How to take a Screenshot on Micromax Android Devices

Well this is kind of noob question, but i usually cover all the things related to Micromax devices on this site. You all might be aware of How to take a screenshot on Micromax Android device– the process behind it. When i bought Micromax device i didn’t knew how to take a screenshot of the background. I searched the web and found the answer within few seconds. The process which i have depicted below will show you how you can take a screenshot on Micromax Android device.

Micromax Android Mobile

I’ve a habit of taking screenshots of all the games i play. Generally me and my brother whenever play a game we usually take a screenshot of our highest score either of Temple Run, Subway Surfer, etc or you might have noticed on our site whenever i need to explain any process or method i usually post screenshots so that the method can be easily understood by our readers.

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How to Take a Screenshot on Micromax Android Smartphone

To capture a screenshot of the background simply Long press the Volume down key + Power/Lock button. Hold these two keys for a while may be for 3 seconds than your screenshot will be saved which you can check in gallery or File Manager–>Pictures–>Screenshots.

In Gallery You’ll see a a folder named Screenshots where you can see all the saved screenshots.

This method will work on most of the Micromax Canvas Phones running on Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich – Canvas 4, Canvas Doodle 2, Canvas 2, C2 Plus, Micromax Canvas HD, Canvas lite, Canvas viva, Music phone, Turbo, etc.


I also explored the play store and found some apps which allows the user to capture the screen just by installing the app and following the simple way to trigger the screenshot – like shaking the phone, set time, Audio, Custom Screen Shortcut.

The app which i found is Screenshot Ultimate, which i haven’t tested on my Micromax Device. I’d rather suggest you not to install any application to capture the Android mobile screen. Just follow the simple method – Volume Down key + Power Button.

Screens I Captured on My Micromax Canvas Device

Games Screenshots on Micromax Android Mobile

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  1. Aditya says:

    Really I don’t know about this feature

  2. the volume down and power button doesn’t seem to work in Micromax A74.
    please help me with it i don’t want to download an app for it.

    • Hi Jeet
      I don’t have that device but i checked on canvas Fun A63, Volume down and power button works on that phone.

    • ayush says:

      it worked on mmx a74, just press volume key 1st nd then power key..thanx

      • Dr Prakash Harischandra says:

        It works on Micromax A76 also . I wanted to prove a video that I could stall the video.. but since few days was trying the reverse way power button first then volume… today after reading this post tried volume first followed by power button.. it works and saved screenshot in gallery. Thank you all.

    • nd wht for micromaxA40?got no idea

  3. shubham says:

    hello mate i also own canvas2 …. following the same instruction as posted above… bt no screenshot found in gallery or file manager…. :confused:

  4. bhavin says:

    Its working on micromax a117

  5. I have a problem in taking the screen shot…. I am not able to take screen shot.. It’s showing error.. That is couldn’t save SD card is full.. But I have formated the memory card and then too tried it but it’s showing up the same error.. I have deleted all the screen shot but then too showing me the same error.. Admin Pls do help me out with this problem.. I have taken 216 screen shot and then deleted also but there is the same error.. So Pls do help me out.. I have a memory card of 8 gb and still empty place is 5 gb.. But still the same error.. Pls help me.. And let me the problem and a solution for it as soon as possible.. Pls Admin help me out..

    • I guess the screenshots are being saved in the internal SD card. Do one thing settings–>Storage–> Choose External SD card. Please inform me whether this issue still persists.

      • Ya I did it and thanks.. :-).. It’s working.. Thanks to you.. :-).. You told it’s right that it was getting stored in internal memory.. I formated the internal storage.. And now it’s working.. By the way thanks.. πŸ™‚

        • Glad to see that it worked for you πŸ™‚
          Keep visiting our blog.

          • Navin says:

            i have some error while capturing screenshot.after pressing buttons it shows “couldnt capture screenshot storage may in use”
            what can i do plzzz sugest some solutions…

          • Rahul Mehta says:

            Switch the primary storage location from settings.

      • same problem mjhe bhi h..screenshot capture nhi ho rha h..even settings me se storage se external sd card choose krne k baad bhi wat to do..

