How to Remove Pre installed apps from Micromax Phones

When you buy a new smartphone the company offers some per installed applications. Now some of the apps are useful no doubt on that some are really crap no use and the worst part is they consume RAM too. So if you remove those apps it will surely help you to free up bit RAM. Micromax offers its own 2-3 apps if you don’t want to keep those apps to your phone you can disable/remove it. The method we have listed below will allow you to disable pre installed app from your MMX device. Rooting let you permanently delete it.

Delete Pre loaded Apps from Micromax Phones

For permanent removal of the applications you need to root the phone. Now most of the people resist to root so we have a ‘kaam chalau’ way disable those apps and remove them from the menu section.

Few days back MMX announced that BBM will also come as a preloaded app on MMX devices. If you want to keep that app its fine and if you don’t want that you can disable it too.

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The method we have listed below doesn’t requires root but if you want that guide we will surely write that soon.

In case you want to root your MMX device you can check root section present on our site where we wrote rooting guides.

How to Disable/Remove Pre loaded apps on Micromax Phones

  1. Visit the settings option.
  2. Tap on Apps.
  3. Search the preloaded app you want to disable.
  4. Tap on that app to access the options.
  5. Once done click on DISABLE.
  6. That’s it!

In short: Settings–> Apps–> select the app–> Disable.

Check out the screenshot where i have disabled M! Buddy app. Now the app doesn’t shows up in the Menu section.

Remove Preloaded apps from Micromax Phone

You can enable the apps anytime by following the same process if you want to access the app again.

Any doubt? Address it via a comment below.


  1. if we disable apps like this will it affect OS ?? Is there any chance of OS corruption ?? And It is given that other apps may misbehave will that affect my play store apps ??

    • No Saran nothing happens like that. Disable only the Pre loaded only not any other related to MTK, Google account, etc.

      • shraddha says:

        hi one Vedio player named app installed by mistaken on my micromax canvas2 but now i cant uninstall it i have tried so many times with your suggestions but it didn’t helpful for me still that app shows in apps section on screen menu i dont want this app tell me what can i do for uninstall permenantly. there are showin only two options force stop and disable i have force stoped it alos disabled it but it still remain on my phn pls help me

        • It’s a System app which can’t be uninstalled until you root your phone. Either it can be force stopped or you can disable it.

      • shuman kumar says:

        i wana permanently delete canvas 4 games what i do here only show disable.

        • By disabling the games, the games won’t appear in the menu section. To permanently delete you need to root your phone.

          • JITHENDAR says:

            Thanks for your information. i was disturbed by MAd app Since purchased. Whenever i make Calls MAd interrupts my Mood .At Last i had removed mAd app from my Micromax phone. Thanks Again

          • Hi I want to disabele quiklook from mu micromax canvas 2 pls help me

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Either install a different custom ROM or install a launcher. You can download any Launcher from play store.

      • vishal says:

        Dear i want to update the hike is there any way? Is it fact, if we root the device the warrenty wikl be void????

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Yes, that’s the only solution. Did you try installing the apk file instead of updating directly from play store?

      • Anirban Chakrabarty says:

        once I tried to disable the preinstalled App like Gamehub which was infected with trojan virus,its stared mishaving.
        my OS crashed 3 times. i am facing huge problem every 2mnths.every 2months my Os gets corrupted. So is their any way to get rid of the problem? please help me.

      • Kanad Gandhi says:

        I am using Micromax selfie x2 also called. Q4311. I want to disable its App centre application, but when I go to apps to disable it, there it shows disable option but can’t disable it, it is turned off. So can’t disable this app. Have also turned notifications off for this app but still the ads don’t stop. Kindly help me

    • How to change call log style

  2. rajnish says:

    Simple Option but good feature ..

  3. anirban says:

    The light of phone’s keypad(i.e BACK button, HOME button and Another one) of MMX CANVAS FUN A76 is always in OFF mode. Please tell me, how to turn ON Phone’s Keypad Light?

    • Explore settings, For the first time i heard about this issue. You might need to take the phone to the service center too.

  4. sai bhagavan says:

    was very nice and helpful…thankyou

  5. i have canvas magnus and internal memory shown is confusing. It says phone and internal sd card. I am supposed to 4gb total memory but it shows only 1 gb and 95 mb only free. can you help me as to how to improve int mem?

