Android kitkat update for Micromax MediaTek Devices Scheduled

I’ve observed from past few months our readers asking me about the kitkat update and the kitkat update related post published on our site few months back. MMXNewscaster reported regarding the arrival of Android 4.4 for Micromax devices. At that time the twitter account owner shared an image where a list of handsets were written along with the update they would receive. The tweet also included a text line where it was clearly mentioned that the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is not known.

Android Kitkat For Micromax MediaTek Phones

We expected the update to roll out in the end of January, however it’s mid February now and the update is still not available.On regular basis we receive lot of comments regarding the update for their MMX smartphone. As per my knowledge Micromax till now has provided an update for Micromax Canvas 2 only from Ice cream sandwich to Android 4.1.1. The update for Canvas HD was taken back as users started facing few issues like screen flickering after 4.2.1 update.

They have been concentrating on launching new products every week/month and it’s high time to make their customers even more happy by providing latest Android updates.

As you might be aware that due to certain issues Android 4.3 development was stopped and we reported the same on our site so currently we don’t think MMX would be releasing 4.3 for their smartphones.

Most of the Micromax Canvas devices runs on MediaTek processors except one or two.

As per the recent tweet by MMXNewsCaster it is stated that Android kitkat for Micromax MediaTek devices is scheduled in early Q2 2014.

Q2 2014 = April – JuneΒ  [I guess, please correct me if I’m wrong. ]

This is the tweet from MMXNewscaster. I know many of you might be disappointed with this news, let’s wait for the official confirmation.

We will post about this as we receive more information regarding this. I would like everyone to post their views on this post below.


  1. ragesh says:

    haha rohit πŸ˜› i hope it may come true

  2. Santhosh says:

    what months in Q2 2014?

  3. Syed Zeeshan says:

    You are right. Q2 means 2nd quarter in an year (April, may, june).
    My question is, Is this news is a official from MMX? And this is sure or expectations.
    My phone is Canvas 2 A110 which is Mediatek device, so my phone will also get this update, Is it right?

  4. I am sort of disappointed to some extent but we should give mmx time as they should on removing all the bugs from their updates..

  5. FAKE NEWS every time. We have been waiting for update from 6 months. This news is just to sale micro max cell phones

  6. Bad move for sure, by MMX. They are launching tons of devices, which is really unnecessary. It’ll only put more and more burden on their service and updates wing.

    With the launch of Moto G all Indian phone manufacturers should take a note that Global brands are able to provide value and anyone would easily jump to their bandwagon considering the trustworthy name attached to it. I was thinking of getting a Canvas for my dad, was about to order the Magnus but general complaints about the phone, its speaker problem made me refrain. The Moto G got launched and ordered a 16GB variant on the very first day!

  7. Unknown says:

    Thanks for information

  8. Syed Zeeshan says:

    My phone is Canvas 2, it means my phone is getting update na!. If so iam happy and disappointing on release time.
    Is this news sure or just a romour.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I need to wait for that long……..dear admin i hope that u are altleast sure for this time………

    • not sure. They are releasing new handsets every week but refuse to dislcose anything related to updates.

      • Anonymous says:

        Haha….! I accept with ya admin…. πŸ˜‰ i strongly recommend not to root your devices (if u bought it recently) coz yes there is a chance of MMX to release the update…….. πŸ™‚ im too gonna wait until Q2……lol then m surely gonna root my CHD πŸ˜‰

        • Unknown says:

          what an noob u r…..even if your rooted it doesnt really make any difference if u recieve the update or not….u jus need to be on stock rom….. a custom recovery wont spoil or wont make ur phnot the update ….people these days –ULTIMATE NOOBS–

  10. Presently I am holding MMX a117 canvas Magnus. This is the most awesome phone of all for me…. And I am eagerly waiting for 4.4 kitkat …..
    Hey , how better kitkat is than android 4.2.1. I am asking this because I was satisfied with my Magnus with 4.2.1 preintalled.

  11. Shubham Sonawane says:

    Is this update also available for chd or not as there is flickering problems in chd so this means they won’t update to chd hammm
    Tell me if not then this news will be of no mean to me πŸ™

    • Did you update to 4.2.1 recently?

      • Shubham Sonawane says:

        Yes i did update my chd to 4.2.1 frm authorised service center.
        But such flickering problems doesn’t occurred on my device.
        So why this review.

  12. I bought canvas hd a116 recently but not am not happy with the sound quality when i listen music with other headset. could any one please suggest what suitable headset to buy or do i need to upgrade android version…Quick Response is appreciated.

    • There are some handsets that are not compatible with C-HD and Your device is on 4.1.2 or 4.2.1?

      • Shubham Sonawane says:

        Adminji does it makes a vast difference in os version 4.1.2 or 4.2.1 i just asked a q n u asked did u update to 4.2.1 recently n again here a person who asked a q n u again said the same thing ur device is on 4.1.2 or 4.2.1 ?
        What adminji whats the problem u can just tell us whats the solution is possible is there
        I thing updating device to 4.2.1 had caused a problem in devices by ur comments is it so ?

