Download Pokemon Go for Micromax & YU Android Phones

Pokemon go has created a lot of buzz and has managed to become an international phenomenon. But there are still many people who have not yet played this game.Pokemon Go is a mobile game based on a classic TV series and Video game with the name Pokemon. It is based on augmented reality and uses the GPS and camera of your smartphone while playing the game. Recently only Company behind this game i.e Niantic was trying to make a global roll out of this game but they had to halt their plans due to heavy load on servers.

Pokemon Go for Micromax YU Phones

This game is also in the lime light because of the casualties which it has created. Because of the increasing craze of this game people find them stuck in between dangerous trespassing, distracted pedestrian, falling off a cliff in California, etc. while catching the Pokemons. Though many of these news has turn out to be just hoax.

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About Pokemon go:

It is the most popular game in which a player can train, catch, trade or battle Pokemons in rear world. It uses the real location so that one can go deep and search for the Pokemons. It includes more than 100 species of Pokemons and a player first has to select a trainer then they have the leverage of selecting the clothing and apparel of their trainer so that they can look cool. As you go on playing game, the level of game will increase and at higher level one will be able to catch more powerful Pokemons.

Moreover this game let one search the Pokemons in real location. One capture digital creature with the help of camera and GPS and mostly these digital creatures or items are found at “Poke stops” which are mostly located at the real landmarks.

How to Download Pokemon Go on Micromax or YU Phone?

Niantic has not yet announced this game in India; but there are many third-party websites that are giving access to the keen users to access the apk file. One can download the link of this game through apkmirror and we are providing the link below as well – Download Now

  • Once you click on this link then on the website you can find the download apk button.
  • Just click on that button and apk file will be downloaded on your smart phone.
  • Once it is download you can select your trainer can style them according to your choice and you are good to go. Catch’em all!!!

Official website of Pokemon Go.


  1. Sachin says:

    I am using micromax spark which is running on 1 GB RAM and Android lollipop 5.0. I downloaded the game from APK Mirror. When I run it, it displays the Niantic logo and suddenly my phone restarts. This happens every time I launch the game.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Try downloading thee previous version from apkmirror – v2.0.2.90.

  2. Ayansh Singh says:

    I own a micromax nitro with enough requirements but when I tap on the pokemon the camera doesn’t work and nothing happens. What’s this bug fix?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Try upgrading/downgrading the app that you’re using OR check Pokemon Go app’s permission in settings. Allow the app to use your phone’s camera.

  3. vishal sharma says:

    iav download this game so many time
    it hangs my phone after deleting
    now my mobile yu yuniqe hanging still
    but certainly i like this game
    plz let me know how to resolve it

  4. amey says:

    Sir , i have micromax canvas 2 plus with android 4.2
    So is there any version of pokemon go available that can support my mobile specs
    If yes plz forward me the download link

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Google it – Pokemon Go latest version apkmirror and download it from the same site.

  5. Nirmal Parmar says:

    I am using canvas 2.2 a114. When i downloaded pokemon go it shows parsing error. Please reply.

  6. shourya says:

    Pokemon Go doesn’t work on My Canvas 4
    how to fix it?

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