How to use Facebook Free Voice Call Option on Android Phones

Facebook recently announced that they have added voice call feature to their Android and iOS app, that means you can now use the free call option through the app and call anyone in your friend list. I posted about this on our Facebook page if someone already have this info or not and noticed that people are still unaware of this. So, I decided to post about the same on the site. Nothing special is required you just need to update the Facebook app or the messenger app ‘official’ one only.

Facebook free calls on Android Phones

FYI the same service was launched back by Facebook in other countries like United states a year back. Not to forget some other instant messaging app like Wechat, Viber offer the same service.

There has been reports that Whatsapp will also come up with Voice Call feature soon. In India the data packs from the mobile operators are quite costly and as we all know the voice call consumes more data so keep a track on your mobile data also (internet pack). I read on online forums that the call quality is pretty good.

So if you want to use this new feature firstly download the Facebook app or the Facebook messenger app to your Android smartphone.

I tested this feature yesterday and called one of my friend but he didn’t pick that time so was not able to test the quality.

Voice Call option on Facebook Android App Steps:

Open messenger or messages on the Facebook app and Tap on the friend name. Now Tap on menu sensor button and chose Free Call option from the list and then. I have specified the same with the help of screenshots below.

I tried calling one of my friend first but he was offline that time and also he hasn’t installed the messenger app installed in his phone so ‘Free call’ option was not available in the list.

I guess the other person must also have this app on the phone unless Free call option would not be available.

Then I tried calling the one who has installed the messenger app and was online the time when I was testing this feature and successfully called him.

Voice Call option on Facebook App

Keep a track of your mobile data every time whenever you use this service.  Talking specifically about Micromax Android phones as we post only about Micromax phones, the feature would be available for all the Android phone from Micromax that supports the two apps Facebook officials one and the messenger app from Facebook.

Kindly share your doubts via a comment below and also share the feedback regarding the quality of Voice call through FB. We are looking forward to hear from you.


  1. Syed Zeeshan says:

    Thanks. I found the option, but no one updated app.

    • admin says:

      Even I didn’t update my app. I just suggested if anyone don’t find this option.

  2. AKASH says:

    Can i call any friend from friend list even he is offline.

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