  6. Tushar says:

    I’ve recently bought Canvas 2.2. Its an amazing phone but one thing that is quite irritating for me is not being able to delete multiple text messages. Howcome MMX dropped this in this awesome phone. Is there any How To about this..??

    • admin says:

      Tap and hold on a message and then select other messages and delete.

      • Tushar says:

        when i tap and hold a message, it shows a pop-up with options like view thred, delete etc…. and i cannot touch outside that pop-up as it wont do anything. all i can do from tap and hold is to access its option menu. ny other suggestion..??

  7. sandip says:

    I rooted my a92 and flash custom ROM in it but I want go back to original ROM how can I do this

  8. Aman says:

    hey my mom has Micromax bolt a65 and in it the pre loaded apps doea not has the opt of diable what 2 do?

  9. Shensi says:

    How to change the System Fonts in Micromax Canvas 4 A210? are there any additional inbuilt font types available in the phone model?

  10. rajni says:

    How we root phone to delete game hub app. Permanently. Is any problem to my handset after i do that.

  11. gaurav says:

    I have disabled chrome and opera mini in canvas 4 how can i enable it again???

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Follow: Settings–> Apps–> All Apps–> Scroll down below–> You would see all the disabled apps at the end. You can re enable again the way you disabled them.

  12. Hemanth says:

    I don’t have disable option to uninstall pre-loaded apps in my canvas A93 elanza. How can I uninstall them without rooting my phone?

  13. Akshay Ujjwal says:

    I am using Micromax a67. I want remove pre-installed operamini but I can’t. I have disabled it even after it remains in main menu. Wht should i do?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Why do you want to remove it? Once you disable any built in app it usually doesn’t appear in main menu. You can permanently delete the app after root.

  14. Rashidul Hoque says:

    how to uninstall in built app on my rooted MMX A76?

  15. meenakshi says:

    I by mistake disabled my call(phone) app. Now I am not able to make a call. I am not able to enable it again as option is disabled……Plz help….. Phone is MMX canvas…

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      Follow: settings–>Apps–>All Apps–>scroll below and find the app. Tap on it and enable it.

  16. Rohit Singh Radwal says:

    @Rahul bhai
    i m using canvas A120
    is it necessary to rooting mobile for dltng app(pre-installed) ???

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Yes, otherwise you can also disable them if you want – in this way they won’t appear in the menu neither they will work in background.

  17. sandip s says:

    How to recover music files from formatted SD card.suggest any app who do so

  18. sandip s says:

    I recovered deleted images and videos with disk digger app from formatted SD card they are in SD card but can’t find in gallery

  19. Shvm says:

    i am Unable to install another type of opera mini in my canvas a114
    Please help me.

  20. srinu says:

    I have micromax unite2. in that i did not use any internal storage. still i am unable to install new apps. even my phone memory totally free 1.67 gb. if want to intall new app i need to delete another app.

    plese help on this.


    • Rahul Mehta says:

      What’s the amount of free mmeory (Internal Storage)? Check: Setting–>Apps

  21. Remisha says:

    How to root Micromax canvas gold? To change the font style

  22. Hareesh says:

    I have Micromax canvas 2 Colours (A120). It has 8GB ROM, android kitkat 4.4.2 and 1 GB RAM. I am confused with the internal memory. There is 3 storage sections- Phone storage, internal SD and external SD. Actually where the google play apps wil be stored and installed? How can I move apps to internal/external SD card? Phone memory is only 0.89 GB. That is not enough to store large size apps. I am very much disappointed due to this. So please tell me how can I store the apps in external SD card? I have seen an icon “move to external SD card” in settings. But that option is NOT working in majority of apps. Please give me a solution for this.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If the option is not available to move the apps to external SD card then you won’t be able to move the apps to the external SD card unless you root your device. Firstly, change the default storage location to external SD card. Currently the apps are being installed to Phone storage. Internal SD card is for mass storage.

  23. francio says:

    I can’t disable my preloaded hike messenger in MA Micromax a93

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Did you try what we have mentioned above? Please provide a screenshot when you’re trying to do the same.

