List of Micromax Canvas Phones getting Android 4.4 KitKat Update

Okay Everyone! We have got the latest update regarding the arrival of Android 4.4 update on list of Micromax phones. Now this time you might be looking for the details on whether your phone is available in list of getting the update or not. Like Most of the canvas phones are compatible to receive this update. We have got the list with us and yes we have listed all the smartphones below. Not sure about canvas fun series whether the phones will receive this update or not.

Kitkat Update For Micromax

Before you read further regarding this latest update from Micromax I suggest everyone to read about Android kitkat 4.4 version first for this follow the information present on the official page of Google Android 4.4.

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The news is sourced from MMXNewsCaster Twitter account. We already informed our readers regarding this update when there was a buzz on social media that Android 4.3 won’t be rolled out for micromax devices. At that time we had a thought in our mind that Micromax might have secretly planned to update existing Micromax devices straight to android 4.4 kitkat version.

List of MMX Canvas Phones Getting Android 4.4 Kitkat Update

The list contains around more than 12 canvas smartphones which will receive this update. Excited to check if your phone is present in the list or not? Check it now!

Android 4.4.x update will be available for these following devices in 2014 :

Micromax Canvas 2 A110, Canvas 2.2 A114, Canvas 2Plus, Canvas HD A116 & A116i, Micromax A200, Canvas Doodle A111, MMX Canvas 4 A210, MMX Canvas Magnus A117, Canvas A115 3D, Canvas A113 Ego, Canvas Doodle 2 A240 and of course Micromax Canvas Turbo A250.

These phones will receive this latest update and two of them will receive the Jelly Bean one i.e kitkat 4.1.2. For more details see the image below which states the canvas devices with respective Kitkat version.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Firmware Update for Micromax Android Phones

When Android 4.4 Kitkat Update will be available for MMX Android Devices?

The ETA (Estimate Time of arrival) is not known yet rumor says that the update will be available between April-June. But still we can’t predict when this update will be available but yes one thing is confirmed that this update will be available soon.

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Share your views about this latest update via a comment.


  1. Arnab says:

    I have a mmx magnus a117. Its a really nice phone considering the budget. jellybean runs nicely on this phone and i am eagerly waiting for android kit kat.

    • Naveen says:

      Me too.. πŸ™‚

      • Anshul says:

        yeh ! its a phone like a beast who can go through anything ……….. i m having it too.

  2. ragesh says:

    ya πŸ˜€ its a kwel news its year gift to all canvas ppl πŸ™‚ MMXNEWSCASTER πŸ˜€ released from jan 1st {a115]

  3. rajesh says:

    why micromax canvas a77 juice not allowed..this phone is awesome with 1gb of ram and have jb 4.2 it is better than canvas2 and canvas 2 plus also…

    • admin says:

      What you can do is wait! Micromax may add juice too in the list.

      • Avi vishwakarma says:

        hey admin how can i update my canvas a240 android version

  4. Prasad Pawar says:

    I m very happy to know that soon my canvas A110 will at updated from JB 4.1.1 to 4.4. But have one query that when will the update available actually for the phones.And what will be the arrival date of update.

    • admin says:

      Keep visiting our blog we will update you about the same.

      • Prasad Pawar says:

        Ok but it is mention that it will arrive at the end of jan.

      • Amit panchal says:

        For canvas fun A76

  5. shubham sonker says:

    Can we update android with wifi

    • admin says:

      Yes but let the update roll out first (OTA).

  6. pradeep says:

    i own a canvas 2 plus which doesn’t have a software update feature. if it also getting 4.4 , how i should update it .

    • Nayankumar says:

      Same question from my end. I am worried how to upgrade canvas 2 plus. A110Q

  7. prasanth says:

    whether canvas a74 get 4.4 update or not…?

    • admin says:

      No news regarding fun A74.

  8. khurshed alam says:

    My Canves 4 update how time Start ?

  9. Chirag says:

    i have a canvas 2 plus … i bought it recently so i dont know anything about the updates of an android os … can you help me ? ….. and would you be kind enough to let me know about the expected date of relese of of 4.4 kitkat for this mobile??

    • admin says:

      End of Jan or Feb (Max) [Expected]

      • sukhdev says:

        I have canvas 2plus a110q
        Can i upgrade kit Kat 4.4 android plz replu me.

  10. wesley jebaraj says:

    Omg canvas music left out….its unfair…
    Canvas 2 gets it but not for us….
    Its unacceptable

  11. akshit says:

    Plz tell me what is the latest version of canvas 2 plus(a110q) plz tell me and also tell me kitkat is support in a110q ?????Which date kitkat came ????plz reply

  12. akshit says:

    My phone a110q how to update manually my os is 4.2.1 i want to update so plz tell me

    • admin says:

      Let the update come out first. We will post details regarding the same.

