Best 5 Custom ROMs for Micromax YU Yureka

Yureka was the first device launched by YU Televentures, it comes preloaded with CyanogenMod OS which is one of the USP’s of this device. The device is priced aggressively and it is still selling like hot cakes in India. If you would like to load any other ROM beside the CM which is already there then this is the guide for you. We have listed all the top rated ROMs ready to be posted on your Yureka.

Custom Roms for YU Yureka

Today we will discuss about the Top 5 Custom ROMs available for the Micromax Yu Yureka, but before that let’s discuss what exactly is a Custom ROM. Before explaining about Custom ROM, we first need to learn about Stock ROM. The operating system which comes pre-installed on your phone when you buy it, is referred to as Stock ROM. In case of Micromax Yu Yureka, the Cyanogen OS is the Stock ROM for the device. A Custom ROM is an after-market firmware with all features that are included in Stock with extra stability and more customization options.

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So now the next question arises, that why to use Custom ROMs ? The answer is given in the points below:-

1)Update Frequency: The Custom ROMs brings you updates more faster as compared to Stock ROMs. With newer updates, new bugs are fixed and thus your phone can give a much better performance.

2)User-Friendly: Custom ROMs are user-friendly and thus provide users with better efficiency and performance. Users can almost control every aspect of phone via Custom ROMs and therefore can have a better user-experience.

3)Upgrading to newer Android version: Custom ROMs can help you to upgrade to a newer version of Android, if it is not officially available yet for your device.

4)Customization: Custom ROMs provide users with a heck-lot of customization features which can almost customize every aspect of the OS, from status bar to animations and can provide a much better and interesting user-interface.

Now given below is the list of Top 5 Custom ROMs available for the Yu Yureka. I tried to cover the major features of the ROMs and also about the user-experience. So take a look

NOTE:- All the ROMs featured below are based on Android Lollipop and not KitKat that the Yureka came installed with.

 Best ROMs for YU Yureka

-FlexOS: FlexOS is a Custom ROM available for the Micromax Yu Yureka which is based upon CyanogenMod and runs on Android 5.1. This ROM provides the users with quite a bunch of extra customization features like Animation Control, Omni Switch, CM Theme Engine etc. The ROM gives a user-friendly experience and gives a better Battery life as compared to other ROMs out there. It has the necessary features available and is a rock-solid ROM. There are no issues of Lags and battery drops and therefore gives a better experience and is worth a shot.

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CyanogenMod Unofficial:- CyanogenMod Unofficial as you can guess, is an unofficial build of the CyanogenMod and is a great alternative to Cyanogen OS that comes pre-loaded with the Micromax Yu Yureka and operates on Android 5.1. The ROMs comes with all the latest changes merged from the source and includes all the features of CyanogenMod like the Theme Engine. It provides a great stable experience is to the user and is better than stock Cyanogen OS and therefore you can enjoy the feel of a CustomROM even though you’re close to the Stock experience.

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Euphoria-OS:- While most of the other Custom ROMs are based on CyanogenMod, this one comes straight from AOSP. This ROM provides the user with most minimal and required features and gives quite a smooth performance and almost a lag-free experience. The ROM runs on Android 5.1.1 and includes CM Theme Engine too with Dark-theme available if you want a dark Material-UI experience. While most of the other ROMs face the memory-leak issues, Euphoria deals with it quite easily and therefore provides a good experience.

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AICP:- AICP or Android Ice-Cold Project is another Custom ROM that is based up on CyanogenMod and operates on Android 5.1.1. It provides users with a mixture of good battery life with a little bit of lags sometimes. There are no major bugs or force closes, but the ROM is somewhat slow as compared to other ROMs available. AICP offers quite a bunch of more features as compared to others and new features are merged much earlier in comparison to other ROMs and is a good recommendation for you if you want more features with not so fast experience.

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Resurrection Remix:- Resurrection Remix or commonly referred to as RR is yet another ROM which includes CyanogenMod as its base. It is a feature-bloated ROM running on Android 5.1.1 which contains a lot of more features if correlated with any other ROM out there, but with great features comes instability. The ROM can be used as a daily driver, but if you get easily annoyed with lags and force closes then this one is not for you. If you’re a feature-freak and don’t mind the downside then you’re at right place and this is the ROM that is made for you.

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On an overall basis, if you like CyanogenMod as base then the one which tops the list is FlexOS, but if you want AOSP as base then you should try Euphoria instead and with this you are free to try and install any Custom ROM on your device and therefore obtain a pleasing user-experience.


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    After i flash any of this roms, flexOS foo example, will i continue to receive OTA updates from YU ??

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