  24. Anubhav Awasthi says:

    I have Micromax A106. It has on old version of Hike pre-installed. When I update it, it shows the warning “An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.” How can I remove or update hike?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Root your device, remove the pre installed Hike app and download the latest one from the play store.

  25. arvind says:

    I have micromax canvas hd a190. I’ve got hike messenger pre installed in it. I’m not able to update it via google play because of package sign failure. So for each update I’ve got to ask micromax care for sending an update. But there’s no proper response from them for the update. So how do i update it?

  26. karthik says:

    i want to remove the MAD app permanently.please give reply quick

  27. akhil says:

    hi rahul
    i’m using micromax unite and i can’t update the hike on it.
    friends says i want to root my phone..
    how can i root my phone..? help me out.

  28. Kritika says:

    i m using micromax unite2. M nt able to update new version of hike. Error msg is coming sayng to uninstall the previous it ws already installd in d mobile..

  29. Akshay says:

    Can’t update hike on Micromax unite 2

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Root your device, remove the pre installed Hike and download the latest version from the play store.

      • Akshay says:

        Is rooting Micromax unite 2 is safe, bcoz my phone is in under warranty, & i dont want to love my data. & plz provide a link for rooting, if posible provide a video link.

  30. Simeon says:

    I own a micromax canvas 2 colours A120. How can i get rid of this Custom UI?

  31. Simeon says:

    What I mean is I want to remove this customised ROM. . And installed the stock ROM. . . How do I do it??

  32. Syed Akbar says:

    I’m using Micromax Canvas Turbo A250, i’m not able to play any videos from facebook. I tried playing the same video from the gallery it can be played, but the same when I upload in fb I can’t play.. IT’S COMPLETELY COMING OUT OF FACEBOOK without any error message. Please suggest…


    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Is there any video player installed in your device apart from the default one? Do update your Facebook app if you haven’t done yet.

  33. i am not sure whether my comment is posted or not so i am posting it once again. I own a micromax canvas doodle 2. when we play any video, option comes that you want to play it through video player or photos, and if we click on any one of them then the option comes of always or just once, i by chanced after clicking on the video option, clicked on always and now i want to switch it through photos, how can i do that?

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      The video player is set as default in this case. Follow the method to resolve the issue: Settings—> Apps–> All Apps–> Tap on that video Player–> Tap on clear defaults.

      Problem Solved!

  34. sathish kumar says:

    Hell Rahul micromax a120 not responding to home n menu n back keys. Means these keys r not working . All off a sudden stopped. Kindly advice.

  35. Vidhyadhar Sharma says:

    I got Micromax canvas Nitro a310 from snapdeal on 19 September I want to remove pretty installed app how can I do this and what is the rooting does it help if yes how please help me


  36. Vidhyadhar Sharma says:

    My Micromax canvas Nitro a310 is not connecting with pc via USB cable as media device. I am not able to get music or video from my laptop to it also not showing memory card also I have tried on another laptop also please tell me how to I connect my phone to laptop or pc via USB cable as media device to load memory card or in phone memory

  37. Am using doodle 3. Please tell me how to move apps from internal storage to sd card i tried but its showing a msg that app could not move.plz give ny option

  38. hey, i am using mmx unite 2, i have selected storage internal SD card and its totally empty, but when i tries to install/update any app, it shows u don’t have enough storage on device….what can I do?

  39. Will disabling app will clear ram.

  40. parm Jeet says:

    I have micromax A177 canvas juice mobile…there are always showing adds on everywhere in phone screen even when I m using whatsapp,text messages or even while taking incoming calls these adds disrrupts me…by mistake if I touch them then theses apps starts to download…these downloads are from- micromax snapdeal.apk I think I had mistakenly download some app but I explore my phone from every folder I do not found any such app.. In settings also I hve checked all apps bt there is not also any such app..please tell me how to getrid of this?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check ‘All apps’ and carefully reviews all the installed app and if you find any malicious app uninstall it. You can use an antivirus too to find one.

  41. Today, when i wake up i noticed a small red colored cross at the mid of my home screen. I had to cancel it to use my MMX canvas colors. I have jelly beans version. I don’t know what the hell was that. Whenever i lock the screen and again wake it up, it again came to picture. Further there are 3 more icons on the home screen namely “BRENDON’S URL”. I think this might be the cause for it. But what the hell is this BU and from where does it come?
    Is it a virus? How to fix it? Anyone who is facing this problem too?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check if any malicious app is installed in your device, uninstall it right away. See if this fixes your issue or not.

