List of Micromax Feature Phones under Rs. 1000 [2015]

Hitherto Micromax has launched the handsets which used to cater the requirement of different segments of the society, whether it was a mid-range smart phone like Canvas Knight 2, Canvas 5 or the low range segment like Bolt Flagship or Canvas One.

Micromax feature phones under Rs 1000

For the customers who can’t afford smartphones or don’t find themselves comfortable with the smartphones, Micromax had unveiled X series and Joy series. The phones under these series are available at the price even below Rs 1500.

Micromax is targeting different segments like recently the hit android maker decided to deliver 8 handset incorporated with latest 4G LTE technology, then company has also focused on the selfie centered market and came up with Canvas Selfie and its flagship. Even one can find vivid variety in the feature phone segments as well. There is a price slab starting right from Rs 600 and ending till Rs 2000. In our previous segments we have already discussed the features phones available in the price range of Rs 1000- 1500 and Rs 1500 and above.

These handsets are the super-budgeted phones which easily fit in the pocket of any kind of user base as the starting price which is offered is just Rs 6,99. Moreover these handsets provide a good alternative to those people who look for cheap backups for their smartphones and doesn’t want to invest much money.

Company provides these phones because not just they deliver great value to the customers but also popular Indian handset maker has combined innovation along with eye-popping price tag. There are many models which are available in the slab of below INR 1000. We have enlisted them along with the minimum price at which it is proffered by the company so that our readers can have look at them and decide which one is best for them.

Joy X18001.8”0.08MPRs 779Buy Now
Joy X18501.8”0.08MPRs 789Buy Now
Joy F1452.4”1.3MPRs 880Buy Now
X6012.4”0.3MPRs849Buy Now
Bolt X0881.8”0.3MPRs 878Buy Now
X6052.4”0.3MPRs 788Buy Now
Micromax X073:1.8”0.8MPRs 689Buy Now
Micromax X6102.4”0.3MPRs 840Buy Now
Micromax X20502”0.8MPRs 881Buy Now
Micromax X0841.8”0.3MPRs 899Buy Now
Micromax X0721.8”0.8MPRs 949Buy Now
Micromax X5971.8”0.3MPRs 996Buy Now
Micromax X0701.8”0.3MPRs 998Buy Now

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