Download Canvas 4 Blow Air to Unlock Feature for Android Phone

I have a habit of visiting Xda developers forum to check the new things for android phones . As you all might be aware of the features introduced into the newest canvas smartphone Micromax Canvas 4 , It comes with a new screen unlocking feature which is Blow air to unlock and by shaking the phone , through these two things you can unlock your phone . Blow air to unlock app is now available for all the android phones , since this website is for canvas smartphones only and you will be glad to know that this app i.e M! Unlock is working on all canvas smartphones .

Canvas 4 Blow to Unlock Feature for android phones


To know about the features introduced to canvas 4 smartphone you can read the features in our canvas 4 section . Coming back to the point . Someone extracted this unlocking feature from Canvas 4 ROM and uploaded the app in Xda forum [Source].  I am posting some of the screenshots of how you can use this app on your android phone . This app can work on any android smartphone  .

M! Unlock Blow Air to Unlock App For Android

First of all download M! Unlock Blow air to Unlock .apk file and install the package to your android smartphone . Once you install the smartphone either click on Done or Open .

Download M! Unlock For Android OS

In the menu option the app will look like this – as shown in the screenshot .

Blow air to unlock app for android phone


Open the app and switch On this unlocking feature or switch it off .

M! Unlock Blow Air to unlock app

Once you download the file , make sure you have ticked on – Allow installation from unknown sources before installing . As this app isn’t available on the Google Play store so you need to tick it so that other .apk files can be installed .

I tested this app on my canvas 2 phone on which it worked perfectly fine .


Blow to Unlock  ( Pros and Cons )

Pros – This unlocking feature is new and you may like this feature if you have got bored with the default numeric,pattern lock .

Cons – The lock is very sensitive with just a slight move it gets unlocked automatically . So personally i didn’t liked the app and i uninstalled it after using it for few minutes . Needs Improvement!

Doubt ? Please address it via the comment box present below .


  1. venugopal says:

    pls guide me how to unlock my micromax canvas hd phone? it is showing that too many pattern attempts done and asking for valid email id and password even though i given that user id an password it is not opening pls guide at the earliest so that i can unlock my phone and use safly further.

    • admin says:

      Hi Venugopal
      Firstly don’t panic and follow the below method to hard reset your phone .

      Hold the volume up and volume down key together and also hold the power key button . So in total you need to hold these three buttons together . Your phone will then ask you to press the volume up key again to select the recovery mode . The above method works for all Micromax phones .

    • Osama ktk says:

      bhaee iska software karo…..plzzzz you have to install a new software on it….i mean hard restore software…

  2. shiva kumar says:

    New app is cool but I think need to add some options or settings to switch from air to shake options…..if added some options or settings this app is awesome…….

  3. ruchir says:

    I dont think this app works properly , if u notice , just hold the unlock button and dont blow or shake , it will still get unlock

  4. Hi, Just purchased a new Canvas Magnus A117 yesterday. While making or receiving calls (after the call is attended..), the screen goes immediately blank and my attempts bring it back to life went futile. This happens only when the calls are attended, the moment I life the phone up a bit. I don’t know what settings or Android apps to be added or removed, including say from Smart Gestures, but as a whole all my attempts were unsuccessful. Please help.

    • Try switching the smart gestures off for a while and check if the problem still persists.

  5. Srikanth says:

    Hi Admin, Thanks.. It was a silly unrealized mistake wherein the screen guard put in blocked the sensor layer, I had to cut open it for the sensor to breathe.. Apologize, it went unnoticed at my end. The Magnus works very fine now.

  6. hi admin
    it work well on canvas hd also…………..

  7. Devbrat says:

    It doesn’t work blow to unlock in my Micromax canvas doodle A 111 although it does work when I shake to unlock..why it does not work when I blow to unlock plz..tell me ..I used it in other devices it works great plz..solve for my device.

  8. saurabh says:

    I have a canvas hd…my shake to unlock works but the blow to unlock doesnt..plz check.

  9. Lakesh Jindal says:

    Is miunlock is compatible with canvas doodle A111

  10. sarath says:

    during the making of calls my canvas 4 minimises the call and opens some apps.what it does means???pls answer me

  11. krishna says:

    good it works

  12. i had installed it on my canvas doodle……..but its not working………..plzz tell me how to use it on my canvas doodle a111

  13. Dear Admin,

    I am using canvas3 HD phone m facing a problem of battery again n again this is the 3rd time it got trash please advice any good battery that live long with this phone….

    Is there any number or anything in canvas3 where we can use the touch as in sensor like we use in Samsung phones

    Please advice waiting for Ur reply

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