Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q Price Specification Details

The Fastest Selling just got faster! Micromax  unveiled their upgraded version of Canvas 2 in May 2013 . Let’s hope that the success peak touched by Micromax Canvas 2 will now be followed by its second version phone .Micromax Phones has become the first choice of Indian Youth and this company has emerged into a huge mobile selling firm . Earlier Samsung was continuously getting good response from Indian Market but with the launch of Micromax Canvas SmartPhones the sales of Samsung Market has decreased and all credits goes to the Micromax smartphones . The specification in which Canvas 2 was lacking has been now introduced in the all new improved Version of Canvas 2 i.e  Micromax Canvas 2 Plus also known as A110Q .

Micromax Canvas 2 Plus A110Q Size


The Phone comes with a big 5 inch screen (12.57 cms) , this is one of the main thing we Indian People like . If you like to play games all the time just like i do then this smartphone can be a good choice for you because of the big screen and of the specification listed below .  Those who like to watch movies on the phone can watch and play movies online too on this phone . I just checked the online shopping sites and i observed that the price for all canvas smartphones has decreased . So it’s a great chance for all those people who are seeking to buy any Micromax Canvas SmartPhone .

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Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus Specification Details :


Screen : This phone has a big 5 inch screen with IPS display which as an advantage over an ordinary LCD display . The main advantage of having IPS display is that it provided a consistent and accurate color from all viewing angles . Whatever you are seeing on the phone it looks the same from all angles . The screen is almost same as that of Canvas 2 but just the picture and video quality has improved .It supports multi touch too .


Micromax Canvas Plus Front & Back


Design :

Again the design is almost same as that of Canvas 2 . The phone has a big screen which you can check out in the above images , the design is super cool especially the side view which is very sleek . The slide makes the phone slip into the pocket easily . Most of the people that these kind of 5inch Phablets cant be kept in the pockets but that’s not true , I am using Canvas Phone and i haven’t faced this kind of problem till date .


Micromax-Canvas-2-Plus-A110 Side View

Battery :

The phone has a battery of 2000 mAh that gives 280 hrs standby time and talktime of 6 hours  and  , again Micromax disappointed with the same battery power . The battery consumption will be high if you keep data (Internet) connection on and make the brightness to the highest level . For a good backup switch the data connection ON whenever you want to surf Internet and make the brightness level to the lowest .

Android Operating System :

This phone runs on Android 4.2 JellyBean whereas in Canvas 2 it is 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and yes it is upgradable to 4.2 JB . Please note that unlike other mobile companies  Micromax hasn’t started releasing OS updates for their smartphones .

Canvas 2 Plus Android OS 4.2 JellyBean

Camera :

The phone has a rear camera of 8 Mega Pixel while the front camera is of 2MP . In this upgraded version the front camera is improved as in canvas 2 the front camera is of 0.3 MP . So we can expect a good quality of pictures clicked by both the camera and Yes you will have a great experience while having video chat . It has a dual LED Flash which will allow you to click photographs in low or low light .

Canvas 2 Plus Micromax Camera


Processor & Storage :

Now this specification will make you feel that this plus version is certainly much better than the original canvas 2 phone . First of all the processor is 1.2GHZ Quad core processor where in canvas 2 it is 1GHZ dual core . This phone has ROM – 4GB Nand flash and RAM – 1GB , Now with this 1GB your phone won’t lag as CANVAS 2 do sometimes . You will be able to play heavy games on this phone without having any problem . My friend is using CANVAS 2 plus and he has installed few heavy games and whenever i play those games (Like GTA 3 , Counter killer, etc ) the phone never hangs so no need to worry about the performance of this phone .



Micromax A110Q supports dual sim and this phone is available in two colors – white and black . Earlier White color canvas phones were in demand but now both colors are in demand  .

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Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus Lowest Price

This phone when released was priced @12100 but the now the price of canvas smartphones has decreased and you can buy this phone at around 11k to 11.5k either from the online shopping sites or from the retail stores . Try to bargain if you’re good at it 😉


Please share your opinion regarding this phone via a comment below this post .