  6. Harsh Anadkat says:

    I hav a little problem i.e wenever i take ny pic i.e capture ny photo frm cam i make snap shot sound how to make it silent in canvas magnus a117 plz help me out dude

    • Try : Camera–>Menu–>Shutter sound–> Uncheck it or whenever you open the camera use the volume down button to decrease the volume.

  7. sanskriti gupta says:

    it isn’t working on canvas viva a72…all that happens is that switch off/power off/ airplane mode option pops up n nothing else…please help…

    • Sanskriti Press the volume down and Power Lock key together. And the above method works fine with devices running on ICS and above.

      • sanskriti gupta says:

        I don’t think i am going to get it…thanks though…

        • Its too easy Sanskriti. You can watch the demo on youtube.

          • Im nt gting u my phone is alss mamx a72 how can I take screen short πŸ™

          • You can try installing screenshot apps which allows users to capture a screen. The above mentioned method doesn’t works on phone running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

  8. I have a problem in taking the screen shot…. I am not able to take screen shot.. It’s showing error.. That is couldn’t save SD card is full.. i m using canvas a111 …please help ..

  9. Pls tell me how to make folder of photographs and messages nd hide them or give them password in micromaxA117

    • Follow this guide to hide photos and other things -

  10. ratnesh namdeo says:

    i was searching actually i googled about this for a long time installed some bullshit app frm playstore but they asked to root & even dnt worked.

    thanks to you.
    i appreciate.

  11. akshaya says:

    hey i own canvas fun a 74..i tried getting the screen shot the way u told.. i even changed the storage to external sd card.. still its showing the same error.. couldn’t save the image. storage memory full.. please help..

  12. dushyant says:

    I hv a canvas a72 viva…..
    I have tried a couple of times to take a screenshot…….but im failing everytime…….
    I followed all ur steps correctly…..but it didnt work for me………plz help……
    My os is android 2.3.6 gingerbread……
    Plzz…..i need help…its very important for me to take a scrnshot…….plz reply soon…….. πŸ™‚

  13. smitha says:

    Thank you so much admin….
    I was trying to screenshot of things from last 1 month….
    Thank u so much for solving this problem…

  14. anitha says:

    is der any option to take screenshots on my micromax bolt a40 phone???

  15. Diwakar says:

    Thanks for the post on taking screen spot in micromax turbo. Was struggling for last couple of weeks. So simple!

  16. Jainam says:

    It really works…..
    Thank you so much…….

  17. Hey,
    My problem with screenshots in Micromax canvas HD is that the volume bar also gets captured on the screenshot! I tried many times. please help


    • admin says:

      Get it repaired Lynni or install any app which allows to capture a screenshot. Will you find it or should i provide you the link?

  18. karthik says:

    Dude, thanks a lot. I am grateful to you. I wanted to capture all the great stuff going on on my android.

  19. hi am using micromax canvas 240 (doodle 2).i tried 3 r 4 times to take was success. but after that it is showing some storage my device there is no external sd card.but it has its phone storage and internal sd card.also i dont have any option to change the storage location.default is internal sd card.i have 6gb free space.pls help me admin

    • abhi says:

      pls insert an external sd card, then it will show you two options in the settings, d one is internal sd & the other one is external sd, then select external sd for saving screenshot.
      it will work.

  20. Jay Varma says:

    I have heard that in canvas4 there is a system by just passing my hand over the screen i can take screenshots how does it work and how can i start this ….!!!!plz help

  21. Jay Varma says:

    Thanxxxxx…..but is there is any additional software for this feature…!!!

  22. Gautham says:

    thank u so much 4 the info!

  23. I tried saving an image in a canvas A111 but i cannot find it in the downloads folder.. Can you please help me out

  24. yogesh says:

    Hey… when i take photo in my micromax a47 error ur memory interal storage full … so non option in camera setting so wht i do forr capture photo &ect…

    • Change the storage. Follow : Settings–>Storage –>choose Internal or External SD card.

  25. akshatha says:

    even after mounting d sd card its not working in my canvas doodle a111

  26. Bijender Kumar says:

    Canvas 2.2 superb Android smart phone verry nice phone in this price range..

  27. lalit tahilramani says:

    i m using micromax a61…nd the method isnt working
    wat shld i do???