    • Rupali says:

      Dis is in response to vaid’s query
      I ws facing da same prob wid my canvas colours..downloaded an anti virus which ran scans bt nthng ws detected..dat cross thing continued to appear on my acreen after unlocking da device..then i upgraded my software by gng to da phn settings nd aftr da phn ws reeboted fr upgrading da software..the cross sign disappeared..hope dis helps u too!

    • R K Tiwari says:

      Hey vaid.. did u find how to fix it? I have same problem with my MAD A94 and as suggested above I also tried to update the software, but it showed that the current system software is up-to-date. Can any1 help me to fix it pls??

  42. Sehrish says:

    I have Micromax canvas HD plus A190. The opera in my phone is not responding since yesterday. How do I fix it?

  43. helper says:

    hey if we will disable a app it will still take memory on our mobile

  44. Ashif Abbas says:

    in my mmx cnvas night im getting updates of true caller bt cnt able to install it..
    how to install updates of pre loaded apps..??

  45. Vidhyadhar Sharma says:

    Dear rahul g I have installed drivers for pc connectivity. Both in laptop and in my mobile this driver file is rar file also installed winrar app on both and excreted but laptop is not showing drivers in driver section please tell me how can I use these drivers for connection with pc as media device please help me sir

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      The drivers needs to be installed in your laptop only. Just install them once and try connecting your device with a data/USB cable.

  46. My Wifi symbol behaves weird.It is sometimes grey and sometimes blue however there is no problem in internet connection. It works perfectly fine irrespective of the color. Any way to fix it so that it is blue always as standard android phones have it. My phone is canvas 2.2 A114. Just purchased 1 week back.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Try the below solution and let me know if it works or not:
      Go to Settings–>Apps–>All Apps Tab–>Google Service Framework–>Tap on it and clear data–>force stop the app.

      Disconnect from Wi-Fi, connect again.

      • No luck. It was not allowing to force stop. I disabled it and then enable it again. However Wifi is working fine but color is still grey. It sometimes comes blue and then suddenly turns grey with no impact to Wifi connection.

      • It is still not working. CM Security tool detected 4 pre-installed apps as vires and I have uninstalled two of them (except GameHub and SMSReg) . Can that be the problem? Any way to fix it. Lot of reviews says blue means synching to google servers.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Also Uninstall/Disable the two.

        • Hi Rahul

          Many blogs says… SmsReg is a severe Virus. I am unable to uninstal.

          Can u advise the steps-by-step method to uninstal by rooting, or other methods. plz help asap.
          (note: all anti viruses failed to un-instal this SmsReg, rebooting also failed)

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            I disabled SmsReg from my phone and it worked. let me know if you want the guide else disable feature would work. Simple!

            Settings–>Apps–>All Apps–>SmsReg–>Disable.

  47. samiullah adamji says:

    how to change default storage to external memory card in micromax A121?

  48. Can I know is it possible to hide any icons temporarily (Eg. Game icons to protect from my kid)

  49. hi i’m using micromax canvas nitro(blue). i want to uninstall trucaller app which is pre installed on my mobile. How to do it?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Disable the app, may be the uninstall option won’t be available for this app as it was pre-installed. You can uninstall/disable the app by following: Settings–>App–>All Apps–> Tap on TrueCaller and Disable or uninstall it.

  50. archana says:

    All the messages are displaying on task bar so i need to stop dat is it possible

  51. Dear my micromax canvas unite2 phone when i forget to lock screen …sometimes browser is getting openned and automatically games are activated for which amount is getting deducted from my mobile balance..i tried a lot to change Homepage. Disable and uninstall. But i cant do anything..pls help me..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Remove that site from bookmarks and enable pocket Dials if available. Disable that browser if you don’t use it.

  52. sajera says:

    I bought micromax canvas a1 1week before. Within a week I faced most of the problems even I can’t download a file and update anything it showing the error message like, download for “app name” could not be downloaded due to an error. I m very disappointed with this pls give suggestions to cure this problem.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Clear data and cache of your play store app. Remove your google account and sign in again and try.