  1. Prakash says:

    After a long research, I’ve narrowed down 2 handsets.
    Canvas 2 plus A110q and Xolo Q800..
    Seems both are having similar hardware, so couldn’t make the decision. So please suggest me which one is a good buy. I will use it for watching videos and camera. Not a hardcore gamer. This is my 1st smart phone.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Prakash ,

      I was also planning to post a comparison review of Canvas 2 plus A110q and Xolo Q800 . Once i write it ,i will mail you all the details .Btw thanks for the reminder .

      Best Regards

    • ranganathan says:

      hey,it s better to buy canvas2+ because it has much video clarity because of its 8mp back n 2mp front camera..i have been using it ..the battery gets down only if u surf on net..n playing.listening to songs n videos will not affect the phone..so it is better to buy canvas 2+..

    • Sanjay says:

      i am facing a small problem some fonts are not able to appear on whats up msgs were as in Samsung pocket it appears i am unable to understand

      • admin says:

        That text may be in Hindi, Punjabi or any other regional language. Can you share a screenshot?

  2. I have a problem in my canvas 2 plus. Sim management options like voice call,video call etc is not highlighted means i an unable to open the options to set call settings. I am using only on sim currently in slot 1. Can u suggest me the solution to fix the problem. Thanks !!

    • admin says:

      Hi Vimz

      Those options will become active when you’ll use 2 SIM .If you’re using one SIM that will be set as default for all ( video call,data connection, etc ).

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the previous reply. One more thing is happening in my canvas 2 plus from past somedays that while downloading temple run2 or some other games an error is occurred every time. What is the solution for it? How can i play such nice games when phone is unable to download it. Would you help me please?

    • admin says:

      The error may be caused due to slow internet connection . Download the apk files of these games from PC and transfer them to your phone and install them . But before installing these apps make sure your phone allows installing of non market apps . For this follow this procedure : Menu–>Settings–>Security–> Tick Unknown Sources .

      One more thing check the amount of storage space you’ve used (Settings–>Storage). If your phone’s internal storage is filled you may need to transfer applications to external SD card & vice versa . To check follow : Settings–>apps

      • ranganathan says:

        i also had this problem..it s purely due to network problem..get a vodafone sim..enable 3g n i am sure u will be able to download all the games..i did the same…

      • Hi,
        Apk file of temple run 2 is also not supporting. It shows an error “app not installed”. I have done all the settings even i opted for internal storage for installation process when fails in sd card but still the problem is not fixed. However, when i tried to install it from app store the ‘error 24’ came out. What will be the solution for these terrible errors?

        • Hi
          Error 24 states that either the apk file you’re installing is corrupted or apk files hasn’t installed successfully . Do one thing download Temple Run 2 apk file from a trusted source transfer it to your phone . The apk file you’ve downloaded is corrupted i guess .

  4. harsh says:

    is this a good phone 2 buy?? are der any drawbacks of this phn??

  5. madhav says:

    Is Micromax Canvas A110q dual sim active or stand by?.

    If internet is on by 1st SIM then can 2nd SIM can able to receive call?

    Please help i want to buy this phone

  6. Hi,

    Can i purchase canvas 2 plus from online, if yes then what type of guarenty will i gedt?
    if not plese give me the suggetion.

  7. can we move apps to sd.

  8. I bought a canvas 2 plus it shows android 4.2.1 should i have to upgrade it by going to the Micromax center or can i update it via internet…..

  9. does canvas 2 plus not hangs…???

    • mine is hanging , also cant see software update icon in settings cant connect to pc also not able to use pc connectivity

  10. Dattatray says:

    There is a option to use pc internet via usb connection in a110q but when i use it even after sharing pc connections no connectivity in a11q plz guide

  11. Pushkar Tawde says:

    I am looking to buy this micromax canvas2plus. so i want to clear out abt the pc connectivity of this phone & hw is the Sim slots is there any prblm occuring with it?

    • My friend is currently using this phone and he hasn’t faced any issue till date. About the PC connectivity you just need to attach the USB and connect it to move any data from PC to phone and vice versa.

      • kishore says:

        I bought A110Q last 3 month before, i am using PC connectivity and working with internet in PC from mobile. still now i didnt face any issue.

