Download Best Keyboard Apps for Micromax and YU Android Phones

The home screen you see, the keyboard you use come by default and are all part of the Android experience. Every Android device comes preloaded with apps, but just like anything else Android is customizable in all the matters and thus there are third-party alternatives available for almost everything.

Top keyboard apps for Micromax and YU Phones

On the off-chance you’re bored with the default keyboard that comes pre-installed with your device or you’re just looking for more comfort and extra features to go alongside, but are confused or overwhelmed with the choice available, then do not worry, we have here jotted down some top keyboard apps for your phone. With so many options available the risk of malware and key logging increases too, thus making a right choice becomes that much more important. Every keyboard app has its ups and downs, so it is necessary to make the right choice.

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Keyboard App options for Micromax and YU

So here are the top options listed below at your disposal, so go ahead and try them as you please:

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard, also known as Gboard, comes from the home of Android i.e the house of Google. So it is definitely not something new in the market. It is a highly rated app with lot of features and lot of installs some of which are mentioned below:

  • Multiple Language Support: Google Keyboard supports 120 different languages and now there is no need to manually switch between them as Gboard will automatically correct it according to your enable languages.
  • Google Search: One can use the ‘G’ button on their Google Keyboard to search for anything from nearby stores to weather forecasts just at a tap of a button right from their keyboard.
  • Translate: Google Keyboard helps you translate on the go, meaning you can translate via Google Translate whilst typing itself.
  • Emoji and GIFs: Google Keyboard comes with support for a tons of Emojis that you can use to express your hidden emotions and with the GIF search, one can easily find GIFs perfectly suitable to the occasion.
  • Typing Options: Instead of the normal typing, Google Keyboard also offers the option of Glide Typing which helps you type by simply gliding over the alphabets you want to type and Voice Typing is also included.


SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a name that you must have heard as an Android user, and let me tell you the company fully deserves the respect. It is one of the most popular third-party keypad app available on the Play Store. It has a lot of fans who have been using the app for years, the wide array of features offered by SwiftKey are as follows:

  • Multilingual: SwiftKey supports over 150 different languages, so don’t you worry, you can now type in your regional language just as easily as you do it for English language.
  • Word Predictions: This feature is something every SwiftKey user must be proud of because SwiftKey offers great predictions, give it a few months and thanks to the AI included it will learn your writing style and even your emojis and before you know it, the word in your mind would be popping up in the suggestions.
  • Clipboard: SwiftKey app comes with built-in clipboard, so in case you have a lot of different stuff to copy, use the clipboard to make it a more comfortable experience. You need to enable it first via Settings.
  • SwiftKey Flow and Gestures: You can simply swipe to type using the ability known as SwiftKey flow and Gesture typing is also available now.
  • Customization: SwiftKey has tons of different themes to choose from, so never be bored with the same style again, choose as per your mood or as per the design you like.


Flesky Keyboard:

Flesky Keyboard is the app which grew a lot in the past few years and has now become a great third-party alternative. It is a fun, simple keyboard app with the necessary features built-in at your disposal. It also brags to be the fastest keyboard app on the Play Store and most people would say that is true to its claim. Here are some of the features offered:

  • Extensions Support: Flesky boasts to be the only keyboard on market with this ability. It supports custom extensions thus making it more customizable than any other keyboard.
  • Accuracy: Flesky is a really accurate keyboard, it makes use of the next generation autocorrect so that you can type easily without the worry of mistakes thus making your typing faster than usual.
  • Gesture Support: Flesky has a support for gestures and some of its gestures are easy and come by naturally to you again contributing to its ability to be the fastest typing keyboard available.
  • Customization: Flesky offers various customization options like GIFs support, Emojis, Rainbow Key pops and even custom Theme support so that you can choose from any themes available.
  • Language Support: Flesky for now offers support of 40 languages that includes the most widely used language and it is slowly working to extend this support to other languages.


Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is also not a new name in the market, it has been there for some years and has improved quite a lot. Go Keyboard claims to be the best emoji keyboard on the market, it comes built-in with decent features and is overall a good alternative, some of the features are as mentioned below:

  • Emoji Support: Along with emojis, Go Keyboard also gives you support for emoticons, stickers and other smiley faces to go alongside. It claims to have a pack of over 800 different emojis to choose from.
  • Personalization: Go Keyboard has outdone themselves in this aspect of the keyboard, it offers over 10000 different themes, so one can never run out of colorful themes and more are added every week.
  • Fonts: Go Keyboard offers about 100 fonts, so choose from the different fonts according to your mood and type ahead.
  • Custom Language: Go Keyboard might not have a huge language support as compared to some other keyboard, but the other features it offers are definetly top notch. For now it supports 60+ languages.
  • Privacy: Go Keyboard brags to never interfere with a user’s privacy and thus never collect your personal info.
  • Various Layouts: Besides the Gesture and Voice typing support, Go Keyboard also offers various layouts, so in case you’re working on a larger device, choose a more comfortable layout.


Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma has been one of the most recent additions to the keyboard app market on the Google Play Store. It is a lightweight keyboard app and is a good option in case you are looking for something simple and sober. It does not lack features and is thus another great alternative, some of the popular features are mentioned below:


  • Personalization: Chrooma Keyboard offers a high level of customization varying from themes, font styles, emoji styles and a lot more all available for you to choose upon.
  • Navbar Customization: Chrooma Keyboard boasts to automatically change the colour of the navbar on your phone in accordance with the theme of the current app that is being used. This might not be the feature for you in case you lack navbar on your device.
  • Swipe/Glide: In case you get bored of the traditional typing, you can make use of the Swiping or Gliding ability of Chrooma keyboard to hover over the words that you want to type and actually type them.
  • Night Mode: Chrooma Keyboard can help you change the colour tone in case of low light availabilty, you can also program the night mode for your needs.
  • Gestures: Chrooma has a lot of gestures integrated and with the latest update, now also offers Google Now integration.


So there you go, all the top available options have been listed, there are a lot more too though like the ZenUI keyboard from ASUS and even Microsoft offers a keyboard app, but not every app has every feature, so you might need to go through some trial and error before finally settling on a keyboard app as per your needs.

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