How to Increase Battery Backup of MMX Canvas Smartphones

Today we are discussing a very important thing which one seeks in a smartphone. One of the worst thing about smartphones is the battery backup which is very less as compared to backup provided by feature phones . I know there are lots of features provided by a smartphone but still we people require a good battery backup . The tips i have listed below is applicable for all android smartphones . Mostly all the Micromax canvas smartphones comes with a battery capacity of 2000mAh which is quite for smartphones .Recently they launched Canvas 4 which also have a low battery capacity of 2000mAh .

Android Smartphones Battery Backup

I personally think that MMX should increase the battery capacity of their smartphones . We people like to play games , listen to music all the time so we require a good battery backup . If i consider our Indian youth , We usually use our phone all the time in accessing internet such as Facebook , twitter , watch videos online  so for these kind of activities 2000mAh battery capacity is bit low .

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Why Micromax Smartphones Provide Low battery Backup ?

Well mostly all the android phones face this issue , not an exception with Micromax .The only thing rolling in my mind regarding battery backup is that Micromax phones has a big screen display which consumes more battery . Today i will reveal lots of tips through which you can increase battery life of your smartphone .


Tips to Increase Battery backup of Micromax Android Smartphones

  1. Internet Consumes battery a lot . Lots of applications requires internet running all the time . Either you can turn the background internet for all those application or you can turn internet connection off when not in use . By following this tip you will notice your phone giving a good backup .
  2. Brightness consumes more battery . If you have set the brightness level to max , it will eat up the battery fast. So better switch to automatic brightness or set it to minimum when you’re using your phone indoor .
  3. Close all unwanted apps . If you minimize the apps they will keep running in the background .
  4. Turn Wifi , GPS, Bluetooth off when not in use .
  5. There are lots of apps available which claims to increase the battery backup of your smartphone . Don’t install them , just get a task killer and close all background running applications .
  6. Don’t play heavy games (Like GTA 3, NFS , etc ) too much .
  7. Disable Sync .
  8. Don’t set Live Wallpapers / animated screensavers .
  9. Turn off vibration .
  10. Keep the screen timeout short (Normal 15 seconds) .
  11. Reduce the number of shortcuts on the Home screen .


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Just follow the above methods mentioned above you will surely notice your phone’s battery providing a good backup . If you think we have missed any important one , kindly share via the comment box .

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  1. Jaysakthi says:

    Good tips. Y you are telling don’t install the Battery saver apps ?

    • admin says:

      They further produce some issues in the phone . Like some of the battery saver apps turn off wifi , gps , Data connection , etc which can be done by ourselves too . So no need to install any app like this .

      • Swarup Dukuria says:

        I totally agree, when we can manually kill the unwanted apps from running, why an extra app to increase the battery power which will then itself eat some of the battery!!! (lol funny part)….

        • Vignesh says:

          How to kill an unwanted apps

          • sundeep says:

            Looking to the above suggestions i would say …. Please dont suggest any thing better say switch off the phone to save the battery……….

            I thought you will post some good logical point but got disappointed.

          • admin says:


            Yes, there are few points left undisclosed in the above post that’s related to ROMs. Would you mind sharing some insights from your side?

          • shashank says:

            root your phone with kingo root and uninstall apps

      • Vinith says:

        Hello sir,
        DU battery saver is useful for mobiles

    • kartik says:

      Because they consume more ram .. These are background apps such as 360 security. Or any battery saver.. Makes ur phone slow

  2. if one is a rooted mmx phone user..then try greenify root app..its a wonderful app for the phone battery lasts 15 hrs with full usage n net on
    and 1 day 7 hrs without net n on single sim..
    earlier it lasted 7 to 8 hrs with net on single sim n 11 hrs with net off..

  3. First of all i want the admin to open a forum on this site so we can discuss other issues (obviously, related to Canvas devices) apart from your posts.
    I’m currently using a Canvas 4 and i’m not able to change the background of my menu, its always blank i.e. black, and i hate it.
    How do i change it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Shivam
      I’m also planning to build a forum, btw thanks for your suggestion.