  53. Hi is it possible to remove the “G” symbol from the top of the screen?? It always shows the G symbol. When I am using the data the E or H also coming… I just want to hide the G always shown…

  54. DIBYENDU DEY says:

    Hi admin,
    I am using micromax bolt a36, facing a serious problem from last few days..
    Once i habe unistalled the updates of google play by mistake from the pre installed google play app..Because of this the google play is not working at all..Besides this everytime i enable d gprs connection, google play starts automatically, shows loadiing and after a few seconds it shows connection timed out and retry..The same is happening every

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      OK so it’s running the first version of play store, right? I’d suggest you to download the latest play store installation file from web and install to your device.

      • naveen says:

        hi .. my micromax canvas got prob .. its saying evry time unfortunatly ur android core service stopped how crect m mobile can give me sugest ..

  55. Ram prasad says:

    im using now unite 2 .i want to uninstall preloaded app like mad ,get .already i disabled this apps.i want to do permanently remove from phone.please tell me.if root need means.explain that one also.

  56. Anmol Kapil says:

    I have micromax canvas knight A350 WITH kitkat and 1.7ghz octacore… I have rooted my phone. I have uninstalled some pre-installed apps on my device. Eg : Opera Mini and many other apps, but the apps the still in the Setting>Apps>All Apps … And i am also unable to install operamini from playstore again.. It is saying “this update is incompatible”. Please help me to install operamini again..
    I want these apps back on my phone :
    1 opera mini
    2 truecaller
    3 hike

    Please please help me fast..
    Deleted system apps are not installing again and giving same error and all are stucked on setting and visible in apps..

  57. Hi,
    Your post are really helpful. I had rooted my micromax unite2 A106 about a month back and had uninstall few apps.
    My phone had been running quite fine with all that unnecessary apps gone. Thanks to you.
    But still I would like to know is it possible to move few of the pre-install apps (like hangout, google drive) to external memory without uninstalling.

  58. jagdish singh says:

    how i can remove some(not all) audio music track from internal sd card memory of micromax canvas knight a350 mobile .

  59. Hi,
    i have a news tab in the display screen. I want to remove that. Could you please assist on this

  60. If i disable this pre-installed app does this free my RAM & system memory?? also i love samsung messaging font but i am using MMX unite 2 is it possible to apply that same message writing style of samsaung in my MMX unite 2 phone
    Admin plz advice

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You need to install the custom fonts (Root required) and yes if the any pre installed app is running in the background then by uninstalling the app you can free the device’s RAM.

  61. Raj naam tho suna hi hoga says:

    You can Update Hike from here

  62. I am not able to delete/remove apps from home screen of my canvas nitro a311, i can add apps/widgets on the home screen but once placed on home screen not able to remove them.
    I tried pressing and holding on the apps just like doing for deleting apps from the menu, but nothing happens,
    any idea for removing apps from the home screen.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      try tapping the left sensor buttons while you’re at home screen and then trash them.

  63. Amir Sohel says:

    Sir,if i disable a game of my unite2 phone , will it affect OS ?? Is there any chance of OS corruption ?? And It is given that other apps may misbehave,is it true? Pls tell me about root?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can uninstall the bloatwares from the phone, ignore the warning however don’t uninstall the system apps.

  64. Dilraj kaur says:

    Hi I got A-102, I am unable to download songs and videos from internet .. Downloading from whatsapp is OK but can’t do it from various websites.. What to do?
    Please help…

  65. harish patel says:

    You said that the which is pre instaled can be disable by going in settings -app-app info-disable righ t but i followed your steps but that that disable option is not comming plz help

  66. Shankar says:

    How to remove Home screen in Micromax a311
    it is displaying all live news ,pls tel me how to remove home scree

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Screenshot please?

      • Asma says:

        I have the same problem as Shankar with my MMX Canvas A311, Please HELP! There is a news feed page at the left of the home page..and I need to remove it. I have a screen shot, but there is no option to upload it in this page.