  28. Srianka says:

    Thanx…i am nw able to take screenshots following your instructions.thanx again.

  29. HUSSAIN says:


  30. utkarsh says:

    it is not working on canvas doodle a111

  31. melvin says:

    m unable to take screenshort on my canvas doodle 2…. i have followed the required steps… but still not successful.. please help!!!!!!

  32. works on CANVAS DOODLE 2

  33. admin says:


    We have mentioned few privacy apps here –

    • Bhaskat says:

      I have been using canvas4. I was searched for screen shot how to take. But i was failed even after holding volume and power key for 1sec to 3sec together .pls to come out from issue

      • admin says:

        try again and hold the buttons until it captures the screen. If still you’re not able to take a screenshot, use any application to capture screen. Download from the play store.

  34. Neil Raval says:

    Thnx …..

  35. swapnil says:

    Hi, thanx…. I can take screen shoots now…i have A117…..

  36. Rabi Kaur says:

    I try dis on bolt a36 bt its not working.. πŸ™

    • admin says:

      The above method works on devices running on Android ICS and above. Try installing any screenshot application to your phone.

  37. Fatema says:

    hey i tried that screenshot simple method volume down + power key button. the capture works but the problem is it isn’t saving my images and when i try to open them it writes no thumbnail, what do i do NOW?

    P.S. it used to work first.

  38. Mahijeet Dhabhai says:

    Hey Admin, My C2 starts hanging after sometime of playing a game , browsing and downloading some thing plzzz help me

  39. adnan says:

    Hi i am using canvas 240…..when i take the screen shot…it is sucess but it does not get saved…error says something about storage. I remember earlier i had taken n saved screen shot but by mistake deleted the folder where it was saved in the gallary. Plz help. Regards

    • Rahul Mehta says:


      Follow: Settings–>Storage– Change the primary storage location and try again.

  40. ameya says:

    I’m using doolde1.. since many days I’m unable to take screenshots… its showing SD card is full..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Change storage location by following Settings–>Storage–>Preferred storage location.

  41. rik chatterjee says:

    thnx its help me….work with micromax A47 Volume Down + Side lock/Power key

  42. liza says:

    im using doodle1, im unable to take screenshots , its showing.. ”unable to take screenshots. sd card full.”
    what is the problem

  43. laksh jangid says:

    I have MMX a77 canvas juice……I have problem to capture screenshots or say I don’t know how to capture…….intact I tried ur method btttt noo sucesss….its not working……plzzzz hlpp yrrrr

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Use a screenshot application then. You can download the application from the play store.

  44. Neeraj Khandelwal says:

    m unable to take screenshort on my Micromax Canvas HD A116…. i have followed the required steps… but still not successful.. please help!!!!!!

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      try using any screenshot application. Download from play store.

  45. krunal says:

    sd card is full error while capturing the screenshot and i try that trick of external sd storage and also try some app but i did not work please give me some suggestion……….plz as soon as possiable

  46. Satyam says:

    Thanks, it works on Micromax Canvas A63 also? I didn’t know about this earlier !!

  47. jalal says:

    I have canvas tab and I have taken screen shot its saving and when I m opening that saved pic its showing no thumnail that is in .PNG format

  48. santhosh says:

    Hi am using micromax A240 wen i take screenshot it shows screenshot can’t Captured storage may be….. how to fix this pls help me to solve this problem

  49. manisha says:

    Thanks a lot… works..:-)

  50. vijayraghuvendra says:

    thnx dude,
    its working

  51. Hi can you tell me some very goods apps to be downloaded in my MMX canvas HD

  52. hi… micromax canvas a72 i cant take screen shot plzzz help me how to take screen shot

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Your phone runs on Android 2.3 and the above mentioned method doesn’t works for your device. try downloading any app for the same.

  53. Not working on my bolt a36. Is thr any altrntv????? Pls help ….

  54. Manikrao Pawar says:

    Thank you it’s working..

  55. parvezzz says:

    Thnx admin it worked on canvas juice A177 too…. Thumbs up!

  56. parvezzz says:

    Admin can i install all my apps in external memory card in my canvas juice A177. All the apps i install it is occupying space in phone storage.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can try by following: settings–>Apps–>tap on the app which you want to transfer–>Move to external SD card.

