Download Google Assistant for Micromax & YU Android Phones

Android users always wanted to have Siri like assistant for their phones and I remember I previously had searched many a times for Siri if it was available for Android. I did get few apps on Play store at that point of time however almost all of them were not useful much. Google Assistant was first made available with Google Allo and later with Pixel devices it came standalone. On 5 October 2017, Google launched Assistant app for all the Android phones officially running on Marshmallow, Nougat,etc.

Google Assistant for Micromax and YU Android

You can simply access the app by saying ‘OK Google’ or by pressing and holding the home key. You can get few things done for yourself through this assistant and I am sure Google will be working continuously on improving this and adding new functionalities as well.

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With Google Assistant, you can get following things done:

  1. Set alarms and reminder, either you can use specific keywords that you see on the app itself or simply say “set an alarm at 5AM tomorrow” (just an example).
  2. Make calls, texts, etc.
  3. Click a selfie, indeed needed 😀
  4. Play music via Google Music, YouTube, etc.
  5. Show Photos (Via Google Photos).
  6. Navigation to places.
  7. Weather Information.
  8. Updates on News.

Before downloading, You need to have Google Search app updated till v7.11 or higher.

Google Assistant can be downloaded via Play store directly, go to Play store and search for Google Assistant and before you download go through this Google Assistant site to get more details on this.

Download Google Assistant Now

Since this is the first release by the company expect few bugs in it, one of the bugs that I could notice is that the app doesn’t respond to the commands sometimes. For example, When I asked the app to set alarm for me it didn’t even respond, it just kept on loading however after sometime it started working properly.

Make sure you have an active internet connection to let this app work efficiently.

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