  13. akshit says:

    And how to i dawnload ota what is ota

    • admin says:

      OTA means Over the air the update will available to download from Micromax servers.

  14. Rachit says:

    Will Canvas Doodle A111 will be upgraded to Kitkat os

  15. Muhilan says:

    While upgrading to kitkat, should we take backup of our contacts, messages and other?
    The service centre in Chennai told me that, all the application installed in the phone will be lost after upgrade along with contacts and messeges.

    Please let us know how to upgrade if it available?

  16. sachin says:

    I have canvas music(a88)
    will it receive 4.4 kitkat update

    • admin says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Ha-Ha!! I too have Micromax A88. Sorry for this brother. πŸ™

  17. sudhir patel says:

    I have micromax canvas 2 plus A110Q mobile.this mobile is superb but i am waiting for kit kat 4.4 version

    • sukhdev says:

      4.4 os is support canvas 2+

  18. Viren says:

    Canvas juice will be support this kitkat os 4.4?

  19. Amey says:

    i ha canvas music….
    will it get android 4.4 kitkat update

  20. rakesh says:

    I want to ask u that I buy canvas juice a77 some day before is it able to update Kitkat 4.4 pls tell me I m confused about that

    • admin says:

      I guess canvas juice isn’t present in the list.

  21. Arkit says:

    Very keen for getting any kind of software update on my canvas doodle…….

  22. DV_ricko says:

    can i upgrade my canvas a111 to kitkat 4.4.x??

  23. kuldeep says:

    4.4 kitkat version is free update in the service c enter

    • admin says:

      Yes but let the update first roll out officially.

  24. lucky says:

    the micromax is like a ” its nothing like media tech ” belive me if media tech not update the thier devices then micromax never updated so better to follow on media tech page once media tech release the kitkat update after a few days micromax provides to that update unless dont expect the update for here

  25. Ahead23 says:

    I have Myphone Iceberg Mini (Philippine Phone Manufacturer) which is a rebranded Micromax Canvas Turbo A250, will the android 4.4 kitkat update reach my phone?

  26. niks says:

    hey i have canvas 4 yet i did not get the update of 4.3 neither 4.4 how i will get my software update i am eagerly waiting for that….please tell me

  27. Vimal says:

    Hey guys.. i bought Canvas 4 a few days back.. Am confused if 4.2.1 is the highest update available in CAnvas 4 For now?! pls clarify my doubt 😐

    • santosh says:

      the update is not rolled out yet please wait…….

  28. viren says:

    canvas juice can support this kitkat os interface???
    please reply yes or no…

    • admin says:

      No as per the details we have.

  29. lucky says:

    i heard canvas magnus got a new firmware update in the service center
    it is true?

    • admin says:

      No lucky, I am not aware of this.

    • Naveen says:

      yah.. I also heard about new firmware. here it is… S9204P_MP_IN_MMX_18_FLASHER_USER.

      • lucky says:

        ohh thank you and can u try this new firmwere

        • Naveen says:

          not yet, because I’m not like to void my warranty.

  30. sourabh kumar says:

    I have a micromax canvas doodle A111 but how will i update even after OTA realese as it dosent have any system update button or such thing in System settings..does it has to be done manually or something if yes then how

    • admin says:

      We will post a guide on it how to update manually. Just waiting for the update to roll out.

  31. mmx a74 says:

    i need android 4.4 for my micromax a74.

  32. Habib says:

    Can i update 4.4 kitket on my device
    canvas fun a74

  33. vamsi says:

    i dont understand ……..
    canvas 3d is already running 4.1.2 (jb), why dont they just go for kitkat update ……
    it doesnt make any sense updating canvas 3d to 4.1.2 πŸ™

    • admin says:

      I was thinking the same. We will post the details once we get any latest update regarding kitkat.

  34. akshay says:

    Whats the news about canvas fun a74…will kitkat be available for the device?

  35. onkar says:

    Any chances for juice a77 to get kitkat update in future ?

  36. Nilesh Sahu says:

    I have micromax doodle a111. Can I update my software to kitkat version 4.4 ???
    And by how much time ???

  37. viraj vasaikar says:

    M using canvas A116……all I want to know is if I can play my games and apps in external memory by updating my mobile os to kitkat….

    • admin says:

      You can also do by updating it to 4.2.1

  38. Prasanth says:

    I’m using Canvas A115 3D phone. There is no Software Update option available in my series. How can I get the upate?

  39. Prasanth says:

    why there is no Kit Kat update for A115 3D?

  40. ajay says:

    hi i have canvas doodle , some times back of purchase system update option not available on my device , So how to upgrade . Please help.