  12. Sachin says:

    when i reject call message send to caller what is the solution?

    • admin says:

      Whenever someone call us we have three options – Reject, Accept and Reject SMS. Are you pointing to Reject SMS? IF yes then it will ask you what you want to message the caller. Something like that?

  13. HARISH SHARMA says:

    what is the best colour for looking canvas +

  14. Jayant Pathak says:

    I bought this phone on 15-Aug-2013. It was working fine till day before yesterday but since then it is restarting automatically. If phone is idle for 10 to 15 min and if i touch any key after screen unlock, it restarts immediately. if I am using it for video and music it works fine and when any call comes it restart again.

    What could be the reason? Please help me.

    • admin says:

      don’t know. Visit the service center and get your phone checked and repaired.

    • Sayyab says:

      i am also getting this problem.

    • Benjamin Thomas says:

      Has anyone found a solution to this? It’s really sad and annoying. The phone’s been splendid for the last four months that I’ve had it but, since over 2, 3 weeks, it’s been doing the retarted restart thing every time I unlock my phone, even if I just locked it a minute ago. I can’t find a fix online after an hour of Googling. Anyone, anything?

      • You people should visit the service center and get this thing checked asap!

        • Benjamin Thomas says:

          I’m not being pessimistic here, but do they respond well at the service centers? From what I heard, they take months to process a request. And also, this problem doesn’t always happen. Very random occurrences which is sometimes more frequent than other times. I’ll give it a shot anyway. .

          • Yes they do respond well, tell them the actual problem and the urgent situation that you can’t let them keep the phone for long days.

          • Anamika says:

            Hi, I am having the same issue. My phone keeps rebooting and doesn’t start at all. Is it a hardware issue?

  15. Hitesh says:

    Camera Flash is not bright, it giving light like screen after flash is on forced mode and how to stop touch key light it always on while watching video or game and I want to make sceen brightness low like samsung.

    • admin says:

      There may be some issues with those sensor keys, to set the brightness go to settings–>Display–>Brightness.
      Install Night mode app if you’re not satisfied with the lowest brightness level.

      • Hitesh says:

        Thanks about brightness, but what about camera flash

        • admin says:

          Explore the camera Settings mate.

          • Hitesh says:

            Can u explain & another question is can I use photon or LAN for Internet connection on Canvas 2 plus & is android 4.3 version available.

          • Hitesh says:

            As described in image of canvas 2 plus on micromax official site there is yellow color of LED camera flash hardware, but I have white color, is it okay?

          • Yes, someone just told me that the flash light of his phone is of blue color 😛
            Lucky You!

  16. HARISH SHARMA says:


  17. Aditya says:

    should i go for cavas 2 plus and will it have android update 4.3?

  18. Sayyab says:

    SYSTEM UPDATE option is not coming in my canvas 2 plus.So how should i update my phone.

  19. Jai Ganesh A says:

    Is there any option to change camera flash light in a110q because it’s in blue colour I need to change it to white. If this change made this is the right phone to hold.

    • I took my friend’s phone and checked the camera settings but i didn’t found any flash light color setting.

  20. Amit Makhija says:

    How can i update Android Version from 4.2.1 to 4.3, or later in my micromax canvas 2 plus?? how many times we can update versions of Android OS? Right now, there is no option given in “Settings->About phone” to update Android version 4.2.1.

    • 4.3 Android Update isn’t available yet For Canvas 2 Plus.

      • Amit Makhija says:

        but can u able to reply, how many times we can update android OS in any micromax canvas smartpone? & how? When any update is available, how can we come to know?

        • Micromax is going to start providing updates via OTA. For now you can get the details by visiting our site as we post whenever any update comes out. And you can update your android OS any number of times.