      For your background issue you can install some launcher apps to do so.

    • Mandeep Singh says:

      Sir g

      Download & install Go Launcher EX from google play store
      Set any wallpaper will display on menu also

  4. hey admin i’m thinking of buying canvas fun A74 but its battry seems to have some trouble.. should i go for A76 or should i stick to A74 only???

  5. Jitendra Hatwar says:

    Hi Mr Admin, I want to buy Canvas 4, Pls confirm abt battery backup & some suggetion to buy it without any confusion.

  6. hemant says:

    hii…mujhe new mobile lena he..canvas doodle 2 ya canvas turbo..konsa best he…

  7. Deepak says:

    Tips are great. I’m canvas 4 user n I just want to know which task killer app is best as my optimiser always shows 10-23 apps running after sometime even I optimize it. How should I stop the background running app that optimizer shows. Please tell. Thanks a lot.

    • many apps may run in background even after killing those apps with task killer. Go to settings–>Apps–>Running and Force all those apps which aren’t required.

  8. priyanka says:

    How to zoom in canvas ego a113!!

  9. Chandra says:

    Hello Admin

    Recently i have purchase mmx canvas 2 plus, After full charge if i keep mobile idle for 10 Hrs ,The battery discharge fully,Even i am following the above mentioned tips.Please will you help to increase the battery duration….

  10. Lyndon says:

    Hi Admin,

    I want to purchase a new cell phone I read about the specs of Canvas4 A210 i liked it very much. I’m currently using Canvas2 A110, I want a quad core processor phone should i go for it and I have read that there are updates coming up for this phone which is 4.3 JB or if you can suggest me any phone. which has a good battery life, camera, quad core.


    • Canvas 4 is a good phone packed with loads of features. Please tell me your requirements so that i can suggest you the phone.

  11. Sahil Bedi says:

    Hey Admin I Purchased Canvas 3D No Doubt Its a Amazing Smartphone But I Cant Get Any Updates From Mmx

    • Currently the update isn’t available. Keep Following our blog as we post about OS updates when they become available.

  12. piyush singh says:

    wat abt canvas magnus .. ??

    is this best or not .. i compare to canvas 4 .. and other phones like grand …

    wat abt the pic quailty in night mood in canvas 4 and magnus ???

    ur opinion is better than me so plzzz say

    • Go with Canvas 4 and Please post these comments in relevant articles. The above article is related to Battery Backup issue. just a #suggestion. Always ready to help 🙂

  13. My canvas 4 gets automatically switched off once in a day don’t know why but i think it is due to heat coz once it asked to shut down due to heat anything helpful u can suggest..

  14. mukesh pareek says:

    how to remove the pre installed apps like “fruit devil” from micromax canvas2

  15. Sameer roy says:

    what is the roll of light-censer / Auto Light Brightness in Battery -backup …

    • High brightness consumes more battery usage. if you set it to Auto it will try to save the battery usage by making it to the normal/low level.

  16. I am planning to buy a Canvas 4 phone. But recently heard that they are going to be updated to Android 4.4 version. So, if I buy the Canvas phone now will I be able to update it to 4.4 version. If yes, how can it be done?

  17. Mahmood says:

    Hello Admin, Im using Canvas-4 & im nt able to download “Asphalt-8 Airborne” as it is showing that ‘Your device isnt compatible with this version’.. But when i googled about this prblm, i found out some youtube videos showing the ‘Asphalt-8 gameplay’ being played in Canvas-4. Is it my device problem?? or something else??

  18. anshul says:

    hey admin …mere pass canvas doodle 1 hai ..mene phone ki battery kafi jaldi katam hojati hai …mene tipes bhi use kari par jayada farak nahi prdra .kya karu

  19. kiran Bie Ar says:

    Hi admin… For all my fello mmx canvas 2 plus users.. Pls dont over charge your battery .. The battery life will drain and you may have to replace it soon .It happened in my case.. Thank god it was within the warrenty period and I got it replaced for free..

