How to Unlock Micromax Phone after too many Failed Pattern Attempts

Normally we all Android users for the sake of our own privacy set up a lock on the Home screen so that any other person can’t bypass it to check our personal stuff. Pattern lock is the popular one and most of the users use this. We all come across a common problem forgetting or losing what pattern lock we had. Sometimes we are just stuck on lock screen. Then we need to unlock by putting our email address in , but sometimes you might forget your email or stuff. Today we will let you the way through which you can unlock your Micromax Android mobile after wrong pattern attempt.

Micromax Phone Locked After too any Failure Pattern Attempt

In these cases you simply cannot unlock your device , today we are going to show you how to work on your device and unlock your device with/without losing data or any setting.

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How to Unlock Micromax Phone Using Hard Reset

Using stock recovery and wipe data. This method will result In a full factory reset of your phone . How to do this?

  1. Switch off, Pull battery.
  2. Insert battery and Press and Hold Power+Volume up+Volume down together  (different phones might have a little different method of booting into recovery mode, but this is the most general one).
  3. You will then boot into recovery mode , use volume keys to navigate up and down and power key to choose.
  4. Choose Wipe DATA
  5. Choose wipe cache.
  6. Reboot device.

You are done and your lockscreen is gone and phone has been hard reset. Please not this leads to permanent removal of data.

Unlock Micromax Android Phone using Android Debug Bridge

In this we will use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to unlock the device without losing any data.

  1. First we need to set up ADB on device , you generally need these files (LINK of adbzip) or you can Google on how to install ADB in windows.
  2. Just make a folder adb in c/root and copy the files.
  3. Install drivers of your phone (Use PDAnet if you have problem with finding drivers).
  4. Turn on USB debugging on phone. Follow : Setting–>Development–>USB Debugging (Turn On)
  5. Open Command prompt in computer , and type cd C:/Android (Android here is the folder where my adb files are , change according to yours)
  6. Then you can try following sets of command

Command set 1

method 1:


adb shell

cd /data/data/

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


Command set II

method 2:


adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key


You have to try one method , and see which one is working.

This requires root in some devices and some it just works without can try both of them, here is how i managed to remove the lock:
1. Run the first method.
2 Reboot
3 Run the second method
4 Reboot



  • In the first method each line is a separate command so click enter after typing each line.
  • In the second method type all the command and then press enter.
  • After running both methods and rebooting you may see the pattern lock,that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work, just try any random pattern and it may unlock then remove the pattern from settings.
  • This may and may not work, it may work on some devices and don’t on others, so all you can do is trying it but i can’t assure it will work.

Source for second method : XDA

If you have any doubt you can drop a comment below.


  1. shivamprasad says:

    Plz help to me!! how to unbrick, hard-bricked MMX A100 mobile.

  2. Hi, thanx 4 the post, however its not working in my case, the issue is that the phone is already locked & I can’t get access to its settings. Now kindly guide as to how should I get it unlocked without losing data. looking forward for a positive response from you & thanking you in anticipation. Vin Pan

  3. Sumit Malvankar says:

    my mobile model no. micro max a 72 I followed all steps that you say to unlock pastern but its can’t work pls tell me any sported file to install in my mobile.


    how to unlock Micromax A110 Phone Locked After too any Failure Pattern Attempt pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Hello,
    I am using Micromax A111 model. my phone is Locked After too any Failure Pattern Attempts. I followed same method as mentioned above and rebooted my phone. after that also I am facing same issue hence i tried to perform same method again but now, my phone is not showing like those options which has shown earlier and not opening when i pressed three buttons together on second time. Can you please let me know how should I resolve this issue.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. sourav says:

    my micromax phone has permanently locked (pattern lock). Here the second method given above, how can i ON usb debbuging option on the phone, whereas it is locked.

  7. Santhosh says:

    i remember the google account password, but i am unable to turn on data or wifi. what to do for this?

    • paras tejani says:

      Dear Santosh,
      Same if the case with me..Please tell me whether you unlocked your phone or not.
      I would be honoured by your help.

