How to Install & Uninstall Apps on Micromax Android Devices

This post is specially written for all those users who have recently switched to a phone running on Android operating system. Google Android OS is easy to understand but for some people its not that easy. So today we will let everyone know how they can install and uninstall apps & games on Micromax android phones. You can either download the apps from the web by getting the apk file of the apps, games or you can directly install the app from the play store. Play store is the marketplace of Android apps. There is a shortcut present in the Menu of Micromax phones through which you can directly access it.

Google Play Store Micromax phones

There are millions of apps present in Play store which you can download directly with a single tap. Most of popular games present on PC platform (e.g – GTA, Spiderman, etc) are now available on Android and more coming soon. Whatever you need, whether a dictionary, Game, LED Flash app, Antivirus, etc everything is available on Android platform.

You know what there are lots of apps which are paid on other platforms like on iOS, Symbian but you can download all of them on your android device without spending a single penny (e.g – Angry Birds)

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We’ve also shared some of the most popular apps on our site under apps section.

How to Install Apps on Micromax Android Phones

Now i will let you know how you can install apps from the Android Marketplace i.e Play Store.

For this you need to have a Google account, first set up a Google account and then visit the play store.

  1. Visit the play store and search the app in the search box provided above.
  2. tap on the app after searching and click on install (if available). If the searched app isn’t listed on the page it means the app isn’t compatible with your device.
  3. The app will be installed to your phone and an app icon will be displayed on the home screen.


You can download the app’s apk file from the web and transfer it to your phone and install it. Go to Settings–>Security–> Tick on ‘Install from Unknown Sources’. There are tons of sites present on web offering apk files of the applications.

How to Install Android apps from PC to Micromax Phone?

Open the play store from your desktop/laptop and search the app and remember to sign in with the Google Account associated with your android device.

Click on install and the app will be d0wnloaded and installed to your device using your ‘device data connection’.

Link to Play Store –


How to Uninstall apps From Micromax Phones

The below mentioned steps works with all Micromax phones – MMX Canvas phones, Bolt smartphones and Ninja Android phones. I’ve also attached a screenshot of my canvas 2 device showing how you can uninstall apps.

Follow : Settings–> Apps — >All — Select the app — > Uninstall.

If you still didn’t get it. Check the screenshots. I’ve shown how i uninstalled chatON! app from my phone.

Micromax Android Phone apps install uninstall guide

The above screenshot is taken by Micromax Canvas 2 running on 4.1.1 Jelly bean. The UI may be bit different on your device but the process is same.

Shortcut Method:  Drag the app to the home screen (don’t drop it there), You will see two options on the screen (App Info, Uninstall) – Drop the app to the Uninstall option. Then click on OK and the app will be uninstalled from your phone.

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If you’ve any doubt, please leave a comment below this post. We will try to answer asap.


  1. Susanta says:

    I have bought a new Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 phone, but I couldn’t able to find how to uninstall application. Can you please post the procedure for it?

  2. HRIDAY SAHA says:


    • Settings–>Apps–>Tap on the app–> Move to external storage.

      • vivekanandan says:

        Settings–>Apps–>Tap on the app–> Move to external storage –> its disabled.. what should i do now?

      • Abhishek says:

        it will not go permanantly to the external storage its files is in phone storage and always save in phone storage.its better if u tell about how to change default storageor preferred storage

  3. Deepak Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please help me to remove the Google speak now from my home screen of Micromax A 110Q. I don’t want it on the screen as it hides my wallpaper.

    Thanks in advance.

    Deepak Kumar

  4. satyam sharma says:

    How to download games feom websites please administrator

  5. suyash sahu says:

    hii, sir i have a query related to games install in my c4 ffrom pc using mobigen
    is it possible to extract apk files of game in phone by using pc broadband connection
    games like nfs most wanted etc… how may i able to install plz help!!

  6. ajitesh kumar mishra says:

    i have canvas magnus can i disable m security and install different antivirus??
    will it be causing any problem??
    plz reply

    • admin says:

      You can install any other different antivirus. M! security is different.
      No it won’t create any problem.

  7. marudhu says:

    RegistTest app found virus threat. How to remove yhis virus. Please help to remove

  8. manish says:

    i have canvas 2.2 . in which already inbuilt m security anti virus but i want to install another antivirus so Without disable previous antivirus i install new antivirus

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can install a new antivirus app. We have a list of Antivirus apps which you can install on your phone. Search about the same on our site.