  67. hey friends tell me that how can i update preloded apps in my phone when i update view play store it seem an error

  68. Vinny Agrawal says:

    i want to change default settings of storage as it uses internal storage and i want to change it to phone storage since i am not able to download applications as it shows in sufficient space on device

  69. Jithesh says:

    Hi guys is the OS factory image for Micromax a310 available. Thanks in advance.

  70. Atul Sawant says:

    Dear rahul,
    How to remove Google search bar on my Micromax canvas Nitro a310 screen.. .. Plz help.. ..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Is that sticky? Tap and hold it and drag it to the disposal. If this doesn’t works disable the Google search app from All apps section.

  71. Nikhil says:

    thits ok.. but if u want to run the inbulit app with updated version.. bt it could not possible…any comments…????????

  72. mangesh says:

    How to update hike messenger i try it so many times but i failed to update, it show that conflicting package is already installed on your devices plz help me to update my hike…..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Root your device and uninstall the previously installed hike and then install the latest version of the app.

  73. Yogesh Batra says:

    Dear Micromax team, why do u not print micromax name or logo on front display screen as other top companies print their company name on front display screen glass ???

  74. I am getting a problem with text messages. I hav deleted all the texts ..still it is showing insufficient space n not getting new texts!

  75. How do I disable the whether and news update in Canvas 311? I wanted to limit my data usage to WhatsApp only. Is there any option to restrict the data for specific Apps?

    Help to solve my concern would be much appreciated.

  76. Pallavi says:

    i had disable a camera feature that is cinemagraphic by mistake but the problem here is there is no option of enabling it what should i do now and if i go on to download a game it shows no space is there so an error box appear in front of the screen.

  77. will disabling inbuilt apps cause any problems?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If you’ll disable the system apps then it will create issues, btw which app you’re trying to disable?

  78. pratibha says:

    I waana ask u ..I hav installed launcher nd hided 2 apps.but they are visible in settings under applications.I want to hide them in settings also.not remove but hide.plz help me so that they r not visible in system settings.My mob. Micro ax A92 canvas lite

  79. plese help me my ph. canvas A74 google play services & google play store unstalled but now how to installed. force stop option is hide.

  80. debkanta mukherjee says:

    ive rooted my phone micromax a106 using kingo root but i am nt able to delet preloaded apps permanently its still just being disabled. require advice.


  81. ashvin says:

    i dont know why the f&&& do you misguide people with your column, u r just telling to disable the apps, well duh we already knew that, the articles heading is delete remove apps , and NOTHING in the article tells how to do that, change the freakin name of the article and stop misguiding people

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If you go through the comments, it has already been notified that only rooting your device can let you delete the apps permanently. The article was written in a way to let users know how the apps can be removed from menu.

  82. Guri says:

    Sir I have canvas Knight 290 phone I want to remove news which shows my desktop of phone plz help me

  83. kime nado says:

    Is rooting safe?

  84. Hashir says:

    I have micromax canvas Knight. The application called MAD is misbehaving. I need to stop it.

  85. Muhammed Fajar says:

    How can I remove quick look screen from my micromax a290? Whenever I make it off, it’s automatically gets on after few days

  86. Nadeem ahmad says:

    I have micromax A106 phone and I am unable to use playstore and google account. Kindly tell me the recommended suggestion to make it work smoothly.

  87. Siddhu says:

    Hi Admin.
    1) I am using Canvas Nitro 2 phone (E311) model and unable to turn OFF the LED light (yellow colored), when I use the phone it won’t blink at all, if I lock the phone screen, it blinks, this happens all the time. What to do?
    2) I have to preinstalled apps on the home screen and I am trying to remove the icons from there by drag and remove to bin. (just icons only), I have those pre installed apps in the apps section in the next screen pages, so that is the reason I want to remove it.. How to do that?

    Thank you.

    • Siddhu says:

      Sorry, forgot to mention, when I try to tap and hold the pre installed app on the home screen, it just gives me an option to uninstall but not to remove the icon.

      • Rahul Mehta says:

        If your phone is allowing you to uninstall the app, you can proceed with it and then the icon won’t appear on your screen.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      1. Are you talking about Notification light? If so, that is used to indicate about any coming notifications. Explore the settings if your phone allows turning it off or not.
      2. Pre installed apps can’t be removed, you can disable them thus they won’t appear in menuu.