          • Amit Makhija says:

            Hello admin, thanx for your replies.
            I am facing some problems with the Canvas 2 plus handset. I had purchased it on 7th october & started using it from 11th october. Right now, i have GPRS data pack and i am using it for surfing internet & social media only. While surfing internet, sometimes it gets hang for 2-3 seconds. I just start the Data connection when i want to surf internet, rest of the time, i keep it off.
            Till now, i haven’t installed any big size of game or application, 2 days ago, the phone got hanged suddenly & i was not able to see anything while pressing the lock/unlock button. I tried a lot, also put it in the charging, called on my cellphone(sim using within the handset), but nothing worked. Finally, I had to restart it by removing the battery once.
            Today, again, i faced the same problem. Both of the time, phone was in idle state( i was not using). The phone is utilizing 90% of the RAM, though i haven’t any big app installed. I don’t know what is happening to it suddenly.
            I am not addicted to playing games all the time, that’s y i haven’t install any game in it. Can you Please reply what can be the cause/fault ??

          • Amit sometime i face the same issue when i open large sized pages on the browser of my canvas 2 device. before browsing close all the unwanted apps running in the background. Download a Task killer app and clean RAM. The phone won’t hang this way.

            and do one thing
            Go to settings–>Apps–>Running. See which app is consuming more memory, if not required either uninstall the app or force stop it. and thoroughly scan your phone if there is any malicious app installed.
            Do these things and ping me back with your feedback.

      • Ananth says:

        Hello admin,
        thanks for al d replies.
        im using canvas 2 n it s android 4.1.1
        how shud i update it?
        help me out.
        otherwise im gud with my mobile, except d thing tat, wen net s on in 1 sim, cals dont reach very often in d other. ppl say my number s not reachable. only wen net s on. otherwise great

  21. Hey! buddy i m thinking to Buy this phone ..the only thing i wanted to know is that ..i am very serious about photography so i want phone with a good camera so is there any prob. with the canvas 2 plus camera ….

    • Divyansh The camera is not that much good for photography, Canvas HD has a better camera than this phone.

  22. Magesh says:

    Hi, I want update my canvas 2 plus android 4.2.1 to kitkat. When it available, let me know with the steps buddy.

    • No update planned for canvas 2 plus yet. We will keep our readers posted once it becomes available. Keep visiting our site.

  23. Amit Makhija says:

    Ok.. Thanx for your advice & reply.. I will give you my feedback as soon as i perform the task advised by you & see how the handset reacts. Thanx once again. Have good day!!! 🙂

  24. chinmay dhingra says:

    i have canvas 2 plus which have android OS 4.2.1. so i want to update the android OS to 4.3 or to 4.4 (kitkat).please help me

  25. i have canvas 2 plus but i can’t find software update button in it please help me

  26. I purchased the phone in august 2013 and have been quite satisfied with the performance so far…….except for the sound quality….is there any way to enhance the sound output of the songs and the ring tone?? the volume has already been set at the highest….

    • Is that too low? If yes get it checked at the nearest service center. Usually smartphones have a normal speaker volume.

      • i bought one more phone and the sound is same…..lower than nokia definitely…….any app to boost the sound??

  27. Nilesh Gandhi says:

    hello sir,
    i pur canvas 2 a110q on 2nd july..
    i’m frm akluj,solapur..
    earlier in 10days.. camera of handset is currupted..
    the main camera mode is off & front/self mode only working..
    shown to dealer he made reset factory setting.. but same thing..
    i send it to my cousin at patil plaza,pune to show at service center..
    they sayin motherboard problem wit handset.. make it change..
    it also take nearby 1 month to repair..
    what to do.. or else any another service center for to done tht thing again..
    i’m stressed how to wait much long time..
    pls help.. ty

    • Get it repaired Nilesh No matter how many days it will take. Meanwhile use any other phone.

  28. Parminder Singh says:


    is android 4.4 kitkat is available for canvas 2 plus???
    Or any other way to upgrade it???

    • Currently update is not available. We will update it once it becomes available for your device.

  29. Garima says:

    Can u plz tell me hw to set the ringtones for contacts? or where are the tones’ settings in the micromax canvas 2 plus…………..

    • Hi Garima
      Open the contact and click on the left sensor button and tap on ‘set ringtone’ then chose the tone. Simple 🙂
      Ringtone Settings :
      Follow : Settings–> user Profiles –>general–> set ringtone

      • Garima says:

        Thankyou,I got it…………but one problem is bothering me.
        Every time I try to transfer any file(s) from the phone to my hp laptop or vice versa through BLUETOOTH ………a notification pops up on my laptop screen that the process was unsuccessful…….
        The micromax mobile works perfectly well when I connect it to other mobile phones through bluetooth and files are transfered………..I’ve transfered my files through the USB cable for now…………..I’ve also changed the bluetooth visibility timeout of the mobile to-‘never time out’…….