      • manish says:

        If i unstall previous antivirus than install new so that would be better or not. And another question is how to clear ram memory of canvas 2.2

  9. Ravi says:

    in my A63 i am not able to view play store icon in menu and even after restart its not there?

    please help what to do??

  10. rashid khan says:

    I have canvas A114 plz help me to clear ram memory i my phone.& i am not understand where is runing ram memory.

  11. prabh says:

    Hello i have micromax a36i am stop force ofvoice recoder but i want to restart for recordings andnot any voice record in it plz help me how torestart the voice recoder so i record nd send voice msg

  12. Partha says:

    User developer option has not reflecting in my micromax canvas hd a116i, please suggest.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Tap on Build number 5 times. Build number is present in settings–>About phone.

  13. Santosh says:


    I bought Micromax A1 couple of days back. I see that a lot of apps in the ALL menu which do not feature on the screen. For example, I can disable “Sound Recorder” but the option “LAUNH BY DEFAULT” is not inaccessible. I see similar options which are inaccessible for other apps too. Plz suggest

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If you don’t want to use it you can disable it however please be advised not to disable any useful stock app. Your phone might not function properly.

  14. Abhishek says:


  15. Every time i am trying to install some app from Google play store its showing insufficient space. Although I have inserted an external SD card (of 2 GB memory space) also i have internal space (more or less 5Gb ) and phone memory of 86MB free. Kindly Help. I have also kept external SD has default write space.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Phone storage is less (as stated 86MB). Install it directly to SD card if your device allows that.

      • I am also facing the same problem with my Micromax Canvas L (A108).
        I have done that by selecting external SD card. But still its showing the same error while downloading any app through Google play it shows “There is insufficient space on your device”.
        Even my phone storage is=
        Phone 60 MB
        Internal 3.45 GB
        External 11.23 GB
        Plz reply .. I am waiting .

  16. hi,

    i’m trying to install apps from google play store. but its shows “there is insufficient space on the device”

    im using canvas fire 2 A 104…..

    pls help

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Free up some space from the internal storage. If your device allows the installation of apps to the external SD card switch the preferred storage location to External SD card. Follow Settings–>Storage–>Preferred storage location.

  17. sujatha says:

    How to remove Google speak in MM A300. ??While talking over it will automatically starts calling another no. Y

  18. Ravi S says:

    Whenever I try to download an app from app store, I get an error message “There is insufficient space on the device” although my default write disk (settings>storage>default write disk>external sd card) is external SD card (8 GB). Where am I going wrong?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Which phone do you have? Check the internal storage, may be the apps are getting installed on internal memory.

  19. jaivir says:

    how i open files which are on memory card…?

  20. D Nagaraj says:

    If the uninstall button is not activated in a program how to activate it.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The button won’t be there for system apps and bloatware. Root your device and uninstall the bloatware.

  21. Nikhil says:

    My play store,opramini has been disabled? How to reenable it

  22. yogita says:

    I have bought a new Micromax Gold A 300 phone Whenever I try to download an app from app store, I get an error message “There is insufficient space on the device” & this phone not sd card
    internal space 32 GB , how to change setting download app save to phone memory not a internal memory

  23. M alam says:

    Whenever i switch off my phone, then switch it on again, it charges 1.5rupees. I just get popup massage that i lost my warranty and to get back the warranty it charged 1.5rs. how to stop that? Any suggestions? I already disabled the smsreg.apk, but till now it is not solved

  24. Keshav Anand says:

    I am trying to download Facebook on my new canvas spark but getting the unexpected error 501. Please explain the issue n its resolution.
    Thanks a ton fr ur help in advance

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Try following this: Delete the cache and log out from your Google account and log in again. Now try installing the app again.

  25. shashi bhushan says:

    self is unable to install any application from playstore at my micromax canvas A104. As i click to install application, it keeps on me waiting too long and never installs the application. pls resolve the problem of cellphone.

  26. krishna says:

    i remove an app on micromax canvas spark but my phone memory does not change when app on phone , phone memory 4.12gb .i remove an app it does not change same 4.12gb can u tell me when i remove app how to increase my phone memory

  27. Rahul Mehta says:

    Complete error details please?

  28. swaroopmohan says:

    how to install a app in micromax when it is in talkback mode

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I’m sorry I have not used that mode till now, try turning it off and install it from play store.

