How to Root Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 Without PC

Our readers requested the guide to Root Canvas doodle so here we are presenting the easiest way through which you can root your doodle device even without PC. No need of installing any tool to your PC and connecting your device to it. On our site beside the rooting details you can check all the updates regarding MMX devices. Well Canvas Doodle is an another great addition to the fast growing Canvas series and this phone has some entry level hardware and it is a mid-range phone, read the specifications here.

Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 Rooting Guide

Before following the rooting guide get to know some of the basic stuff and the necessity of rooting your device. The guide will let you Root Canvas doodle running on 4.1 JellyBean.

  • What is rooting and what it does?

Rooting is simply adding complete user control over your device . It will install superuser app and binaries which will allow full control over your phone. Rooting won’t give your phone anything more but special apps with root permission can do wonder to your phone.
You can install new ROMs, modify your system, etc.

Rooting doesn’t wipe the data but on a safe note take backup of your personal data with a backup app.

  • Will I lose my warranty?

Your Phone’s warranty voids once you root your phone but you can unroot your phone and get warranty back .
Note : If you do heavy changes in your phone unrooting alone won’t help.

Ok Files we need
It can be done in the phone alone so no need of PC.

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Micromax Canvas Doodle Rooting Guide

1. Download this APK file and install it to your phone.

2. Open and select Gandalf exploit.

3. It will root and reboot

4. Done . To make sure your phone is rooted find superuser app  or try Root checker from Play store.


Please drop all your doubts and queries via the comment box provided below.


  1. Hari Kishore says:

    i am not able to get into WHATSAPP from my mobile.. pls help me

  2. sanjay rao says:

    Hi. I would like to know if Micromax is a safe buy. After quality, after sales service etc. Want to but a good android mobile around 15,000. Important for me are Rear Camera, good RAM,Processor, battery life, weight (lesser the better)
    4.5 inch would be ideal for my use. I liked Samsung Quattro though its 4.7″ only drawback is 0.3 front camera. So instead of paying 15K plus for it I thought of widening my range to 5″ and budget to 18k. I checked Magnus, Canvas 4 and Turbo. But reviews show that their camera’s though 8 – 13 MP are not really so good. Please help.

  3. sanjay rao says:

    Saw Samsung S4 mini too. liked it only price 22,000 plus, so again I felt might as well go in for 5″ Micromax. Front camera should be atleast 1MP. Though I won’t be using it so much, or atleast not using as of now. I am currently using Nokia X6 8GB. Like the mobile. But very less RAM so cant use anything else with Whats App on. Screen little small. So want to move up to 4″ plus.

    • Go For Canvas Turbo, no lagging issue nothing. Best for clicking images. the phone is packed with loads of features into it. You can read the specifications of this phone on our site.

  4. what are the disadvantages of rooting the canvas doodle please admin can u tell me should I root it or not ???????

  5. Dear ADMIN,
    I have canvas doodle A111,
    My mobile heats up from back when some charging is done or while using internet,

    My rear camera option is lost I m only able to see front camera working rear camera option not available

    Tried factory reset many times. But same

    Mic romax care is closed @gandhidhan,

    Pls help me as m not able to even update my 4.1 old version

    Micromax care number always seems busy I tried 50 times

  6. aditya says:

    this is not working on my doodle.

    • Any error being displayed or what? Please drop more details

      • aditya says:

        after selecting option mentioned it did’nt reboot. infact no action was taken after selecting the option u mentioned an when i rebooted this was the same

  7. Mandar Bhavsar says:

    Admin, I wish to root my doodle. Can you tell me what changes you made to your phone after rooting? I’m aware of greenify app to delete all the bloatwares. Anything else you did? Also how to unroot n get the warranty back?

  8. tahbau says:

    This is now working for my A111. The Framaroot application just closes after I click on Gandalf. My device has the following specs:
    Android 4.1.2
    Kernel v: 3.4.0
    built: micromax_a111_v01_130641

    I tried tied to use Framaroot-1.4.2 and Framaroot-1.6.0.. but non of these work…

  9. Sanjay says:

    I purchased this phone 2 months ago, it looks good but there are few minor problems like:
    1. It gets shut down automatically.
    2. While charging the sensor works automatically, call goes so without my consent, photos get delete and does allow me the sensor to work as I want, it works automatically.
    3. The processor is slow, when I install more apps, it runs very slow. Can the processor could be upgraded to 1GB?

    Please let me know to how to fix these issues?

  10. prasanna says:

    is a111 (doodle) is upgradable to 4.2 or 4.3 and if so tell me how to upgrade bcoz i don’t have software update option on my setting plzz help me

  11. dhanishta says:

    sir ..
    my phone when i click gandalf exploit it waits for some seconds and comes back to home screen..and some times it says
    exploit failed please try any other exploit..please help me out.. as i really longing to root the phone…

  12. Manikandan says:

    I am using micromax canvas doodle but net using time hanged for mobile how to rectify the problem

  13. sourabh kumar says:

    I rooted my doodle no warranty …so how do i unroot it again?

  14. sourabh kumar says:

    I rooted my doodle no warranty …so how do i unroot it again? Is it the same procedure as rooting? Or there is some different method.

  15. shashank says:

    How could I upgrade my canvas doodle’s android 4.1 to 4.2 or latest………?

  16. khadiza says:

    m using micromax doodle A111 …it shuts down automatically while using internet, playing video, watchng live tv… please help me out…what do i do now???

  17. Atul says:

    I am unable to root using Framaroot , when i select ganadalf it waits for 5-6 seconds, and then automatically closes and comes on the main screen..
    plz tell me some another method to root my canvas doodle..!! 🙁

  18. khadiza says:

    one more question i hv… its about how to reduce no. of screens on micromax canvas doodle A111 ???????

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Not possible in stock ROM. Install any launcher and then you can reduce the number of screens.

  19. Rudauliboyz says:

    Framaroot is not working on Canvas doodle a111 any more. Use Vroot instead for rooting . CWM recovery is not available I guess ? there are few sites which is offering Custom recovery but tried them all none of them working.

  20. hetal chheda says:

    I want to know, how I can take back up of my Canvas doodle A111?

  21. ashok says:

    framaroot isn’t working on canvas doodle a111

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