        And does this pnone supports pdf files?

        • Garima try any other phone and send a file to your Laptop and check if your laptop’s bluetooth is working fine or not.
          and yes you can read pdf files too but for that you need to install an add on like Kingsoft Office.

          • Garima says:

            Yes, its working well……..I’ve transfered many files from my previous mobile to my laptop through Bluetooth and vice versa……….I think there’s something with the settings of Bluetooth which I can’t figure out in MM 2 Plus………anyways thankyou so much.

          • Nilesh Gandhi says:

            thank you

  30. Tausif says:

    Hi Admin,

    I am using this device since 1 month, with no problem & I’m pretty much happy with overall satisfactory performance.

    But, since last few days one log file is getting created as ‘exception.log’ in folder ‘hpns’ which is consuming my entire SD card free space upto 0 Bytes. I need to delete this file all the time & reboot my device to utilise the space. This is really annoying & happening every other day.

    Please help me out to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.


    • Don’t know about that Tausif seriously. I advice you to visit the service center and get your phone checked.
      You can try Factory Reset btw

    • TANUJ V. PARIKH says:

      Today I have observed the same problem of hnps folder and it is eating my external memory card’s memory….I deleted some files and made some space by removing thumbnails and other audio files….but after half an hour….again memory become 0…. I also deleted log files of 140 mb in hnps…. Again memory 0…..is my MICROMAX CANVAS 2 PLUS infected with virus?….I have searched the net….but no solution found yet….

      • Check if any malicious app present in your phone. Scan your phone with an antivirus app. I hope it helps.

        • TANUJ V. PARIKH says:

          Thanks Admin for reply.

          I run the anti virus AVG….showing all well.

          Meanwhile I have unmounted the external sdcard….after a few minutes Again mounted it….this started showing remaining space….I think it has solved the problem and now under observation.


          TANUJ PARIKH

          • shitij says:

            i am also facing the same prob of 0 bytes. I tried unmounting and mounting but the prob is still there. so if u have any solution please share it.

          • jayshree says:

            I m also facing the same problem
            Storage space showing 0 bytes

  31. himanshu says:

    hello admin
    my canvas 2+ but its showing .wma music files as “not supported”. Please help.

  32. srinivasan s says:

    Hello admin,
    Im using canvas 2 plus a110q for the past 2 months.Apps like whatsapp,viber,kakao calls work perfectly when i connect to a wifi network but not in my datapack.Im using tatadocomo.I checked all the possible app settings but in vain.Will there be any problem with os or in my network? Im able to browse using my datapack without any probs.Help me out to solve this issue

  33. can we replace the motherboard of canvas 2 phone with canvas 2 plus?

  34. Barkha says:

    I have bought the Canvas 2+ on 23th November 2013 and while installing whatsapp it is asking for pin what that pin mean?? Can you suggest the solution as because of it i am unable to use whatsapp

  35. Souvik says:

    Hi ,
    I am confused between Canvas 2 plus and Canvas HD. I am aware that 2 plus display,headphone, speaker phone is not upto the mark whereas in HD due to superior display battery lifetime is lesser . Kindly help me to decide between these two . My priority :
    1. Performance
    2. BatteryLife
    3.Loook n feel
    4. Upgrade to future OS versions
    Kindly advise !

    • Go for Canvas HD

      • Souvik says:

        Thanks Admin !

        Can you please confirm if C-HD and C 2 plus will support quad band ? Basically will they work in countries like US,UK ?

        • Seriously we have much less idea.. But since I can see it in ebay.uk listing.so I guess if its available there then obviously it’s going to work.

  36. chirang patel says:

    I want to update my micromax canvas 2 plus…how to update pls give me suggested.

  37. krishna v says:

    How to change font styles in C2plus???

  38. Pankaj P says:

    I am using mmx canvas 2plus. No hassle so far.But i found that in my phone,there is no option for theme in <settings<display. However the same is found in jelly bean installed in other low priced mmx smart phone.
    What is the reason.