    • admin says:

      We will also post a manual method to update to kitkat (no need of System update) once the update gets rolled out officially.

  41. Garun Khurana says:

    How much time u will get more to launch kitkat 4.4 officially… ????

  42. vijay says:

    Will canvas A115 get kitjat update and does it currently have 4.2 update

  43. pavan kumar says:

    can i upgrade to 4.3 jelly bean from 4.2.1 jelly bean operating system for micromax A110Q canvas 2 plus

    • admin says:

      4.3 isn’t available.

  44. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    I have Canvas Doodle(a111) will it get android 4.4 kitkat update

  45. jatinder singh says:

    why canvas juice is not in the list…..??
    its a great phone with 1 gb ram……

  46. brijesh says:

    i have mmx turbo a250…it displays message that”Unfortunately,this apps has closed.” what is the reason can i fix it?

    • admin says:

      Which app? More details please

  47. vishal mishra says:

    ohhh thats good news plzzz do fast i have mivromax canvas 4/………….

  48. Hemant says:

    is kit-kat can be updated directly through phone or we have to reach service centre
    my phone is a110Q

  49. lucky says:

    people do not believe this scam. In real world, we are yet to see android 4.3 for mediatek chipsets. How come you believe rebranders like mmx and wikedleak would provide you android 4.4 for their phones. The worst part is they are doing the rooting the phones(imposing security risk) and then update kitkat UI,launcher, and modify build prop to cheat their customers as if they are shipping kitkat for their phones.
    Please educate your readers.

  50. anwar kazi says:

    does mmx canvas 2 plus will get android 4.4(kitkat) update???

  51. Rohit says:

    How much time u will get more to launch kitkat 4.4 officially… ??

  52. Anirban says:

    Can I update my A115 to 4.2.2?????

  53. Sabyasachi Sadhu says:

    What about Micromax Canvas Tab P650??

  54. avinash kumar says:

    Hey.hurry up
    I am waiting for 4.4.please don’t use of computer in changing.anyone reply.i have canvas turboA250.,

  55. KGM says:

    Dear Admin,

    will MMX will launch update for the phone or they are planing to launch all above said phone in the list with preinstalled 4.4 kitkat

  56. vijay says:

    can i update my canvas fun a76 to 4.4 kitkat????

  57. ajaan khan says:

    its been a month that your update list came out … Are you guys taking A year to rolling update out ?? if yes then lemme know

  58. Dinesh says:

    What will the expected date Canvas 4 over kitkat ?

  59. Salil says:

    Hi – When are we should expect to get the Kit Kat update? Any update/news on this?

  60. Milan Varia says:

    Hello admin…
    Will i see the update info. In software updates from the first day they rill out updates of 4.4 kitkat??
    I have canvas HD with 4.2.1 jellybean
    Or i have to wait some days after roll out??

    • admin says:

      Yes you will see the info in that section.

  61. Anshul says:

    Will this really be released?

    its been more than 45 days when it was announced. Now can we get an ETA for this?

  62. aman says:

    hey admin.. wat is the highest updat for A88
    its CANVAS music.

    • admin says:

      No update available for canvas music.

  63. ram says:

    micromax give the android letest update for canvas seriese, customer is waitnig for update nighter he will replace to another on like sumsang , google nexus.

  64. Preetam says:

    Admin is there any update of micromax a76

  65. MANJU says:

    What about canvas juice?

  66. bharath hs says:

    here is the video of first ever kitkat rom running on micromax a116 canvas hd

    • admin says:

      Great Bharat, just watched your reviewing video.
      I also read about the same on XDA. Could you please let us know which functions aren’t working after installing kitkat ROM?

      • NYSK says:

        everything else: 2nd sim card, camera, (hw) video decoding, GPS, BT, FM radio, hw composer, rest of MTK specifics

  67. arun says:

    I am using Micrmax canvas fun A76, is it upgradable for Android 4.4?

    • admin says:

      Currently no update available for your device.

  68. Sourabh Kumar says:

    Man its march ending and there is no sign of update. They are postponing the dates further and further.i kinda freakin out as i can use more than few apps as RAM gets all eated up.hope this issue is not i n 4.4 as stated on android page..what do you say ADMIN?

    • admin says:


      Even karbonn has come with their kitkat device Octane, don’t know what Micromax is doing.

      • Sourabh Kumar says:

        Yes admin seems like karbonn is more dedicated to its users . Now its really pissing me off if there are no updates till april we all will shun this phase ne and go for some other ..seriously ..majority of the users are losing there temper .no update after JB whenever i asked on service centers they say its already done but just debugging . Man how much time do you need to debug …….

