Download Google Allo Messaging App for Micromax & YU Phones

Google launched its Allo messaging app yesterday (21st September 2016) and it has created a huge buzz online mainly due to its smart assistant equipped with this application, it will be directly competing with the current IM market topper such as Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, Viber, etc. Google has not included video calling facility with this app instead a separate Google Duo is there which is also now available.

Google Allo Logo

Google Allo and Duo were open for pre-registration some time back and yesterday after its official launch this IM is now publicly available to be downloaded for Android and iOS devices. Since Micromax and YU devices run on Android OS hence both the device can be installed on them. 

Google Allo is currently compatible with Android devices running on Android 4.1 and above, the app is receiving mixed reviews from the users as we could check on Play store.

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Google Allo Features:

  1. Smart Reply: Smart reply feature is there, the system suggests smart replies as our keyboard suggests such as Swiftkey keyboard. The app might use chats to suggest smart replies. Anyways, this will be useful for people who don’t like to type often.
  2. Now, users can adjust the size of the text being sent. This feature is now available on Whatsapp as well.
  3. While sending the photo you can edit it with doodles and text.
  4. Tons of stickers, just like we have stickers on Hike which are very good. In the same way you would be able to see stickers on this app which makes conversation funnier and interesting.
  5. Google Personal Assistant: It is a robot which replies to our messages and is equipped with a search engine within. You can ask this assistant for any help in locating nearby places, Movie show time, ATM and much more. This is quite helpful. Just add @google in the conversation along with the query and your Assistant will be back with a response.
  6. Incognito Mode: This enables end to end encryption, you can get the chats deleted automatically w.r.t set time frame. Private notification facility is also there.

Google Allo Features

The above image is sourced from Allo listing on play store.

Google Allo for Micromax and YU Phones

The app can be downloaded for Micromax and YU phones running on Android 4.1 and above. Just give it a try and keep using it if you like, otherwise you already have various options.

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