    • Riyaz says:

      Make a call to you phone from another number, when call is connected drop down upper menu(where date/time/battery/network status shows) and go to settings, there you can enable Data Connection and after enabling data connection disconnect the call and click on forgot pattern and put your gmail id & password and follow the instructions…………….. I unlocked my A114

  8. lokesh says:

    My phones half of the battery is consumed when my phone is on idle .wat to do save my battery..

  9. mukesh says:

    sir how to unlock too many pattern attempts micromax a60

  10. Please help me micromax A60 is locked and i have used google account not working

  11. pradnya patankar says:

    i have micromax a61 which got switched off during unlocking (patttern) i am trying to switch on but it only shows micromax bolt logo and optimizing apps and starting apps but it does not start the charging is full i also tried to connect it to pc but it does not connect? help please

  12. sumedha says:

    my mmx canvas a72 is locked and i don`t have my data connection switched on…….help me out with ths problem. and can u just tell me how to turn ON usb debbuging option on the phone, whereas it is locked.

    • Some people always turn the Debugging mode ON so the method works for them only.

    • rahul g chaturkar says:

      my mmx canvas a 72 is locked and i don`t have my data connection switched on …help me out with ths problem .and can u just tell me how to turn on usb debbuging option on the phone, whereas it is locked.

      • Rahul Mehta says:

        Contact any mobile repair shop and ask them to unlock your device.

        • shreya says:

          That is the last resort to the problem but will that erase my data of the phone too?
          i am a user of turbo A250. please suggest.

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Yes. You can try the second method If you want to save your data. FOLLOW THE STEPS PROPERLY.

  13. Sameer Pandey says:

    Thanks You your Idea really Work,,,, I done it….Thank again

  14. vitrag says:

    my micromax turbo canvas doesn’t connect to pc ,when i try to connect it just charge the mobile ,please help

  15. Davis says:

    great it worked

  16. akash agrawal says:

    I have completed the rebooting process in canvas hd but i am unable to select option. I can navigate from one option to another but not able to select them. Plz help me why…

  17. nits says:

    Pattern lock in micromax canvas A111…
    I remember Google a/c password.. BT data connection off so it says invalid PW or ac…
    So what should I hav to do for unlocking my cell without losing data

  18. kartik says:

    awesome tips solve my problem

  19. harkishan says:

    i have problem with my cell.
    too many pattern attempts! by my child in micromax canvas a72
    I remember Google a/c password.. But data connection is off.
    so it says invalid id or password.
    So what should I have to do for unlocking my cell without losing data.
    pls guide me…

    • admin says:

      The first method won’t work with your device as it runs on Android 2.3. You can get it unlocked from any repair shop. Btw you can save data by trying the second method.

  20. nepali jam says:

    how to hard reset micromax a67….i hav try but cant to do this

  21. rajiv says:

    my phone micromex A 111 doodle patteren locked my google operate on laptop but on my phone not unlock the phone but my wifi and data connection is off pls tell how i unlock my phone

  22. suresh chandra says:

    my micromax mobile a61 is locked & after many trial, not unlocked. finally it displaying “Android is upgrading , optimizing app 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3. then starting app”. then display goes off. Again & again repeating the massage. kindly tell me how I could overcome problem.


  23. vikas says:

    after selecting reboot option or wipe option logo of android is sleeping in green colour .. above logo red colour triangle with ! this sign .. what should i do .. is this right

  24. rahul says:

    Please help me my Micromax canvas viva A72 Petter lock forgettforgery give me Idia please vastly rply

  25. gopal upadhyay says:

    my micromax A72 canvas viva was locked after too many pattern atempts…… now it was not opened by mentioning email n passwrd of my google acount hey …plz help me out to reset it ..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The first method won’t work for your phone. Is data connection ON? You can try the second method. If still issue persists visit any mobile repair shop or micromax service center.