  39. krishnav says:

    How to change system font style in c2plus??

  40. austin says:

    hey what is this folder hpns on my external sd card in my canvas 2 plus. its eating up my space. already eaten up 3.5gb . how do i get rid of it

  41. Sanjay says:

    Hi Guys,

    I recently bought Canvas2 Plus, and its really the best featured mobile i can ever get for its price.

    I have no queries about anything on this phone, i have tried all the features and apps and internet,, everything is great. No lags and no issues. I suggest people to go for this, if they want good internet, good photos, Big screen and good interface.

    My one query is,, how to copy photos or videos from External Micro SD card to PC, bcoz, when i connect my phone to PC, it only shows Internal SD card Contents. Can You kindly assist on this. Thanks in Adv.

  42. arulkumar says:

    hi i have canva 2 plus, i m factory data reset option is used 2 days back, camera image quality reduced, how to improve the image quality. then how to update os 4.2.1 to 4.3

  43. Jitendra says:

    I have micromax a110q i want to use my cell phone’s internet on my laptop please help.

  44. Milind says:

    Dear admin i want to know….. does micromax canvas 2 plus A110q support full hd movies and does this smartphone supported all play store apps like havey games gta a vice city. san andres. nova and ……… i am thinking to buy this smartphone…… will this phone right choice for me at this price……. let me know about the phone


  45. james says:

    Boss don’t take it Micromax canvas 2 plus bcoz sound system is very poor even you are not able to listen properly during make a call.
    I was so impress before take this phone by read all the specification of this phone.
    but now its so …………………………..
    So please take it another phone but never purchased this phone specially bcoz where is picture and camera quality is good , there sound is very bad.

  46. to install config settings its asking pin?whats it all about?

  47. GIRISH says:

    hi pratikji,
    i have micromax A110q has some issue of getting reboot frequently , sometime reboots after accepting the call, sometime during touching “back symbol” i.e. ” <" .
    hope you can help me to resolve this problem.



  48. Hi,
    I’m having Canvas 2+. two days before it felt down in water. In service center they told me to change the mother board. Estimated cost is Rs. 3500. it takes t weeks like they said. But next day they call me your phone is ready. Friends how can I identify my mother board change or not. Is any unique number is there.

  49. srikanth says:

    Can we install flash player on canvas a110q.send me the link.

  50. nagesh says:

    Hello,I have parchesed canvas 2 plus mobile ,are you guys planning any widget updates because home screen widgets are only 4 in my phone I can’t. Find any widget from you guys.

  51. suraj says:

    My mobile micromax 2+ how to change lewa os

  52. Ankur says:

    which one is a better handset?
    I’m confused between these two. Both are from same price range-
    “MMX 2+” or “Lava xolo Q800 X-Edition”
    Pls. reply.

  53. Mahalakshmi says:


    I had purchased my Canvas 2 in Nov 13, it was all fine. Last few hours back suddenly no display and it is off :(. No response why is this. Has anyone experienced this. Let me know what I can do.

  54. kavitha guru says:


    How to activate reject sms in calls at my micromax a110q 2+ phone.. That is i want to reject calls with sms. Pls explain detail

  55. manaspattanaik says:

    i have mmx canvas 2plius a110q handset and i install quick heal antivius in the mobile the problem is during scaning it show suspicious adware and the location it shows system/apps plz give the sugestion as soon as possible that suspicious adware doesnot show any problem to handset or not plz as soon as possible

    • admin says:

      Remove it.

      • manaspattanaik says:

        the quick heal doesnot able to remove the threat detected that is suspicious adware the location is /system/apps/moffice if u donot mind can u give your contact number so that i will contact and tell the problem clearly plzz.

