How to track Unknown Phone Numbers on Micromax Android Phone

In today’s date it is very easy for a person to find any unknown number. There are various apps available online which can help one in tracking the phone number. Even Micromax phones supports all kind of phone number identifying applications available on Google play store as all the phone of the popular Micromax company runs on latest android operating system and processor which deliver excellent performance without any glitch.

Track unknown numbers on Micromax

Today we will list some of the best apps which one can download and identify the unknown number. Basically the applications shows the name associated with the contact number from their database. Only the name and the physical location (city/state) not the complete address.

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These apps stores your contacts on their database and this is the reason how they are able to pull the name associated with the contact number. If you don’t want to share your contacts with the app make sure you switch off the option of sharing the phone numbers while installing the app. You can also turn off the option as well by visiting the settings of the app.



It is one of the most popular apps which is used by the users all over the globe. It provides the easiest platform to search contact numbers and even block them. Moreover it can easily identify the incoming calls so that one can know who exactly the caller is. Apart from that it accommodates various features like:

  • One gets to know about the number even when you haven’t added the contact in your phone book.
  • One can tweet or follow the person on twitter and that too by directly using truecaller.
  • Phonebook is kept organized since each contact is up dated with their current information from the social networking sites.


True contact:

It is a caller ID and reverses phone service which delivers extremely fast and reliable performance. It provides various features like:

  • Contacts are updated automatically according to the latest information on one’s social networking site.
  • Contacts will be added automatically to the phone book.
  • One can also find the locations with the help of worldwide caller Geo-location service.


Mobile Number and phone location:

  • This app provided the info about the incoming call location, mobile contacts, mobile number and any phone number associated with it.
  • If one wants to block any number, he/she can easily do with the help of this app.
  • It will not just identify the number but will also show the telephone operator of the mobile or landline phone number.
  • The best part is you can change the themes according to your choice.
  • One can also get the information of the last time when they contacted that telephone or mobile number.
  • It is of 5.7M in size.


White pages caller ID and Block app:

  • It is considered as the best app to block, call ID or Text ID.
  • With advanced spam detection one can stop the unwanted incoming calls.
  • According to the latest information on twitter, facebook and Linkedin, contact book will be updated automatically.
  • With the help of call block, various unwanted calls like that of spam calls, telemarketer and scams can be blocked.
  • The size of this app varies with the handset being used.


Caller ID-Call Blocker:

  • It is on number #45 as the most downloaded app on Google play store.
  • It block calls from spam caller, one ring scam spammer
  • By customizing your personal greeting card, one will never forget anybody’s birthday.


So these are some of the application which you can download on your Micromax smartphone and these apps will help you find the name of the phone number. BTW, Truecaller now comes pre-installed on all Micromax Android phones.


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