  88. Manju says:


    I cannot see any photos in galary from sd card after master reset. Kindly revert.


  89. S Mukherjee says:

    I have purchased a Canvas Express 2. On my home screen(left most) there is a newsfeed running all the time. It is consuming data and i am unable to remove it. Please help.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check it under apps section (Settings–>Apps–>All Apps) and disable it.

      • sagun bajaj says:

        Dear Mr. Rahul,
        I have purchased Canvas Xpress 2. I just started up the phone and was removing useless apps. Suddenly the Quick Look is coming at back of the scree(desktop).
        I am unable to process or remove any function and not able to remove it. Kindly tell the solution?

  90. Vimala says:

    I tried disabling a few apps in settings…….now I have 2 problems
    1. Display settings gives an error…unfortunately display stopped working
    2. I cannot change the home page

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      See there are some system application that are not supposed to be deleted/disabled. Enable all the apps and uninstall only the bloatware.

  91. Hi
    I had uninstalled some pre installed apps on my micromax canvas fun A76.Then suddenly i was unable to save any images in my shows some error and not even it takes any image for whatsap profile.Dont knw if some Imp app had been uninstalled by me..Please help me with this.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Go to settings and apps, scroll down below and enable the app whose absence has caused this issue.

  92. Laxmikant says:

    I have a Micromax A300 device, in which so many bloatware apps are their. I have few pre-installed games in it which has uninstall option in setting. Is it safe to uninstall such games from Android device to free some space.

  93. prashanth says:

    hii there.. actually I have using my micromaxx A104 but it hav Preinstalled operamini and some few other apps also but I hav to uninstall and I get to any handler r modded app of operamini. but I easyly download but it should not be installed . there shows Smething error plz help he do I uninstall my preinstllad operamini… plzzzz guys

  94. kshitija says:

    i want to update hike messenger on my micromax A93 without rooting my phone
    plzzzz help me

  95. Hi Rahul,
    How to get back the hidden apps after updating micromax unite 2 A106???
    Also i want to downgrade it is their any way???

  96. I am using micromax a days my phone is having some problem.some pre installed apps are not working properly.frequently its sows as ‘ unfortunately e mail has stopped’.the same app i havw already disabled. But,again the same message is coming.pls advise.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Reboot your device and try accessing them again, if this doesn’t work clear cache and data and then try.

  97. Prem Singh Rathore says:

    The device came pre installed with Truecaller, now there are new versions of truecaller that have come up, and many times true caller notifications also says that the version installed on the device is an older version, but every time I try to update the version, I get an error, and it says that the previous must be uninstalled and the new version then installed, which I cannot do at all, Also, under the System, About (phone) settings, it says that there is a new firmware available for the device, but when I am on wifi and am trying to update the the firmware of the device, it gives me an error that the same could not be done and stops it.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Try updating the OS and then a new TrueCaller (if available) will be installed. Also, try downloading the apk file from web and then install it.

      • Prem Singh Rathore says:

        How do I update the OS please.

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          Which phone do you have? If you don’t wish to update your phone simply shoot an email to Truecaller officials and ask them to provide you an installation file after explain what you have mentioned below.

  98. My mobile micromax canvas Q380 . now it has a malware and Trajan. menu<settings < Home how can I delete them from my mobile. It cannot highlighted. It can be deleted with clean master, antivirus, any type of any viruses. I also do reset factory but problem still going on. How can I update or delete the problem. send the solution to my mail id

  99. menu<settings<home<* laluncher {delete icon}
    * battery control {delete icon}
    these two are not deleted. plz send a solution to my mail

  100. Ritesh says:

    me rooted canvas spark q380 removed a systm app mad. reboot the phone but phone don’t getting switch on i have not backup file. also done hard reset but not getting on. 🙁 🙁

  101. Saurabh says:

    My mobile is rooted and i have android lollipop 5.0 . And i want to uninstall my system app.than how can i do that please reply

  102. mithun says:

    hi rahul
    i m using mmx unit 2 some of china app auto downloaded on my phone but they are not uninstaled my phone getting automatic swithed off. plese give me solution

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Thoroughly check your device and the installed apps. Uninstall the suspicious apps. Let me know if you need more assistance on this.