  20. Sanku Ganguly says:

    kindly tell me the approximate battery life of canvas magnus in moderate use and whether the battery can be upgraded from 2000mah to higher mah?

  21. Krishna says:

    Hi Admin,
    I am thinking about canvas fun a74, but It has 1500mah battery. So can I simply put the battery of canvas a76 which is 2000mah? What you say?

  22. parvinder says:

    Hi admin,
    I bought canvas turbo last month. Initially its battery was working fine. Lasts upto 1 day with 3g internet on, but i encountered some hanging issue and went to mmx store. They upgraded it( god knows what), now my phone is consuming full battery in 6-7 hrs in idle mode, also hanging issue persists. Plz suggest

  23. dattatraya says:


  24. Samiran says:

    It is claimimg 7 hours of talktime it better??

  25. gaurav makkowalia says:

    can i change my battery of canvas 2.2 with canvas juice,,,,,, or canvas,,,,,?? they are similar in size,,, ?/

  26. ragul.n says:

    i have followed all the instruction you prescribed but battery is not good . .and also my mobile is new

  27. Hi,
    My suggestion is ” don’t kill the application that are running in the back ground. because once you closed it will suck most of the RAM space and Battery power while starting up.Your phone itself know how to manage applications smartly being it as a smart phone.The developers would definitely have considered while designing it. So be intelligent and save your battery life and processing speed your mobile.

  28. Hello Mr. Admin,
    Couple of days back purchased micromax canvas magnus. While charging phone vibrates slightly at the back where battery is inserted. Should i go for replacement??

  29. pushkaraj says:

    I am using canvas 2 plus for 3 months and hav replaced my battery once but still face drain issue even in idle mode with gprs turned off

  30. Arindam says:

    Admin I use the mmx canvas HD n I’m extremely disappointed. It’s been 10 months n all hell breaks loose my battery is swollen.. Runs out in under 5 mins. It does not read my 16gb transcend sd card which is read by all other devices such as the Samsung tab 3 which is also in my possession.. I would like to know how n where can I get a replacement battery.. 2000maH I’m not happy with the micromax service centre either.

    • admin says:


      Try contact them on social media and ask the officials to provide what you want. They take issues posted on the social media very seriously. Got the point?
      They offer 6 months parts replacement warranty.

  31. praneeth says:

    i recently purchased canvas hd if i charge my phone at night keeping 100% with the data connection and wifi and all the stuffs in off condition when i see it in the morning the battery goes to 50% plzzzz help me admin

  32. arun says:

    is there any battery which
    can be fitted in canvas 2 so that its battery back up can be increased as this one is has the capacity of 2000

  33. Ashish Soni says:

    Hi admin,
    I am using A111(Canvas Doodle) from past 3 months…. its battery backup keeps on decreasing from 12 hrs to 6 hrs right now.
    I want to switch to A200(Turbo mini) now but it has battery of 1800mAh as compared to my A111 battery of 2100mAh.
    Your suggestions please……

  34. Aaditya Kumar says:

    Hi admin……i m total agree with u…..but my mobile battery very fast drained. For ex. Bettrey 90 % charge h or m mobile restart kerta hoon to 30% show kerta h…plz dear sir solve my problem.i hv tence.very fast bettrey discharge hoti hai.

    Micromax canvas hd a116

    • admin says:

      Reboot your phone and then charge your phone. if still the problem persists there might be any a problem with your phone or battery.

  35. help says:

    my micromax battery is swollen up…its under warranty…does battery come under warranty?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I believe swollen/bulged batteries doesn’t comes under warranty but you can still give it a try by contacting the service center.

  36. sai bhagavan says:

    mmx users try this tip to increase your battery backup…by the way works for every phone regardless of model…first phase during normal usage discharge your battery fully and then keep it for charging means from 0 to 100.Do it for a month or more and u will notice that ur battery takes more time than before to make it upto 100 and olaa….there it is u battery backup starts to increase from then on and afterwards charge the battery when it is less than or at 15%….after that drain ur battery to 0 once in every month to get good results..this will definitely work it worked for my canvas 2 and now mt battery backup rose to 1 day with wifi running all time on my mobile….another suggestion switch off ur phone while charging coz switching off ur phone improves ur battery life….