  69. Sanha says:

    hey.. i am a micromax canvas 2 customer , i just want to ask that above its written than the update will be available by January now its march end. WHEN WILL THE UPDATE BE AVAILABLE? please reply FAST i am waiting eagerly for the kitkat update.

    • admin says:

      don’t know the exact date. We need to wait for the official confirmation.

  70. MOHTASIM says:

    hey.. i am a Micromax canvas 2 plus customer , i just want to ask that above its written than the update will be available by January now its march end. WHEN WILL THE UPDATE BE AVAILABLE? please reply FAST i am waiting eagerly for the kitkat update.

    • admin says:

      No official confirmation out yet.

  71. Akash Khurana says:

    Hey i have a116i , i heared that after updating mah phone will suffer from lagging and hang… that true..????

  72. Sourabh Kumar says:

    Man Man few more days …why why they keep on increase dates day by day i am going for root i have no other option ..even doodle 3 is launched on 4.2 why these guys dont switch on to 4.4 just copy from moto g or something ..these guys dont know there customers are losin temper

    • Jay Tamrakar says:

      Agreed….. Now it’s High time now……

  73. Syed Zeeshan says:

    Guys. There is just 2 months only for completing Q2. But we dont have any official news from Micromax company. If the update is sure, definitely MMX will give a message. So guys better to leave your hopes on KitKat. And go for custom ROMs.

  74. Nisha says:

    Hi i am using canvas 4… the news for Kitkat update is coming from last year.. and as it was mentioned in the website that it will get updated in Q2. Can you tell if MMX is seriously updating kitkat 4.4 or its just a rumors…. cos canvas 4 is really sad phone and really hoping for some updates in the phone as it doesnt have FONTS also.
    I would give one suggestion as MMX user that u guys seriously need to puts FONTS in your phones… cos that is the basic need in the phone.. pls update with the latest software for Canvas4 also take my Fonts suggestion seriously. because the wallpaper system is also very sad in this phone..
    Await response at the earliest.

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      We haven’t received any official confirmation regarding the update as of now and you can add custom fonts to your phone but to do that it requires the phone to be rooted.

      • Nisha says:

        Thanks for your reply…. but in rooting u loose the warranty of the phone which is really bad option because theres no other company who has these kind of tasks which a customer can’s do. My suggestion is to improve the features quality in the phone so the customers can be happy with their decision. Trust me, i have checked in many websites and have got the same query for Canvas. what about the wallpaper, why it is so bad that I cant even keep any downloaded ones, as they do 100% zooming and thn fit it which is really irritating.

        • Rahul Mehta says:


          You can forward the suggestion to the officials here: and regarding the wallpaper issue it can be solved easily. Download this app: and manage the wallpapers easily.

          • Nisha says:

            Hi Rahul… ur background app is nice… can u help me with some more good apps for Canvas 4.. and also is thr any app were i can also change the backgroud inside the phone as themes are not supported in this phone.
            Await ur reply.

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Nisha you can download the launchers from play store.

  75. tinu says:

    Micromax Canvas Magnus Rockingggggggggggg…………

    Waiting for kit kat update.

  76. chetan says:

    I have a micromax A110Q canvas2plus. Its a really nice phone considering the budget. jellybean runs nicely on this phone and i am eagerly waiting for android kit kat.

  77. Kuzhanthaivel says:

    Hi am using Micromax canvas Turbo A250 i am waiting for latest update for android

  78. Saket Verma says:

    It’s getting too late. Whereas phones with lesser features are having kitkat and this phones are even compatible to lollipop. Micromax should take concern over this matter.

  79. vishnu says:

    The ETA (Estimate Time of arrival) is not known yet rumor says that the update will be available between April-June. But still we can’t predict when this update will be available but yes one thing is confirmed that this update will be available soon.

    This was written on your blog that kitkat will be available on 2014 itself but now its 2015 please tell me the date when the android OS can be updated.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Vishnu,

      The information was sourced from MMXNewsCaster and for only few devices Kitkat has been made available. Not sure when Kitkat or any other upgrade will be available for other devices.

      • Vinanth says:

        Hi Rahul – When would we possibly get an update for A210. I am really concerned whether it will happen or not πŸ™

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          No idea if your device would even receive an update.

  80. pradeep jha says:

    i ve’ canvas juice. it very nice phone as budget, why it is not upgradable in kitkat list below…#admin

  81. sree vishnu says:

    May i know when will i get kitkat update for my canvas a250?

  82. sree vishnu says:

    Waiting for my new update

  83. Daljeet Singh says:

    Sir….when i get new update for A250..

  84. aman raghuwanshi says:

    When did Micromax canvas juice will update ………

  85. Noor says:

    When can we get updated software for Canvas juice a177? i m facing a lot problem for installing apps because apps are not moving in external memory..

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