  103. Ashwani Kumar says:

    hey Rahul Mehta…
    i need to talk ….
    which smartphone are u using…
    i want a help please let me know..

  104. Madhurima Dutta says:

    Hi Rahul Mehta, am using micromax canvas A1. And I want to disable some preloaded apps like Newsstand,play game,play movies,play book, M!Live,Keep,news nd weather,hangsout ,you tube,Quick Office,Translate ,and askMe. If I disable all these apps ,will they affect my play store app or my phone?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      No, this won’t affect your device. These apps can be disabled without any issues. Don’t disable any system apps.

  105. Sandeep sandilya says:

    I diabled one app from canvas 4 plus few weeks my fone is really misbehaving.apps get auto downloaded.different popup ads keep i m not able to view any thing on my fone because these auto download nd pop ups are so frequent that running a 1 mint video becomes 5 mint play.they totally my fone nd pushes it into freeze.using chrome has also became a problem as unknown windows opens itself.even writing this message became a 20 mint work .plz help to correct this micromax phone(A315 model ).

  106. Kuldeep singh says:

    sir i have mmx q380 and i want to that how can i root my phone without losing my data save on enternal memory

  107. ritik says:

    How to restrict particular apps from using mobile data and WiFi ???
    Please reply sooner on my mail please.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Please use any third party app for this, MMX doesn’t provide this feature on their phones.

  108. dushyanth shyamala says:

    hi,am dushyanth s.
    am using micro max a350 knight
    am facing a problem about storage.
    when am installing new app,it shows error,low space in storage..
    actully i have 8 gb space in my internal sd card.
    please kindly help me out

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Check your phone storage, internal storage is for data. Free up your phone’s storage and try installing the apps again.

  109. Daniel Navgire says:

    My phone Micromax Canvas A 190 model is really misbehaving.apps i.e:- unnecessarily apps getting auto downloaded, end number of different popup ads flash on the screen, and so my phone is hanged.. now i m not able to view any thing on my phone because these auto download of apps and pop ups which are so frequently running on my phone screen that really freeze my phone.

    End number of times I have uninstalled these unwanted apps from apps setting but whenever I switched on my handset it again starts downloading these apps automatically…I’m very frustrated and worried due to this..I don’t know when and how to stop this.
    Please help me to correct this micromax phone(A 190 model ).

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Use data tracking apps for sometime, check which app exactly is consuming the maximum data. Once you have the confirmed result either disable that app or stop its internet connectivity.

  110. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,
    please guide how to reset/root device without loosing any data/images/videos from internal memory


  111. ROHIT SAINI says:

    my phone is not install any app except the apps which i download from google play store please ask me what is reason

  112. Ananya says:

    I am using micromax canvas fire A104. I dont browse chrome in my phone. But I only use whatsapp, truecaller, imo, viber, paytm and kaspersky internet security thats it. My media download is off. I download the needed photos in whatsapp manually. But my kaspersky antivirus shows often that one provision syscore-1 app is a virus and asks me to delete. I deleted it but again it automatically showing in my phone. I am really troubled with this and constant pop ups in my notification. how to get rid of it please help. is this really dangerous ? Please guide me.

  113. Sumit Vasudev says:

    I want to update Truecaller app. But you have provided pre-installed app which I can’t Uninstall and also get error if I update it from playstore. Also I downloaded lattest version of truecaller from truecaller site for micromax. But when I install it, I receive messages app with same signature package already exist. Are u capable in solving this issue? Why you haven’t provided Uninstall option for the pre install app? Can’t we download only the useful app from playstore? Why should we keep useless app in our phone?

  114. Ashish says:

    The software update app in my micromax canvas does not provide me any disabeling facility and keeps on poping spam which is very annoying.

  115. Rujjivit says:

    I have deleted a system app named firsttouch after rooting then i formatted the phone now it is causing various problems. So now what should I do?

  116. But in my Micromax canvas nitro 2 Music app was not disable what can I do for that?

  117. sayan mukherjee says:

    I am using micromax xpress2 E313 handset .I have disabled micromax “App Center” many times ,but it found enabled autometically. Please let me know how to resolve the problem permanently.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If it is causing any problem follow this – Disable–> Clear data and cache and switch off its internet from mobile and wifi. It won’t bug you much.

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