Whatsapp Common issues faced by Micromax Canvas Bolt Users

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging app available on various platforms. Talking about the Android phones particularly in this post, the app is available to download either from the Google play store or from the official site of Whatsapp. Whenever a user install this app, the app ask the […]

How to Block Unwanted calls Messages on Micromax Android Phones

Most of us are fed up of receiving telemarketing calls or calls from unknown people. This post is specially written for girls as they face this issue many a time (getting calls from unknown guys). On regular basis we receive many offers from our network provider either in the form of text messages or phone […]

How To Record Phone Calls on Micromax Android Phones

We have been sharing loads of guides on our site. Few days back one of readers asked how to record the phone calls on Micromax device. I provided him the solution and thought why not to share with everyone out here. Well this is very simple you can record any phone call with just a […]

How to Unlock Micromax Phone after too many Failed Pattern Attempts

Normally we all Android users for the sake of our own privacy set up a lock on the Home screen so that any other person can’t bypass it to check our personal stuff. Pattern lock is the popular one and most of the users use this. We all come across a common problem forgetting or […]

How to Remove Pre installed apps from Micromax Phones

When you buy a new smartphone the company offers some per installed applications. Now some of the apps are useful no doubt on that some are really crap no use and the worst part is they consume RAM too. So if you remove those apps it will surely help you to free up bit RAM. […]

How to lock messages, Gallery and apps on Micromax Phones

Some phones by default allows users to set a password on messages and other apps for users privacy. But on Android OS by installing an app you can do the same thing very easily. You can lock messages, gallery and apps on micromax phones just by installing an app which is listed below. You can […]

How to Hide Pictures, Videos on Micromax Android Phones

So you bought an Android Phone, loaded many pics and videos into it and set up a security lock on the homepage but whenever anyone ask you to show your phone you usually open the home lock now where is the privacy? Android OS allows you to customize your phone fully, you can hide whatever […]

How to Install & Uninstall Apps on Micromax Android Devices

This post is specially written for all those users who have recently switched to a phone running on Android operating system. Google Android OS is easy to understand but for some people its not that easy. So today we will let everyone know how they can install and uninstall apps & games on Micromax android […]

How to Create Backup of SMS, Contacts, Apps in Micromax Phone

We value our personal stuffs and we usually keep them stored in the phone. Whether our family pictures, videos our favorite songs, the games we play – we store all of them in our phone. Most of the people don’t take a backup of the data present in their phone. Sometimes the phone doesn’t operate […]

How to take a Screenshot on Micromax Android Devices

Well this is kind of noob question, but i usually cover all the things related to Micromax devices on this site. You all might be aware of How to take a screenshot on Micromax Android device– the process behind it. When i bought Micromax device i didn’t knew how to take a screenshot of the […]