Download Best Ringtones App for your Micromax & YU Phone

Android has been impressive and continues to stay so ever since its launch in 2008. It has brought users plethora of features and customization options and is thus widely used in smart devices all around us. We are free to make so many modifications as per user needs, that one can tire themselves out.

Ringtone apps for Micromax and YU

It is pretty obvious that not every Android device shares a similar UI, this is again thanks to the ability of Android to be customizable, and thus every OEM has their own UI or skin that comes preloaded with the devices they make. Some popular examples are MIUI for Xiaomi and TouchWiz for Samsung devices, each skin has comes with its lot of Wallpapers, Apps, Notification sounds and Ringtones.

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In case, the preloaded Ringtones are not enough for you, there is always room for more customization for which the credit goes to the millions of apps on the Google Play Store via which one can always load up more stuff and increase their choices. Obviously, since there are so many options it might get confusing. So, today we list out the top ringtone apps available for your Micromax devices to help you find the right tone for your phone.

Ringtone Apps for Micromax & YU Mobile Phones

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge is the most popular and widely used app for phone personalization, with over 5M+ rated reviews it is the most trusted app under this segment. It helps you provide with free Wallpaper, Ringtones, Alarms and Notification sounds and you have a variety to ponder upon as per your liking and taste.

You can preview and download ringtones via Zedge, along with the notification and alarm sounds too. Zedge allows you to set up custom ringtone for custom contacts, thus separating out the individuals.


Audiko Ringtones

Audiko takes pride in being the app to help you customize your home screen wallpaper, Ringtone and your notification sounds. It gives you access to the best of tracks, which you can feast upon and set as your ringtone.

It provides a collection of over 2M tracks and even helps you filter ‘em. You can also cut and edit your ringtones and all of this is bundled in this 8MB app.


MTP Ringtones and Wallpaper

This is yet another personalization app, offering a large variety of ringtones, wallpapers to help you customize. MTP provides you with continuous daily updates of the content to choose upon and you can listen and download the various ringtones.

It allows you to set notification sounds, alarm sounds all from within the app itself and even offers to help set contact ringtones, thus being an all in one app.


Cool Ringtones

Cool Ringtones aim to become the app to help you feel relieved by offering to you Cool audio effects. These sounds can be multipurpose varying from ringtone to your notification sounds.

Cool Ringtones also provides various funny sounds to fill your daily dose of humor everytime your phone rings up. So use Cool Ringtone and choose upon the SFX choose upon the SFX for your phone.


Notification Ringtones

This app offers you a collection of 1000+ downloadable content consisting of various Ringtones, Notification sounds and Alarm warnings. The app helps you keep your phone interesting by offering something more than just the default sounds.

You can even create your own ringtone, by editing and cutting them. Stream and listen to the sounds before downloading, thus saving your precious data.


With this, we sum up the article, there are lot of apps in the Play Store and you’re free to try them, but you’d be better off, if you start with the above mentioned ones. Your phone is a huge part of your lifestyle, so it is important that it should reflect upon your style and taste. So go ahead and feel free to try the combinations until you feel home.

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