CyanogenMod says Hello to Micromax & Bye to OnePlus in India

OnePlus One the flagship device by Oneplus company is subjected to be released this 2nd December 2014. Earlier it was assumed that the phone will be launched with CyanogenMod as it OS however as per the recent collaboration of CyanogenMod with Micromax, company has decided not to bring the device with Cyanogen out of the box in India.

Micromax with cyanogenmod

Micromax is going to launch their new phone brand ‘YU’ which will be solely selling the devices with Cyanogen as its operating system. This could be one of the reason OnePlus isn’t partnering with CyanogenMod in India.

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One Plus One Co-founder Carl Pei cleared the speculations by admitting that it was quite surprising as well as disappointing for them to see this situation but they will go as per their plan and most probably it won’t get updated.

One Plus One in their “Letter to Indian User” explained that globally they will get OTA support but in India users won’t receive any updates from the CyanogenMod thorough  OTA. They further explained that Indian users can use Flash CyanogenMod manually which will be available for One Plus One devices.

One Plus expressed its dismay by adding that, till last month Cyanogen and we together were planning to make this launch a hit but now since the news came up on 26th November, that Cyanogen is planning to collaborate with an Indian firm it was equally surprising and disappointing. Cyanogen and One Plus have together delivered many successful projects in around 17 countries, including the Indian region. It would be really unfortunate that whatever promises we made together won’t be upheld.

On the other hand, Vikas Agarwal who is the GM of One Plus company said that phones which will be launched in this December will run on the beta system of their own operating system and the same will be upgraded to a stable version till February.

Micromax has released their press release in which they said that this collaboration will bring immense benefit to the user base since they together will work on to deliver a very high-class of mobile sets which will be completely centered on the users need.

Moreover the first device which will be released with Cyanogen Mod OS will be under the brand name YU and will be the very first to include Cyanogen’s New theme app which encompasses a powerful theming engine which will let users experience deep levels of UI personalization.

So, it’s a good news for Micromax’s fans and at the same time disappointing for OnePlus fans.

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