  56. suraj says:

    My canvas 2 plus got damaged and service center guy told me that motherboard needs to b replaced.. he told it will cost rs.5600.. plzz say me the real price bcoz i feel it is of around 3500…

    • admin says:

      We don’t have any information regarding this. Kindly share your concern with Micromax officials here info@micromaxinfo .com

  57. neha says:

    I m using canvas A110Q. My ph gets heated on playing music or video And reboots . i also showed in service center but didn’t get any solution. Service center people almost damaged my Ph. Plz help

  58. Sashank says:

    Hey I’ve been using C2 … Quite good… Got an antutu score around 13800.. 😀 All medium graphic games running normally.. With no problems… But the screen freezes sometimes… If I lock and unlock the phone the prob is solved… Is there any small update for this bug? This Shud be a software bug ..

  59. Diya says:

    Hy dude,
    i ws vry mch pleasd wid d spcfctns f ds model,n ws plng 2 buy d same. Bt nw ‘ve gone through d entire reviews over here n ‘m confusd whthr 2 go 4 it or not.. N 1 more thng i wanna clarify dat whthr dis model supports regional languages lk malayalam, tamil etc. I wanna knw whether i cn snd txts in regional languages..pls nybdy clarify dis 2 me, if not hw cn i gt dis facility in MM C2 , i regularly use net so vl dis phn favourable 2 me, plz hlp.. 🙂

    • admin says:

      The languages mentioned above are not supported by default. You would need to install custom fonts after rooting your device. And it’s quite common for every Android user to face issues with their device. It’s not like only Micromax users are facing the problems.

  60. Diya says:

    Wt abt d btry bck up? Few were spkng abt sm hsps foldr consmng d entire sd card memory, s dat a demerit f dis model? Wt abt d sound quality? N vl i b able 2 use bth d sims evn if net s on? Oops damn confused, pls suggest me d bst model dat cn b afforded in dis range f price..

  61. sanjay says:

    hi i have purchased the mmx canvas 2+ july 2013..it was working superbly till 1 month..the display blinks sometime and the whole display becomes blank,,recently i can use the phone for calling can watch gallery..but none other apps i cant watch..whatsapp,internet browser,contacts,messages none opens..it blinks and then fades away..i have tried the all the test in factory mode..all the it passed except the “lcd colour” test..i dunno what 2 do now..i hv warranty left…

  62. prashant says:

    hi, can I surf on a browser with GPRS / 3G while on a call. I mean to say that is it possible to do svdo( simultaneous voice and data operation) in Canvas 110Q.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      In my phone it works with Docomo SIM not with Vodafone of Airtel connection. Not sure if there is any option for this but will give it a try to find one(if present).

  63. Puneet says:

    Hey bro, I m using mmx c2p and I haven’t face any issue yet and still working like a pro I love this phone…
    But the main prob I m facing is memory problem…
    I want to play HD games on my phone n they all comes with a heavy data size n as all of u knw in mmx c2p we only have 1GB of space for storing media files in internal memory and i have a 16GB class 10 memory card and I want to move those apps’ data in my ext-sdcard…
    How to do this please help me…
    Rather then this the whole all n all is the best phones in its range I’d prefer everyone to buy this phone if u r going
    in the range of 10k…
    Thanx in advance please tell me ASAP..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Move the data files to the SD card and in the same folder name in which it is present in internal SD card. Move installation file by following : Settings–>Apps–> Tap on the app–> Move to external SD

  64. Nitish gupta says:

    Iam using this phone since 2 months….this smartphone is excellent…..net surfing..download speed..camera quality…are super..but when i launched an antivirusapp,it shows that mmx liveapp, gamehub are very dangerous..what can i do now…is there any effect with that…….??? Plese tell me…and how i solve it……..

  65. Hiten says:

    Does anyone knowhow to retrieve the details of sent photos in micromax canvas plus 2

  66. sunil says:

    Am using this phone from the day of its launch and am pretty satisfied ownig it.
    But only disappointing is it doesn’ t support telugu language in whats app. Whether this can be overcomed?
    Also whether kitkat update is available for this phone?
    If yes how it can be done manually?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can root your device and add custom fonts (Telgu if available) and solve this issue.

      • sunil says:

        Hi thanx for ur reply.
        Whether rooting of device has any adverse affects?
        Also pls let me know about android update in this phone. How it can b done manually..

  67. rahul mistry says:

    dear sir i request to u please update new version in canvas a110q because large amount of users wait for new update

  68. khokan Singha Roh says:

    please upgrade help my old Android version..

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