  26. girish.r says:

    my micromax a11o was locked with pattern lock first i rebooted my phone but its not unlocked then i used debug my phone with computer i have installed drivers i tried to unlock but i dont understanding how to lock please help me

  27. sumathi says:

    thank u very was a timely solution

  28. krishna says:

    sir very very thank u for ur currect answer.

  29. $w@pnil Badgujar says:

    thanks alot the procedure has worked and my phone is working
    thank u very much

  30. Anirudh Agrawal says:

    Thanks It worked

  31. sanjeev says:

    I need ur help !!!!
    My micromax bolt a36 have been pattern locked… please help.. Me out… i will be very thank full of u..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If the phone comes with Android OS below 4.0.4, then try following the second method otherwise contact the service center or mobile repair shop.

  32. richa says:

    how can i unblock number which i blocked before some days?please help me.

  33. richa says:


  34. Pramod Nayak says:

    Very Good Answer.

  35. Moromi Roy says:

    Thank you..Rahul…my son unfortunately locked my canvas A110 …Fortunately got your post….thank you once again…keep sending us the good work…

  36. SANJAY says:

    Dear Sir

    How to unlock pattern Lock of my Micromax A35 BOLT

    please help me immediately.

    Thanks & Regards


  37. Taha Imran Sunelwala says:

    sir my micromax A67 is being lock by too many pattern attempt what to do now???????????????????????

  38. mohamed syed yaseen says:

    does canvas lite supports the above procedure especially step : 1

  39. irfan says:

    hi thanks a lot it worked for me but dont forget to remove your sd card and sim card thanks a lot

  40. Om Mishra says:

    hey ,plss tell me how to on development on my micromax bolt A075

  41. satyabrata naikj says:

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    If it post wouldn’t be there then my parents would have killed as I forgot my pattern on the very day , my father bought it ! Thank You soo much again…………:):):):):):)

  44. Senan D.K says:

    Please help me…. I’hve changed the password of my phone and I can’t remember now….. I tried the hard reset method but it only restarts my phone. It’s Model No. is Micromax X455. M_IMEI : 911237858534338 and S_IMEI : 911237858534346 . Please help -ME-……….

  45. Arjun says:

    It can’t work on canvas doodle A111. Please help…

  46. RAJU JAISWAL says:

    superbbbbbbbbb thanks u ……….

  47. vedpathak santosh says:

    thnx rahul ,your first method works on my micromax canvas to unlock pattern………thnx again!

  48. prasham says:

    Micromax A110 Canvas2. Phone locked due to too many Patterns. Asking Gmail & Password, but no data/wifi connection. Incoming calls are received. Please help.

  49. In the second method, you say go to Settings—turn on usb debugging. When phone is locked, how can one go to Settings. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  50. rohit1987 says:

    Please help me to unlock micro ex bless mt500

  51. ANILV SAUNT says:

    Thanks Riyaz for the solution. I have unlocked my Micromax Canvas E313, with your solution.

  52. Bappy kumbhakar says:

    yarr bhai mmx q414…..
    how to forget pin code….
    plzz help mee.:-) 🙂 .:-) …

  53. nicceee ..worked on my device.

  54. lalit dwivedi says:

    thankx to u all my cell phone worked i love u all from last nite my mind is not working what to do but now i am feeling very happy thank u so much.

  55. Choudhary Mushtaq Ahmad Blote says:

    I tries very best to open my Google account but so many attempts I fails to do, kindly help me so that I can easily open or sign in my Google account for restoring back my contacts and all data.

  56. rajat says:

    Hi this I rajat.

    I have micromaxx Q402 . I forgot my pattern lock . So I rebooted my device . But now its asking for the previous google account . And I don’t remember that. I just remember the email , and I tried the to recover the gmail account but I could not because i don’t remember the alternate email, my phone is asking for previous account , if I use any other account , it says use any your previous account or try after 24 hours . I tried after 24 hours with different account but its still saying the same thing. I don’t know what to do. Please help . My humble request . I cant use my phone because unless the passes this process it would not go further. Means I cant use my phone . There is not any option to skip this . So I can’t skip this . Plz help

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