  37. Siddharth says:

    Hey how much do the service centres charge for another battery(which has surpassed it’s warranty)?Mine is a canvas hd and it’s battery is dead COMPLETELY!! HELP me out guys…:)

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      We don’t have the pricing information with us. Kindly contact the service center regarding this.

      • Akash says:

        in modasa-gujarat service center charge 700 rs for micromax a116 hd battari .

  38. Gobind says:

    Hi I am using “Micromax Canvas 2 A110” in January 2013 and Battery was OK. But since last 1 month I’m facing problem while charging or even after unplugging charger battery of phone is “overheating”. I think now warranty also expired. What to do in this case. I don’t think this is background app problem or something like software issue. Please let me know if anyone have faced same problem and got any solution. And when I reboot my phone battery level is reduced about 15-20%.
    Thanks in advance

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      We don’t have the solution to this issue. You would need to contact the service center regarding this.

    • Riju kumar says:

      U should reinstall your has some issues in installing of drivers

  39. hemant says:

    hey guys…u can buy new battery for micromax…this is coming with 3000mhz…i just buyed it from snapdeal..u can buy this from market or snapdeal as i suggest u to all…my old battery was almost died so i have to buy new one…now with 3000mhz i am fully satisfied with its backup…u should also buy the same for long tym battery back.

  40. sanju says:

    Hey hemant …will this 3000 mh battery work with canvas 2.2 …fit to hoga na

  41. Anupam says:

    Rediff providing a 3000mAh battery for Canvas 2 A110..will it be a good buy?will it harm my phone?
    can i use the same charger i was provided with?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      We heard some negative reviews about the battery available at rediff.

  42. Anil Kumar says:

    To improve battery back of your phone just do one thing use samsung charger or some low current charger like 500ma aur 600ma or below of it and see difference.
    Try it
    I am also using it.
    Plz revert back after using this trick

  43. I have canvas turbo a250..Battery drains just in 4 hrs in using Internet ..i want to change my battery …where shall i go?? How much u may charge for it???

  44. I have a budget limit of 8k which phone will be good among unite 2 A106 and Canvas A120 in case of battery back up ? Since both have 2000mAh battery can’t assume about it ?? Can their batteries be replaced with any of 3000mAh battery of Micromax.

  45. Vidhyadhar Sharma says:

    I got Micromax canvas Nitro a310 from snapdeal on 19 September. It’s battery backup is very low and after using only two three hours it’s battery down to 0% also it’s heating too much I have disabled all app and not using Internet, bt, wi – fi even battery is going down speedily please tell me what to do with this problem

  46. Hey freinds I want buy new mobile under 7500 which is best.
    1)Micromax canvas 1
    2)Micromax unite 2
    Pleas tell me ….

  47. chaitu says:

    Hi Admin, I am looking for a genuine battery for my Micromax A116HD. Could you please suggest me where to buy?

  48. Ramya G says:

    Hey admin,
    I bought a new Micromax Canvas Nitro last week, the phone s quite good but it reboots suddenly atleast once a day and am even encountering problem wid hanging.. if i use the phone for 20mins or so, the phone will heats up. any suggestion??

    Thanks in advance

  49. Sir, recently i have bought MMX A106 unite 2. Since then I am facing battery drainage problem I have tried everything but with no results my battery suddenly falldown to 0% and phones goes off. The cell standby consumes almost 50% of my battery and phone idle almost 43% and rest by other apps. Can u please explain me what is wrong with my phone?

  50. RAMESH RAJA says:

    bro i brought canvas a1, but its battery backup seems to horrify me. some other phones has good battery backup like 2000 mah. but mine is too small for my usage (1700 mah).
    shall replace it with other phone’s battery in micromax having 3000 mah. is any suitable sugesstion for batteries. help me fast i am running out of options.

