Canvas 2 Plus (4.2.1) to Kitkat (4.4.2) without jailbreaking?

  80. hey admin .. pls let me knw more on kitkat update for micromax canvas A110q .

  81. hey please tell me how can i update my canvas a116 4.2 to 4.4 kitkat?

  82. Chinmay Joshi says:

    hey, i heard that microMax is releasing the 4.4 kit Kat update for all 4.2 & 4.3 devices of canvas series… however the official update is not available yet… any idea when this would be available… or will this be available at all??

  83. Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 A102 with 1GB RAM (Blue) is it convert to kitkat version.

  84. akshay says:

    plz help me to upgrade to 4.4 my canvas 2 plus………plz bro

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Upgrade not available yet.

      • Sanjay says:

        Somewhere on this page, I read the ETA for 4.4.x to be End of Jan, 2014 and at End of Sep, 2014 you are telling not yet available. Is micromax committed for this at all?

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          The news was sourced from MMXNewsCaster Tweet and the handler claimed that the news has come from MMX. Not sure when they would actually roll kitat update.

  85. does canvas nitro gets android l update

  86. bharat says:

    For canvas 2 plus A110Q, is update available.. ?

  87. prini aggarwal says:

    Is this update available for magnus?

  88. how can i update my mmx canvas hd A116 to new kit kat version plez tel me bro

  89. Roopan says:

    Can i Get The Upgrade for Canvas 4 A210 Its 2 yrs long No System is upgraded

  90. Is there any update for micromax a94?
    Or can we update the OS to lollipop?

  91. Payal Bansal says:

    I have A114 canvas 2.2 and according to you it should have been updated to kitkat more than a year ago. But it didn’t. And now android lollipop is also available in market but still we don’t have an update from jellybean to kitkat. Are we fools here? That you keep posting things like these and give people false hope?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The news was buzzed out by MMXNewsCaster and we’ve not heard back by the officials over this till date. The company has been rolling out the updates for few of its devices however not for Canvas 2.2 till now.

      • Sai Krishna says:

        The why do you still keep this article intact till now ? Please, i request you to remove these type of obsolete not-happening-any-where-in-near-future articles, so that i can still look at my Canvas phone with respect which i bought 2 yrs ago. ๐Ÿ™

  92. 2 years ago the update havent come yet
    i think mmx is making us fool
    lollipop has arrived but this update will never come

  93. ASCM says:

    Guyz..plse understand There will no updates from micromax as of now and forever.. Just root your phones and get upgraded.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. NIRU says:

    When update will be available for canvas magnus a117 ?

  95. Cheenu says:

    I am very disappoint abt Micromax When u r release atleast the update of kit Kat for my canvas 2.2 ,Please give the update for canvas 2.2

  96. Sir,
    Am a user of canvas hd a116i its almost 2yrs still now I didnt get any update vl u plz say wen the company is releasing the updates and ya I have done that flash I mean the stock room v2 for my phone and yup a littles changes came to phone and m happy with my phone but the problem is as u are releasing kitkat version to these phones wat abt the lollipop updates wen then latest phones are getting is of kitkat version so kindly try to give us the update fast as possible v are waiting for it plz a favour from us plz do it quickly

    • Sai Krishna says:

      I think Micromax will not update the Canvas devices forever. They have completely forgotten us Old customers due to which they are here today. Now, even the Android 6.0 has come out for Micromax Android One, but I’m sure we won’t get any further. We jsut have to sell our phones on OLX, which wouldn’t even get me a Rs. 1000 keeping in mind the new phones available at affordable prices

  97. Arshad Khan says:

    Hello pls help me..i am try to update our canvas 2 plus+ phone but i am failed many times so pls help me……

  98. Aasil says:

    Hey, I have my Micromax canvas fire A104 its already has 4.4kitkat but I need lolipop version in my device so tell me when it be available for me…..please reply

  99. Hitesh says:

    Is there any upgrade version of Micromax Cameo Knight A290 to lollipop

  100. Achintya Singh Yadav says:

    How do I upgrade my Micromax Canvas nitro E311 Android phone to lollipop 5.0 by myself if there is no upgrade by company?

  101. Arunkumar says:

    sir if Micromax A96 canvas have update from 4.2.2 jellybean to kitkat , if available please send link sir

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