Micromax Canvas 4 A210 Official Specs, Features Infographics

Micromax Provided a way to show the grand launch to all the people sitting at their home through a Facebook app displaying the live video stream as few people were allowed in the launch arena . The live video was also available on other medias but the link was not working . I was eagerly waiting for the link to become active but nevertheless  i visited the official website of canvas 4 and got the official specs there . The sites has been designed fantastically and depicts the specifications clearly and interestingly . Micromax Canvas 4 Official specifications are displayed below in a infograph .Micromax canvas 4 official image

There are slides present on the official site displaying the specs of canvas 4 , we have just made an infographics with the help of the slides . once you open the site , the site will ask you whether you have a low bandwidth or high bandwidth connection . Check you connection speed and go ahead .

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Micromax Canvas 4 Specification, Features Infographics

Micromax canvas 4 features infographics


If the above image doesn’t loads , Please refresh the page . Credit goes to canvas-4.com



  1. manish says:

    Admin what’s the price of this canvas 4 device ?

  2. umesh says:

    hi, i am in muscat, oman. Where i wil buy canvas 4 here. What is prize in oman?

    • admin says:

      Hi Umesh

      I seriously didn’t knew if Micromax is present in Oman or not . So i googled about it and found that Micromax has few stores in your country . Since canvas 4 bookings are limited to India only so in few weeks you can try buying this phone in your country too . In the mean time i tweeted the officials about your issue , once they respond to your issue i will inform you asap .

      Thanks for your comment.

    • admin says:

      They have replied o my tweet – the phone is currently not available in Oman .

  3. M J Khan says:

    What is the difference between High and low bandwidth canvas phone? and why are they asking. I am a layman when it comes to phones. Pls respond.
    Thank you

    • Hi M J khan
      That’s the site which is built different on Low bandwidth connection and high bandwidth connection. It depends on the speed of the internet connection you are using. It’s not related to the phone.

  4. Hey,
    Can you suggest me abt canvas 4…. actually i want to purchase it but some people have negative feedback about it..So, i am really confused..

  5. Hi this is Tirth
    I have already got this device & i wanted to ask u whether there will be an KITKAT update on Canvas 4 or not ????

    • Hi Tirth
      MMX will surely provide Android updates for this device. Please wait and follow our blog for latest updates.

  6. Hello i am omin
    Plz help me to update my phone in micromax canvas 4 in android version 4.4 kitket ..
    How to update this version

  7. Balar Omni says:

    And android version 2.3…????

    • Why you want to degrade the OS to 2.3? Your phone currently on Android Jelly bean which is better than 2.3 gingerbread.

  8. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Admin,

    I want to know whether it is good to store apps in phone memory or internal memory card in Canvas 4? I bought 2 weeks back

  9. Admin there is no background wallpaper is seeing when i click on application menu

  10. Kapil Sharma says:

    Hello Admin,
    I saw that kitkat version is available for canvas-4 . I wana update my canvas-4 . Can u plz tell me the proper way for update its android version .

    Reply me soon,,,,

  11. Ritesh says:

    Its high time MMX begins shipping Canvas phones with a L-Polymer batteries. My A210 Canvas 4 battery dies in less than 9 hours of moderate use. I did a battery calibrate with the usual 3 times Full power and Full drain down.

    The phone is awesome in every aspect — however the battery sucks royally.

    Any idea which Polymer battery I can get to solve this problem ? I previously had a Gionee G1 with a 2100 mAh battery and that used to last me till next day with exactly the same usage (3G browsing, WhatsApp, emails and youtube usage)

    I have a Paid version of 2X Battery saver and also installed a Task Killer however the battery still won’t last me more than 9 hours in any condition. However, I have done this :

    Switch of 3G and use only 2G and the battery can go on for about 15 hours. But doesn’t make sense then buying such an expensive phone. Can someone carry out this message to Micromax officials ?

  12. Bhargav says:

    Hello admin I am facing this issue where my snap chat doesn’t allow me to play videos which I recieve.. I heard its a problem with a lot of phones so I ignored but today one friend who has the same phone doesn’t face such an issue.. I read its some video format issue.. Trying downloading Mx player and the codecs with it too still not working.. Any idea?

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