Micromax Wins BCCI 2014 – 2015 Matches Sponsorship Rights

After successfully grabbing the first position as the handset maker, the proclaimed company is now set to achieve new goals. Indian android maker has won the BCCI India’s title sponsorship rights for the year of 2014-2015. It is a great deal for the company as it will provide colossal opportunities to promote their handset just not in India even in other countries also.

Micromax BCCI rights for 2014 2015 matches

Micromax was the only bidder and winning bid was made for the fee over 18 crores. The companies’ first fortuity will be the home series against the team West Indies which will held in the month of October-November. Even the company is also baptized to have the title rights of five major domestic tournaments which include the matches like Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare trophy, Raj Singh Dungarpur trophy, Deodhar trophy, the Duleep trophy, Irani Cup etc.

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BCCI marketing committee organized a meeting on Thursday so as to seek the bidder for the title ownership for the various matches played by the teams which include both national and international tournaments. This bid was for the tournaments which will be played by the team in 2014-15. As we have already told that the Micromax was the only bidder which came up.

Last year Star India Pvt. ltd. was the sole bidder with the base price of Rs 2 crore per international match while this year this rubric goes to the Indian android maker, Micromax at the base price of Rs 2.2 crore per match which includes both national and international tournaments.

Even it is quite surprising that the bid was only Rs 20,000 more than that mentioned in the bid inviting documents. Moreover since Micromax was the lone bidder, points to the fact that BCCI was not able to attract much of the bidders for this season.

Before, Star, Bharati airtel took the rights for the 2012-13 seasons which were 39% more than that of the base price which Star have given. And this time Micromax has just given Rs 20,000 more than the base price.

Secretary’s word:

Sanjay Patel confirmed this news who is the secretary of BCCI.

Sanjay Patel, secretary of BCCI warm heartedly welcomes the partners for the season 2014-15, Indian brand – Micromax. He added that this year the match between the Indian team and West Indies team will be quite interesting and full of action. And BCCI hope that this occasion will be fruitful for both the brands. He even said that the board is happy to fetch Micromax for the sponsorship rights in such a short period. Though this is a short period but for the 2016-21 season, we will soon release the invitations to tenders for a longer duration of time.

It is really stupendous news because finally the company is opting different strategies. We all know that how crazy people are for the Cricket. It is a prodigious opportunity since through this step company will have access to greater number of people.

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