        • Many users reported that after updating to 4.2.1 screen flickering issue started. And regarding the kitkat update availability – the update is rumored to be available for canvas devices in Q2 2014 (between April-June) [NOT CONFIRMED].

    • santosh says:

      Sony mdr zx300BQ quite good for c-hd

    • Nirmik Kale says:

      The headphones having a flat wire by nokia with in ear headphones work best with most mmx phones! amazing bass, trible and sound quality!! not the lumia seriese with flat wire! i dont remember the model no

  13. Satyajit Rout says:

    It was a very long time we all are waiting for kitkat updation , Can we expect this inQ2 we got the same as i am a user of Mmx Canvas-4, A116.

  14. Shivakumar says:

    Does micromax a116 support mhl (hdmi through micro usb cable)?

  15. Ankur says:

    I’m new to Android and I want to know that
    Does upgrading OS voids warranty?;Is it risky?;Can it harm my device or something else?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. sheikh afnan says:

    please help me out ! im planning to buy his phone! the thing is dpi of this too low i dont know how it looks !
    my range is 10k ! please suggest me
    please help me on that !

    what are benefits of getting rooted ??
    from where we can get custom rom’s for this phone ??

    please reply

  17. Monarch says:

    what now?.?.?
    mmxnewscaster deactivated his twitter account. How come we know about future leaks

    • admin says:

      He has decided not to post anything from the twitter account. And we are here to provide latest information. No need to worry about the same πŸ˜‰

      • Monarch says:

        we entered in Q2.
        Do you guys have any update regarding kitkat 4.4

  18. harshyo96 says:

    Micromax will loose its loyal customers if they didn’t release the kitkat update in April due to many awesome phone with good software in the same price bracket.

    I hope they release kitkat in the first week of April :/

  19. faraz says:

    i m user of canvas4..
    * when 4.4kikat update…?
    * wht s root? & wht happn after root…
    * where browsing data… depends on screen resolution..or …not ? my device supports (720*1080p) which means browsing data s more deduction…

  20. Abhinav Soni says:

    Hey.. is that any news coming from Micromax News Caster.. When 4.4 Kitkat available for Micromax Devices..??

  21. rohit says:

    What do you think about these updates? is this news completely correct or not?
    Only because of this information i am confused between xolo and micromax phones even though xolo mobiles are performance wise better.
    Tell me should i buy xolo due to its performance
    mmx due to kitkat updates.

  22. Praveen says:

    Hey admin, it has been April where MMX promised to release kitkat. We don’t expect the update for lower end devices. But they shud atleast start rolling out kitkat for high end devices like turbo and knight. So that other Micromax phone users will have The hope that in future their canvas devices will also b updated soon. But still both thise phones haven’t got the update. R they April fooling us?? πŸ™

    • admin says:


      Till now we haven’t received any official confirmation from the officials. Can’t really say anything on this.

      • Sufyan says:

        Keep waiting but truth is MediaTek will not be able to run Android KitKat 4.4

  23. satveer singh says:


    I own three micromax canvas series phone,
    will this phone aregetting updated to 4.4.x and is it true that micromax will roll out Kitkat for its canvas device or just a rumors.

  24. piyush says:

    Is this true….because im eagerly waiting for this update…admin hasn’t there now a news about this update…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      No official confirmation regarding this update. MMXNewsCaster disclosed this news.

  25. Kumar Abhinav says:

    I think kitkat for c4 is finally out as moulnisky uploaded a new rom recently here’s the link if anyone can test

  26. Rahul Singh says:

    Rahul Mehta ji
    Pls consider me as 1 of the most lliyal micromax fan..u desrve it..hv a q35,hd,d2…wanted m c 4 but wait I seemed 2 long..time z money.. Dont make us wait 2 long….
    Every second counts..still yr date 4 upgrade never z clear…
    B honest ..thats mmx z alaboout…

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      We are not linked with Micromax. We just provide the information, nothing else. The update is still not available for any canvas device. Once we receive any information regarding this, we will surely post on our site.

      • Vipin Tyagi says:

        Dear Rahul,
        what is the progress on kk4.4 update for canvas turbo, because no update since 13th april from your side.

        • Rahul Mehta says:


          We don’t have any information related to the updates as of now. Please wait.

  27. saks says:

    Q2 might be July-Sep’14t, if we consider financial year starting from april.

  28. Dear Rahul,

    Thanks for sharing the news related with us. We’re here to inform our customers that the news about Android KitKat is just an rumuor.

    We’re currently not working for providing Android KitKat for the mensioned MMX Canvas series phones, and we’re sorry for it.

    We might not work for the same because we also have to work for our latest devices.

    Hope you all understand!

    Thanks for being with us!

    Head of Canvas Series Phones

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      We have emailed Micromax to check if the above comment is valid or not however we haven’t received any revert yet.

    • Head of canvas series with lots of grammatical errors.

  29. At last some one responded from MMX saying This post is a rumuor . so its better to stop looking for updates.

  30. Bhanuprasadreddy says:

    How to download system updates

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