The Day I Played GTA III Game on My Micromax Canvas Smartphone

Why i bought Canvas 2 ? First of all i am a kind of guy who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on gadgets , i like medium priced gadgets and that’s one of the reason why i bought canvas 2 device . The next reason is the big 5-inch screen on which playing game and watching movies is a lot fun . With 1GHZ processor bundled in MMX canvas 2 , the phone is capable of running few high end games . GTA 3 was launched way back in 2012 and was priced at Rs. 270 approx . The game is available to buy from the official Google play store . GTA 3 is compatible with Micromax Canvas Smartphones .

GTA game on micromax canvas smartphones

We all have played Grand Theft Auto game on our personal computer and there are several editions of this game are present like vice city, San Andreas , China town , GTA 4 , etc but for our android platform only one edition is present which is GTA III . Despite of being paid at Google play store the game has got a quite good response from the users and has received more than a million downloads . Isn’t that amazing ?

Once you install the .apk file you need to download the data files of this game and this game is of approximate size – 660MB i guess . The officials have also stated that the users need to have at least 1GB of free space before installing Grand Theft Auto III . I installed this game few months back and i play this game on regular basis to complete the missions allotted πŸ˜‰

Grand Theft Auto GTA 3 on Micromax Canvas Device : Canvas 2

One day i saw my friend playing this game on his Canvas HD device , i asked him how did you get this game on your phone ? Is it compatible with canvas 2 ? He said Yes and that day i bought the game from the Google play store . The game works fairly on my phone but still it hangs a bit sometimes . So it’s kind of frustrating some times when this game hangs on my phone . The graphics are awesome , the missions are way very interesting . No such guidelines needed to learn how to play this game . Every thing is displayed on the screen .

Though Cheats aren’t available on the android mobile version but still it’s great to play this game on the Phone . Some people also advice to play this game after rebooting the phone . Close all unwanted apps before playing this game .

I’m posting some of the screenshots of this game played on Canvas 2 smartphone .

GTA III On canvas 2 smartphone

You can get this game without spending a single penny from the web but i would advice you to buy this game from official source . Please support the developers , Say NO TO PIRACY πŸ™‚ . So this was just my experience of playing GTA 3 on my Micromax canvas device .

If you face any kind of issue while installing or playing this game .You can share it with us we’ll answer with a solution asap .


  1. Pritesh Patil says:

    I am unable to download this GTA game in my swipe fablet f3. Do u have any suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Visit the play store and check whether this game is compatible with your phone or not .

  2. vinay says:

    hey,i’m using my nokia lumia 520 windows 8 phone. . . And i wanna know does gta a supports the phone . . . Could you tell me . . . Please

  3. francis says:

    Can I can get it for free on canvas2

  4. how to download gta game in canvas hd….pls provide with steps or tutorials…..also advice how to buy paid games in play store

  5. thanks admin 4 yr reply……ill tried searching dis game but not getting….only gets gta 3 cheats etc…pls help me…

    • So according to play store this game isn’t compatible with your phone. I too faced the same problem but one of my friend transferred the apk file and the data files to my phone and it worked on my canvas 2. This game is compatible with your canvas HD.

  6. What is the price we have to pay for this game

  7. Kick Ass says:

    Dude, I have a CANVAS MUSIC, when I install and open my GTA III it gives a error “GTA III is unfortunately closed” any solution? [AND PLEASE DON’T GIVE ME THE ADVICE TO BUY IT FROM GOOGLE PLAY, I DO NOT HAVE A CREDIT CARD]

    • Okay i won’t ask you to buy it. There can be various reasons behind this, Close all the unwanted apps or clean up the RAM and then start the game.

  8. shubham.rai says:

    Does gta3 is supported . On canvas vivacious a72 ,pleas reply fast

  9. Witch phone is good canvas HD or canvas 4.
    Kinda kharidu in dono m s.
    Kya HD m ya 4 m compass kaam karat a h ya nahi.
    Or Jones phone s video call Mar sakate h ya video call ka opt. Aata h.
    mujhe canvas HD kharidana chahiye Jo lagabhag 13000 – 14000. M as jayega ya for canvas 4 Jo +4000 karake as jayega.
    agar m 1 month intza karu to kya canvas HD ya canvas 4 ki rate kam hone ki ummid h ya nahi

  10. Karan Singh seth says:

    I cannot play big games on my canvas 2 A110…due to insufficient ram…..
    There is a application on play store called RAM EXPANDER .which increases Ram on the device via its SD CARD .

    So using such a application, can increase the Ram in my canvas 2?

    • Hi Karan
      My c2 runs GTA smoothly, and regarding that RAM expander i don’t think these kind of apps really work but you can give it a try. Rooting may help.

  11. Karan Singh seth says:

    I have tried it …and it works….just requires memory card ,SWAP IT Ram Expander …available on Google play ..and rooted phone or tab ..

  12. shubham rai says:

    Does gta vice city run on Micromax canvas viva can run gta 3

    • @shubham – don’t know about that. You can give it a try and inform us whether it worked on your phone or not. BTW the size of the game is almost double as compared to GTA 3

  13. Hi Misbah
    We don’t delete comments of our readers. The comments are first reviewed and then approved.

    Regarding GTA game, i don’t have any clue about the cheat codes. Can you drop some more details? Cheat code details?

    • Yeah.. Sure!
      To enter the cheat codes, you need to download Game Keyboard from Play Store or from wherever you like.
      Then, you’ve to set a button (e.g. Volume Key) which when pressed during the game lets the Game Keyboard pop out and you can write in the Cheat Codes.
      To do this you need to set Game Keyboard as the default keyboard. But there’s nothing to worth about all this because after you download Game Keyboard, all the instructions to perform the next step are given by the Game Keyboard.

  14. what are the requirements of GTA 3 on android..And can I play it on canvas fun a74?

  15. Pulak Debasish says:

    Will it work on mmx a63??

  16. Hi can i run all high end games wit gr8 graphics on Micromax magnus smoothly
    like GTA 3, Vice city, Nova 3 etc

  17. soumik says:

    can i play this in canvas 2 plus???? plz rply

  18. mitesh says:

    can it will run in micromax canvas fun A74

  19. shreyas says:

    hi admin …..plz can u send me the apk link of dis game so i can download it easily plz

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Shreyas,

      It’s a paid game so I can’t provide the .apk file of this game. Support the developers and buy it from the play store. #suggestion

  20. shreyas says:

    but rahul look …first of all when i serch the vice city game den it shows dat our phone is not compatible with your device so now wat to do??

  21. udena says:

    Can i play gta 3 for canves fun a74

  22. pravesh thakran says:

    can I play GTA 3 or vice city on my spice mi436 and on karbon A99 plus

  23. Pallob says:

    Hey , If I transfer this game from my friends computer, can I play this in my canvas 2 A110 ???

  24. Prithvi says:

    I want to buy a best gaming phone under 25000 .which 1 should i buy.?

  25. Admin can u plz advice me best camera and gaming fone under 9000

  26. Nitin K. Bherwani says:

    Will Samsung Galaxy Core Prime support GTA games..???

  27. kailash says:

    Hey! Can i play gta3 on micromax unite 2?

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