  29. Sir I touched the app in settings in that without knowing I force stop the external storage ..and I disabled it to rectify it again …coz my music player has no songs after this ..but I have in my file manager ..I can’t play my its not displayed ..what should I do ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to the ‘All Apps’ section again and scroll down. Find the app and enable it.

  30. K Satyanarayana says:

    I have a micromax Canvas 1 with updated software Android 5. I am not able to add new contacts. Once I try, the icon of a person with + sign does not appear which it normal . Instead, Google Talk screen appears prompting talk. Kindly help.

  31. Jeetendra says:

    I’ve noticed apps that I never installed – apps like newshunt, snapdeal, etc. These aren’t exactly light apps, mind you – they’re atleast 7-8 MB each. Space is really short. I need to uninstall games if I want to update Whatsapp, it’s that bad. Meanwhile, looks like Micromax is installing apps without my permission, using up precious space and my 3G! Apps reappear after uninstalling them. This is ridiculous! Many times, instead of downloading apps, it creates 8-10 notifications which are advertisements for online stores and other apps. All of this happens immediately after connecting to the internet which I mostly do using airtel 3g/wifi.

    I did the “long press on notification” thing and it says the app responsible for generating these notifications is SoftwareUpdate which is a System app and can’t be uninstalled and restarts automatically when disabled.

    I am absolutely outraged and want to know what I can do to make Micromax stop highjacking my 3g and my internal storage space for their profit. Please help!

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If your device doesn’t receive regular updates then simply root it and uninstall such apps and that software updater as well.

  32. Bharat Bhooshan says:

    Hello sir I am user of micromax elenza 2 A121. By mistake Facebook app is uninstall from my cell.and now it is not installing again. What should I do to install it?

  33. brij negi says:

    I have creating problem to install any new application in micromax A 104 while downloading its show ( the device doesn’t have enough space to download ) but there is sufficient storage in my both internal & external memory. is any idea how can I install app.

  34. i am using A 104 .Whenever I try to download an app from app store, I get an error message “There is insufficient space on the device” although my default write disk (settings>storage>default write disk>external sd card) is external SD card (8 GB). Where am I going wrong?

  35. Keyur Patel says:

    i have micro max canvas 2 A110 model. i have one problem regarding to automatic installation of android application.

    i tried all option but problem is not solved.

    i tried two option

    1) play store > do not auto updates apps tick marked

    2) Security > unknown sources – not allowed

    but auto installation problem occurs.

    i many time format my phone with all features but no result.

    application are automatic installed like hola launcher,clear trip, swipr wi-fi,

    and every time i disable or uninstalled it. but after sometime it automatic install.

    Give me strong solution.

  36. anju says:

    I have forcly stop my hike app now I want to restart it again soo what to do??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to settings–>Apps–>all apps–>scroll down to the end and you’ll find the disabled apps. Tap and enable.

  37. anugya says:

    How to start again the force stop apps ??y

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to settings–>Apps–>all apps–>scroll down to the end and you’ll find the disabled apps. Tap and enable.

  38. Gaurav says:

    how to stop autometic app instal on micromax fire a 104

  39. Madhulika says:

    I recently purchased micromax canvas Xpress 4G…
    It’s a bit difficult to share songs from Google play music
    How do I share songs???…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Share it from file manager or use apps like share it which has a category of songs to select and send.

  40. Madhulika says:

    And there is no share option at all
    Please help me in sorting out this problem

  41. Subir says:

    can anyone pls help me in updating the pre-installed app – google play services. micromax E455??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to Play store and search fro Google play services and update it.

  42. Jaya Pramodh Kumar says:

    I have Aadhaar Enrollment Centre in kerala. For Child Aadhaar Enrollment I bought Micromax Canvas tab P480. I installed aadhhar software in tab. When I conect finger scanner to the tab that application window(Aadhhar) disappeared. pls help me to solve it

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      That might not be compatible, please check with Micromax about this.

  43. jaya says:

    There are certain applications like battery doctor, 9apps, privacy guard etc in my micromax canvas 4 A210 which are uninstalled many times but reappears after every switch offs. could you help me to uninstall these permanently

  44. Govind Kumbhkar says:

    Isme play store se apps instal karne ke bad apps desktop per nahi aa raha hain
    Yaha 504 Error bata raha hain.

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