Download BlackBerry Messenger BBM app for Micromax Android Phones

It’s official! BBM app is finally available on Android and iOS now. Exactly a month ago in September a leaked unofficial version got out and due to this BlackBerry postponed the launch of their official messenger. There are still lots of messenger present for smartphones like Whatsapp (the most popular one), WeChat, Line, Viber, etc. BBM will face a strong competition with these apps. BBM offers exactly the same service as other apps do nothing new will be seen in this app. User can download bbm app for Micromax Phones from the official play store.

BlackBerry Messnger BBM app for Micromax Phones

BBM protects your privacy, You don’t have to share your number. This app will provide you a unique BBM PIN with which you can add or get you added in other people contact list. You can make groups and chat together with lots of people at once, You can share multimedia stuff like Pictures, Videos, etc. Also you can chat with multiple people by adding them to a conversation – this feature is called Multi-person chats.

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BBM App allows users to set a display picture also known as profile picture in GIF format too that’s the only new thing which this app offers. You can update your status as you can do in Whatsapp and other instant messaging app.

Whenever you send any message to your contact you will always have the report of its delivery and read. Delivered messages will be seen with a ‘D’ mark and Read ones with ‘R’ mark.

Users can send multimedia like pictures, videos, Voice notes, text message up to 2000 characters. The app also features loads of emoticons for every mood and let you express your feelings through these emoticons.

Micromax recently announced that BBM app will come as a preload app in all the upcoming Micromax device.

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BlackBerry Messenger BBM Screenshots

Micromax Phones BlackBerry Messenger BBM app Compatibility

I just checked the app compatibility in the Play store. It states that the app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. It means the Micromax phones running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread like in Canvas viva won’t be able to install this app on their phone. The phone running on Ice cream sandwich, Jelly Bean can install this app.

Download BlackBerry Messenger BBM For Micromax Mobile

Users can download this instant messaging app from the official Play Store. The size of this app is just 11MB and requires Android 4.0 and above.

Download BBM App Google Play Store


  1. hi,
    I am using canvas 4…but i can’t install BBM app it says unknown error code during application install : “-24” …pls help me 🙁

    • Hi Saran,
      Go to the File Manager and delete this app from /data/ and install this app again.

  2. I m unable to download shows that this version is not available for your phone i hve micromax canvas viva

  3. siddharth says:

    I am using MMx Canvas 2 plus, and my BBM is asking to give my email address but not responding to send me any emial?

    • Yes You’re on a waiting list, You will soon receive a mail from the officials. Wait for some time i am also waiting for the same 🙂

  4. Hi
    I am using canvas viva and I m not able to install bbm. It says your device does not support this version. Why it is soon? ?? 🙁

  5. Rahul Sachdeva says:

    I m using Canvas lite it shows This app is incompatible with ur device. Why?

    • Seriously? The app must be compatible with your device. You downloaded BBM from play Store right?

  6. cassendra pinto says:

    Yeah, regarding the post i made earlier! My BBM crashes on my canvas 2 as soon as i try 2 change my BBM display picture! Its happening to all the canvas2 models! BBM is suppost 2 supprt our phones righg? Than y d problem! Can i have a solution 2 it? If u dont have an ans just say that u don’t! Instead f removing my post -_-

    • Hi
      I’m also using canvas 2 but no such issue appeared my side. Close all the apps running in background, clean RAM and force stop BBM and open again.

      and we don’t remove any comment. The comments are reviewed first then approved.

    • Lyndon says:

      HI Cassendra Pinto,

      I’m also using canvas 2 A110 the BBM used to crash while changing the display picture just try to uninstall the app and install it again. I usually faced this problem when I had changed the ROM but I”m sure that BBM will work In your Canvas2 if you try.

  7. Jasneet Singh says:

    I have a Micromax Canvas A115 (3D) with Jelly Bean version 4.1.2. I am unable to set a display picture from my gallery. Only images in Sample Pictures is what I can set. But when I go to my profile, it says, Updated Display Picture. Please Help.

    • Explore the settings tab. I uploaded my profile picture in BBM and didn’t faced this issue in my canvas device.

  8. harpreet mann says:

    i am using canvas p650 tab, I m unable to download shows that this
    version is not available for your phone

    • Not available for tablets. There are lots of apps which are not yet released for tablets.

  9. hi admin…m using canvas viva…but cudnt download bbm as it says device is not compatible…will I b able to use bbm soon on my device…????? pls hlp…:-(

  10. Mariyam says:

    plzz admin help me out… Itz really irritating… I tried 2 download bbm on my Canvas lite it got downloaded but Itz not starting…. plzz bug my issue asap !!!plzzzz

    • Any error displayed on the screen? If your phone shows a white screen wait for a 30-40 seconds.

  11. ankush sharma says:

    connection not available show on my canvas 2 whenever i open bbm ….plz help yaar

  12. plz ask me why bbm not download in my Micromax. smarty phone

  13. katherine says:

    I’m not able to download any game like temple run or surfers etc.. because my canvas viva has low internal memory even though I have a 8 GB memory card.
    Please help I want to download more games. “This low internal memory let’s down Micromax ” 🙁 :'(

  14. Lalit jangid says:

    I am using Canvas A74… But say always connection error.. Why.

  15. bbm is always loading on my bolt a67 i.e. ics 4.0

  16. Dorgam says:

    i hv micromax a89 , can i able to
    install bbm ?

  17. supreet says:

    canvas viva A72 is comptiable for bbm

  18. priya says:

    i have micromax bolt a67 but bbm is not working ……as u say it is compartiable for ics…..den y olwayzz playstore open when i instal bbm ……:(

  19. akki says:

    aur ab to msg atak kr jte h bht phle asa nhi tha yh prb kya h mre phn ki prb h ya kya h plsss rply me a.s.a.p

  20. Sushant Saurabh says:

    i have purchased canvas tab p650 on 31/03/14. but it doesn’t have the bbm n when i m going to download it it says that your device is not compatible with this.
    What to do now?

  21. Sushovan says:

    i have micromax canvas HD.while downlloading BBM it shows ‘error 960’.what should i do? please help

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Download its apk file from web (via browser) and then install it.

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