Download Micromax PC Suite for Micromax Canvas & Bolt Phones

Micromax has released various phones in its canvas as well as bolt series. Micromax has become the 14th largest mobile manufacturer in the world while ranking second in India. Although in 2014 the market share of Micromax has reduced a bit due to the intrusion of many mobile companies in India but still Micromax is able to rank #2 in term of sales. Today we would be discussing about one of the important thing which is used by most of the users – Micromax PC Suite used for various work as mentioned in the below post.

Micromax PC SuiteMicromax PC suite is just like other PC suite available for mobile phones that allow users to get more control over their device and provides them advanced usage of the device.

To be frank, Micromax PC suite doesn’t provide much options, nothing special in the PC suite. If we compare it with the Samsung PC studio (also known as Samsung Kies) the MMX PC suite is not up to the mark. Samsung Kies provides various options to the users which should be present in Micromax PC suite too but unfortunately it’s not present there.

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The interface doesn’t look nice and provides few options like Messaging, Phone book, settings, MMS, File manager that’s it. No option available for software upgrades, data backup etc.

Use of Micromax Mobile PC Suite

  1. Micromax PC suite can be used to connect PC to the mobile thus making file transfer easy. The same can be done by connecting MMX device with PC using USB cable (mass storage). So in this case it is of no use.
  2. The tool allow users to create the backup of the contacts present in the phone. The same can be done by using any SMS backup app on Micromax device and then transferring the contacts to the other storage device (PC/Laptop).
  3. With the message option in the PC suite for Micromax, users can check all the messages present in the phone and also send SMS directly from computer/laptop.
  4. File Manager option allows users to share media files or create backup of the files present in the device. Users can transfer files from computer to the device and vice-versa.
  5. The main use of this tool is that it allow the users to make use of the mobile phone in using internet from the device on the computer or Laptop. Users just have to connect the device and use internet on the computer using the Micromax device. For this the users need to create the Dial Up connection which can be created by heading towards the settings option and then ‘create connection’. Cross check the APNs present in the create connection option with the one present in your phone.

Download Micromax PC Suite

Micromax PC suite is compatible with Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. When you would be trying to use internet from Micromax phone on the computer with Windows XP make sure you already have modem drivers, for rest of the windows OS the PC suite will work without any additional download requirement.

Users can download PC suite for Micromax phones from here.

Let us know if you have any doubt or questions regarding the same via a comment below.


  1. i want to take a contacts backup from micromax mobile how i can take it. please help…….

  2. Hey,Its really Very Simple to connect ur Micromax phone to PC / Laptop for de perpose of using internet . I like it !!! Try it using USB Tethering.

  3. viney says:

    can we use pc network on phone using pc suite

  4. Ngawang says:

    The USB tethering option available in my setting is off and cannot make it on.. how can i turn the option on and enable it.? i desperately want it to transfer files from mobile to laptop and vice versa.

  5. Anubhav says:

    Folks, I need to transfer my contacts from samsung phone to canvas knight…Can someone assist please

  6. Hutesh Kumar says:

    Rahul, when I connect my Nitro A310 with PC it does not show my SD card (internal or External) on my PC screen. I am trying it on Windows xp, Windows 7. I connect with service center but they replied that it connects with Windows 8 & 7 only. Is it true. Can you help me in this regard. I will be thankful to you.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      There can be issues with the drivers, do one thing download and install your device drivers to your PC and try again.

  7. N B Panjwani says:

    Rahul, when I connect my mt500 to PC via USB cable, I cannot see my mob in Micromax PC suite. Also, i cannot see any contents of mt500 in PC suite. Secondly, I want to know if USB drivers are a available for mt500 with its front and back camera? Regards.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Just checked on official site, the drivers aren’t available. When you connect your device with your PC, any message or pop up that appears on the screen?

  8. M.Anand says:

    Can I do a “Restore Factory Default Settings” using this PC Suite?

  9. sagar says:

    Rahul, when I connect my canvas spark q380 with PC it does not show my phone (internal or External) memory in my computer.i have use _ connect as “media device (MTP)”….but it does not work. I also use the second option but unfortunately it also of no use as it is showing only camera folder and i can only transfer file from phone to pc not pc to phone…is it because it support usb OTG….please help me what should i do…

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      When you’re connecting your phone to PC does your PC show a dialog box on the screen? Is any folder showing under my computer when you connect your device? Let me know. If not,try installing the drivers first to your computer. Drivers can be downloaded using this link:

      • harshraj says:

        hi rahul plz help me my micromax bolt a27 touch is not working and i want all my contacts in my laptop sir plz help me 🙁

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Backup your device and your contacts will be saved then, look for backup guides.

  10. Priytam kumar says:

    can we use internet threw the suite… connecting mobile…..

  11. kime nado says:

    When I connect USB cable on my juice phone doesn’t show any options regarding USB phone gets charged automatically..I use Windows 7 and PC suite you shown above doesn’t work too..please I need to transfer my data on my laptop.. Help!!

  12. jithin says:

    i can update my phone using this pc suite?

  13. Gajender says:

    There is some problam in my Micromax Bolt A67. Its not getting start and some time get and show “unfortunately stoped” Can you tell me what should i do to resove this issue. Even I try to reset but still nor working properly. Can i instal or update my phone software. otherrwise please suggest me what should i do to resolve my problem.

  14. Judith Anne Fernandes says:

    How do I connect my E311 phone to my laptop… I downloaded the MMX_X445_PhoneSuit…but my lap top is unable to open the RAR extention file. Pls help

  15. Panka Ahir says:

    hi Rahul,

    1.) I am serching PC Suits & Drivers for my Canvas Turbo A250 but not able to find it.

    2.) My back/home key pannel is not working properly so i want to reintall phone software.

    Kindly guid for the above


  16. dheeraj says:

    hey guys plz help me when i always tried to download mmx pc suite 1.08 its show error plz help me .

  17. Deepak Salvade says:

    How connect micromax canvas win 121 mobile to computer and led tv.

  18. Mayank says:

    my phone screen is locked and touch screen isnt working since i happen drop d phone is there any other way that the data can be retrieved help me….

  19. lucky says:

    can i use my laptop internet in micromax bolt a67 without any router or adapter via data cable?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can make Laptop as a hotspot using a software, search for it on Google.

  20. Manoj says:

    I have been tryin to download micromax pc suit from the date of purchase ( July/2015) micromax A311 but it I am not getting it after several attempts. I think the site shows all bogus information.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      For what purpose you want to download PC suite, for smartphones it is not at all required now a days.

  21. DHARMENDRA says:

    how to remove this

  22. R N Howal says:

    Usb device not recognized message while connecting e311 to pc. Pl guide.

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