How to Hide Pictures, Videos on Micromax Android Phones

So you bought an Android Phone, loaded many pics and videos into it and set up a security lock on the homepage but whenever anyone ask you to show your phone you usually open the home lock now where is the privacy? Android OS allows you to customize your phone fully, you can hide whatever you want. You can hide images, Videos from the gallery, File manager of your Micromax device easily with the help of an app. Hide Pics, Videos on Micromax Mobile Guide is depicted below.

Hide Images, Videos on Micromax Android Devices

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There are lots of app present in the play store which will let you hide the multimedia files present in your phone but which one to use? This question might be striking into your mind.

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Today I’ll let you know one of the most popular app which I use to hide all the multimedia files.

Hide Pictures – Hide It Pro For Micromax

The name suggests only Pictures but you can hide other things too and there are lots of plugins present through which you can lock other things like Messages, Music, apps, etc.

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  • Why I use Hide It app ?

First of all it creates an icon on the homepage named Audio Manager not ‘Hide it’. Isn’t that cool? No one would ever recognize that this is actually a totally different app.

How to Hide multimedia files on Micromax Mobiles?

Visit the Gallery and select the images or videos and select share from the options and share it with Audio Manager in a new folder or per existing folder. That’s it!

In Short Follow : Visit gallery–>Select Files–>Share with Audio Manager.

You can also set a password to Audio Manager aka Hide it so that other users won’t be able to even access your personal data.

Apps Screenshots:

Hide Pics videos on Micromax Phones with Hide it Pro App

This app will also let you hide all the 18+ data which you want to hide from others lol. Jokes apart it’s indeed a very useful app. In case you face any problem while operating this app comment below we will answer asap.

Also if you have any other app on your mind known for hiding multimedia files you can share with other readers of our site by commenting below.


  1. Manasa says:

    i Hav alredy usd tis above mentioned app..but i wanted to hide some numbers frm call log,& hide all msgs frm tat number. But what i faced is it din hide any assigned numbers frm call log but other than that it worked uninstalled it.

    • Ashish Mayekar says:

      Use “Vault” application. It is very good , but only problem is free app have limited space to hide messages. Just try it.

  2. Syed Zeeshan says:

    No need such a long process. just rename the file as starting with dot (.) the file will be hidden. Or change the file extension into any word. then the file will shown as unsupported file. If you want it just rename again with original extension. Don’t forget original file extension.

    If you want to see hidden file just select “show hidden files” from file manager in 3 Dotted options.


    for all apps you can lock with smartlock… works

  4. Manjunath says:

    turbo a250 not supporting the samurai game it very bad.because it is only 40mb game

  5. anup says:

    music quality of a63 is very poor.
    suggest me some free app for good music player.
    i try mostly all the player but no one work good..
    if you have any idea than tell me.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      don’t know about any free app, but I have used Poweramp which is one of the best.

  6. Chaitanya says:

    i tried this app…it worked…thanks

  7. mahima says:

    It shows error in creating folder.
    What to do?

  8. shruti says:

    I want “hide” my whatspp …. Not lock it … Is that possible …. Yes then … Suggest … Thanks 🙂

  9. shashant surendran says:

    How can i hide apps on my micromax canvas A114 ? Is there a way out ? Or how can i use audio manager to hide apps?

  10. how do i make a video album, using images on micromax A106. Or could u plz suggest any app for the same?

  11. Amol Phadke says:

    How to hide apps… Micromax.. It needs to be rooted… How to root a phone …is it a harmful…?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Which phone do you have? No, it doesn’t harm the device however your warranty gets void if you root your phone.

  12. rajesh dey says:

    Hi ,
    I am not getting the messaging icon in my Micromax Canvas XL2 mobile.Could anyone help me what to do for this

  13. arpita adhikary says:

    how to unhide my apps from my phone memory micromax canvas spark 2+


    Can not download any video from any site. Just show open with app like crome mxplayer webbrouser etc

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Maybe the site isn’t allowing you to, what are you trying to download and how?

  15. I have micromax canavas 1.tell me how can I hide or lock apps and photos in it without downloading any other app lock??

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check if any internal app lock is available in settings, if not you would have to use a third party app for it.

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