Download Gallery, File Manager app & Drivers for Canvas A1

Micromax canvas A1 is the first Android one smartphone by Micromax in collaboration with Google. The phone features quite decent specs as compared to its price and Google has guaranteed 2 years of regular software updates to all of its Android one smartphones range. The phone run on sock Android 4.4.2 kitkat operating system (totally pure Android).

Micromax Canvas software downloads

As stated above the phone runs on stock Android 4.4.2 operating system hence it doesn’t includes few of the useful application however you can install the apps later on.

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One of the app which isn’t present in the phone by default is the gallery and the other one is the file manager. Gallery shows the media files such as images, videos in a well designed way and yes it is one of the most used app on the phone. A user can have access to all the videos and images through the gallery option and can take actions on the media files as well. The actions include copy, cut, send, etc.

There are various gallery apps present on the play store and below we have listed the most popular ones.

Gallery Apps for Micromax Canvas A1:

  1. Gallery KK – Gallery ICS
  2. QuickPic


Also, Google photos is available on the canvas A1 (AQ4501) device however I personally didn’t like it, if you’re satisfied with it there is no need to download any additional app for gallery then.

The file manager app is also not present on the device and you would not be able to check the data and files present in the device without it. To check the files/data present in the external SD card and the internal one download any file manager app from the play store. Below we have listed the most popular File manager apps available on play store.

File Manager Apps for Micromax Canvas A1:

  1. File Manager (Explorer)
  2. ES File Explorer File Manager
  3. File Manager HD (Explorer)


Download Drivers for Micromax Canvas A1

Coming to the drivers part for Micromax Android One, users can download the drivers by going through this link. The drivers are in .zip format, make sure you have winzip or any other software to extract the files from zip file.


  1. Chiranjeev Das says:

    Actually I have deleted my camera widget by mistakenly that was preloaded on home screen of Micromax Nitro a310. How can I get back that.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If only the widget is deleted, you can get it back from menu. Tap and hold on the app icon to the home screen.

  2. Shubham Sharma says:


  3. my micromax A1 camera was nothing to open Then how can i get them back

  4. Rahul Mehta, Can i have Canvas Hue Stock Launcher apk

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I don’t have the .apk file with me, can you please Google/XDA the same? If you’d not be able to find it get back to me I will try to get it for you.

  5. JHANTU GHOSH says:

    HELLO,i buy a Micromax Canvas A1 is 2 sim use ble but that no cdm sim use, Micromax Canvas A1 1 sim is cdma?????replay me?

  6. Rini roy chowdhury says:

    I buy micromax canvas A1.How do I download different games in my mobile?

  7. hello, some settings were changed in my mobile because of this theme also changed. so please tell me how to change themes in micromax AQ4501.

    • Rajeev says:

      Just go to settings in that go to display inside that go to Wallpaper and set to anyone

      U are in KitKat or lolipop???

  8. karthick says:

    hai i have won the new micromax a1. don’t show the file manager. how to solve ?

  9. Does Micromax Canvas A1 have a Voice Recorder?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      While you’re on a call press the options sensor and see if the option is present or not. If not, install a third party app for call recording.

  10. RUHI KHAN says:


  11. Varatha Raman says:

    May I know how to install file manager in micromax canvas A1 android one mobile and the other thing is that my internet is also is there any solution for problems

  12. hey my micromax canvas a1 is unable to install any .apk files (its not a space issue as i have 1.6gb fre space) every time i go to install an apk it takes me to the install screen but the ‘install’ button doesnt work but surprisingly the ‘cancel’ button works. How do i resolve this issue?any clues?

  13. Rajeev says:

    I have updated my phone from KitKat to lolipop but now it is creating some problem like hanging sometime and most of time its fm radio is creating problem what i will do ??

  14. Lovely tanwar says:

    i just got a new micromax canvass A1 AQ4501,,By mistak i have deletd dialer from my home screen,how can i get it back on home screen?? Please reply..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Pick it from menu, Tap and hold the icon and place it on your home screen. If you have deleted the system’s dialer from your phone then you need to download it again. Try downloading any third party app for the same.

  15. Ravi Prasad says:

    When I connect my phone to Laptop, I am not able to see neither the phone nor the SD card in it. Earlier I could see it in File Manager in the Laptop, but now I cant see it. Can anyone help?

  16. ankush singh says:

    i just updated marsmallow os on my canvas a1 AQ4501 but battry drainig so much how can i fixed it please help me

  17. I want to install default file manager of xpress 2 in mycanvacanvas a1

  18. Priyanka Patil says:

    On my micromax canvas A1 if i take a snap it gets compressed vertically pics…whats the solution..?

  19. Hello, i am using micromax canvas 2. The problem is i am not able to download any images from google or from any other social sites. It alwqys pops up with “failed” how can i solve this problem. Help me out

  20. jim marak says:

    After resetting my AQ4501 to factory settings, I’m unable to view PDF files or any files like word, excel etc. I’m on marshmallows os. Can I know what’s the problem and it’s solution.
    N.B: I tried installating third party pdf reader apps, but they too don’t work

  21. Om Prakash says:

    I am unable to connect my Canvas A1 to PC due to lack of USB drivers,in the device manager it shows that USB driver not installed…how can i resolve this issue???

  22. khushal says:

    My camera showing “error” can’t connect to camera what I do

  23. How to change images storage from internal memory to sd card in micromax a1 aq4502
    tht i want whenever i click pic by camera it goes internal memory or phone memory by default . i want to save or chnge the memory to sd card so tht i click pic by camera it could go or save to sd card by default.
    pleas help me out. ASAP

  24. Ankur pachauri says:

    i delete my 5 camera widget (photo video selfie frontback stable) by mistakenly that was preloaded on home screen of Micromax Nitro a310. How can I get back that.

  25. puneeth m says:

    How can i set storage path in canvas Android one AQ4502 in camera that all photos are storing to internal memory please help me

  26. manish thakur says:

    My camera is not working e311 back cmfix is not working camera not working..formatting the not working how can i fix it

  27. manish thakur says:

    Micromax e311,set back camera my apps camera app is not showing in settings >apps>all apps is not showing

  28. Yogendra Shukla says:

    My settings icon is missing in micromax A1 any setting of my phone is not opening due to this.?


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