Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher for Micromax Android Phone

See it will take some time for Micromax device to get Android 4.4 update so what? We can wait for a while even Samsung devices will receive the update after 2-3 months. If you’re looking for an update but not found any update for your phone you can install some launchers to get a refreshing new look to your device. For my Micromax device no update is currently available so i usually install new launchers regularly to give a new look to my phone. Below i have shared how you can apply Kitkat Android 4.4 theme on Micromax phone.

kitkat launcher for micromax Phone

Android is the operating system which is powering about more than 1 million of users worldwide. Everyone waits for newer android versions desperately. And just like chocolates are very tempting Google has used the trademark Kitkat for its much awaited version of Android. This version has under gone a lot of changes whether it is looks, design or lay out, one experiences a remarkable change in this version.

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Many new features have been brought under the hood viz icons has been re-sized and has been made bigger, even the icon tray has been re-sized and efforts has been made to make Google in the OS much more influential. But if you want to use this tempting version you have to wait a little more as it is only available for Nexus devices only.

It is quite annoying to know that only selective handsets can be updated to the spanking new Android Kitkat 4.4.One way is through Google Play Store.

Android 4.4 Launcher for Micromax using Go Launcher

User just have to install the “Go Launcher”. Go Launcher is one of the android launchers which have been updated to bring many Kitkat UI designs to the handset which you are using. Install “Go launcher”, then after installing it search for the KitKat Android theme which you have to find out though the pool of themes. After that click on the theme and it pop up in front of you through Google Play Store. Install the theme and finally one can enjoy the feast

Or you can do one thing you can simply download the Android 4.4 theme app. For this you don’t need to install any other launcher app. I’m currently using it and satisfied with the theme.

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Download Android 4.4 Kikat Theme for Micromax Android Mobile

I’ve installed this particular theme and this theme offers all the stock wallpapers which are available in kikat android version. All the wallpapers are just amazing and makes your screen look good. Check out the screenshot shown below and the download link is present below. You can read all the details regarding the theme app on its play store page.


Android kitkat Launcher theme for Micromax


Download Kitkat Launcher Now

Installed the launcher? Liked the whole new look of your phone? Share your feedback!

Also some readers asked me how to remove that black background from the menu section. One of the solution is to install a launcher app like Go launcher, Nova launcher, etc.


  1. kavish says:

    Its not showing on playing store

  2. Prasad Pawar says:

    Is it exactly look like kk 4.4

  3. srinivas says:

    It is supports micromax A110q canvas

  4. Gaurav says:

    When is the update for Canvas series going to be released??
    We are waiting for 5months now.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      We will let you know once it becomes available. As of now there is no update.

  5. tushar taneja says:

    With the release of canvas unite 2 will other phones get 4.4 updates as well I am using a mmx canvas turbo

  6. sathya says:

    I just downloaded it. The UI is awesome.

  7. Chirag Patel says:

    I have just crease my quick look launcher in xpress 2 e313. I do not show my display. What can I do? How can I install gujarati font? Please reply fast. With out home my phone is dead.

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