  51. I just brought mmx a1 last week, battery back up is too poor is that model like that or my phone is problem?

  52. Bal Raj says:

    Hi, got a Canvas Knight. Nice phone compared to Samsung, Lumia and Sony – especially at the price! Am using Nova launcher for better UI and aesthetics.
    When is Lollipop update going to be made available.
    By the way I use Llama app to automatically manage battery consumption and profiles. Wonderful app.

  53. Suresh says:

    How can I open the flash light when shooting video?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      It automatically gets turned on, the option is listed on the screen when you open the camera app.

  54. ravikant sharma says:

    I am using micromax a121 but battery back up is not good

  55. Shane says:

    guys keep calm and buy Micromax canvas juice 177 and then u will realize what a phone really is….or you can also buy doodle 3

  56. vishal bhagwani says: micromax a120 Canvas 2 colors quickly heats when i use can i stops its heating??and it also heats while it is charging.can you please give me its solution,please…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      What’s the temperature while you use your phone normally, on heavy usage and at charging? Let me know

      • vishal bhagwani says:

        I dont know its heating temperature.can you tell e how can i know its temperature while it is charging or while i am using it??

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          You can use an app to find the temperature. Try installing CPUz

  57. vishal bhagwani says:

    There is one more prblm that some apps are hidden in this device such as #3D_live_whether etc.,where could i find these apps??

  58. chetan patil says:

    micromax is better or asus….??

  59. karthikeyan says:

    battery capacity for a116i is 1000 mAh, wrongly given ad as 2000 mAh

  60. Saswati sengupta says:

    I bought this phone(micromax canvas a1) whenever i am turning on the 3g connection its showing roaming and having network problem..why is it so?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Which connection you’re using and let me know your location as well.

  61. MO.RANU says:

    Really battery backup increase I am so happy

  62. adarsh says:

    Am using MMX canvas spark(online purchase). Screen backlight etc r already optimized. Still battery backup is low. Also even though WiFi is off,in the battery history screen it is showing WiFi is working. Y is it so?

  63. Abhinav Tiwari says:

    Recently I have rooted my micromax canvas nitro a311, but now It starts lagging now and battery ???? also runs out faster, , concerned please tell what to do now..

  64. Abhinav Tiwari says:

    My ???? battery lasts for only 5 hrs with Wi-Fi usage. Should I go for battery replacement or what should I do??? ?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The battery is performing well, which phone you’re using? How’s the usage – moderate or high?

  65. piyush yede says:

    Heyy guys my battery is swollen up .
    There is problem in buying a new battery .
    I m tryng to buy online and they are providing
    2100, 2500 instead of 2000 mAh
    What shall I do ? Kya usse mere mobile pe effect padega ? Can I use3000 mah battery instead of 2000 mah in canvas 2.2 a114 ?

  66. can micromax A114 mobile support 3000 mah battery?

  67. Riju kumar says:

    I have an idea about increasing battery life….in Rom there are a STK driver for all app which help it to connect with battery,without this driver app doesn’t play.if we can control those driver we will save atleast 50% battery per each charge……..but it just a concept.

    • i usually use micromax Unite but now a days my battery getting weaker, and i want to use 3000 mah battery with the same mobile can i use the battery with the mobile ?

  68. vinayak says:

    Hey is there any other mobile 4000mah battery for micromax canvas a120?!!

  69. i am using micromax Q414
    i can’t do the any above mistakes..but my mobile is not retaining fully one reducing fast..for example 2 percent reducing within only 5 minutes…

  70. LOHIT says:

    There r 3000mah battery avilable online for micromax canvas 2 plus a110q
    they have same voltage as it original batttery .

    will it b a problem buying them

  71. Jaskaran singh hans says:

    Heyyy…… Frndzzzzz keep the black walpaper on background and also use greenify app in rooted phone or in unrooted phone..,.,, and use only ur phone provided launcher which come inbuilt in ur phone dont download other launcher or if u want to download launcher for new expirience so download nova launcher or zero launcher this two launcher is best so enjoys..,,,,,,, and last dont use du battery saver it is bad ..,,,,,,, enjoy byyy <3

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