  57. chintan agravat says:

    Hey admin pls help me!!
    I have canvas dodel 2
    Screen shot not captured
    Couldn’t capture screenshot aa jata he.

  58. Sneha Saha says:

    Ee..!!! πŸ˜€ I’m so happy, It works !! ^_^

  59. Luv Bhushanwar says:

    Hey Thanks buddy… It worked perfectly fine..


    Thanks a ton to the person who had upload how to take a screenshot and I was facing the same problem and when i was download micromax pc suite go to know about this option..

    thanks a lot again

  61. and even I can’t take screenshot. it comes sd card is full. i tried on the availble options:
    internal device storage
    removable sd card
    let the system device.
    everytimes it shows sd card isfull
    i cant find option for external storage.
    please help me asap I’ll be grateful to you. πŸ˜€

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Which Phone you’re using? and when you hold the two keys (Vol. down and lock key) does any notification appears in the notifications bar?

  62. Sathish says:

    Thanks a lot. I was trying all sorts of options since more than 6 months. You post just helped me in seconds.

  63. Prakash Manjappa says:

    Its workin in Micromax canvas HD plus A 190 method:open your screen which you want to take scren shot.
    then long press Volume down and power button works on that phone.


  64. Tasia says:

    I m nt able to take the screenshot on my Micromax bolt a36 device. I even downloaded the app still its nt wrking. Pls help.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Which app did you use? The button combination won’t work on your device.

  65. dixit says:

    Thanx its working in micromax unite 2

  66. kajal says:

    Thnx frnd its working……:)

  67. Omresh says:

    Dear Admin,
    I am not able to take the screen shot. Is it working on Canvas A1. I have tried many times but didn’t even see a single message like “Screenshot saving….Pls help.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You can use screenshot apps as well. Go to play store and download one.

  68. v.mahesh says:

    Thank you so much.I really don’t know the screen shot in mobiles.its amazing.

  69. amit says:

    It is working in my a190 Micromax phone thanks for trick

  70. Lucky says:

    Dear Rahul
    Thanx 4 ur promt reply for every1nes comments… ur tricks helped me too for screenshot….Now I want to know that whenever I want to make any pic as my wallpaper.. a msg pop up that Unfortunately Google+ has stoped wrking …even my google+ account z active in my mobile…hence i cant make any image as wallpaper. plz suggest me what I do????

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      If you’re not using G+, try uninstalling it. Once you set the wallpaper install it again.

      • shital adroja says:

        I’m not getting u my phone is also micro max A36… how can I take screen short πŸ™ ???

        • Rahul Mehta says:

          The above mentioned won’t work with A36, download any app from play store for the same.

  71. It is not working on a1 canvas

  72. Bro how to it works in canvas nitro…it gets click snapshot..but can’t be saved even if I have good empty space in SD n internal storage…can you guide plz

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Any error coming up in the notification area?

      • it says no stoarge where in there is enough space in both external and internal storage.. also when I go in internal stoarge folder of snap shots in gallery…pics are saved but its a blank image….

  73. hiii mai jb screenshot le rha hu thn notification show kr rha ki can”t take screenshot due to limited storage space or it is”t allowed by the app of your organistaion mera phone micromax canvas juice 3 Q392 hai
    aur jb gallery check kri thn image aai but poor black image show ho ri h .
    plzz resolve it.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Change the preferred storage location to External SD card (Settings–>Storage), else you would have to free up your internal SD card.

  74. thankes guyes it realy worked on my canvas a63

  75. Pabitra says:

    I have micromax canvas hue(AQ5000).I want to know which screenshot app will support in HUE I tried 3,4 screenshot app from playstore and follow the instruction of pressing the volume down key & power bottom or home key for 2 to 3 seconds but didn’t work.what is the suggestion?????

  76. Hi I have mmx, e471 Knight 2 when I want to take screen shot it is showing me error as “can’t take screen shot due to limited space, or it isn’t allowed by the app or your organization” what should I do. Plz helo

  77. how to screen shot in my micromax tab p702 plzzz help…….

  78. Abul Hisham says:

    Thanks a Lott….it worked on my micromax canvas tab p480

  79. GHANSHYAM says:

    It’s really working.

  80. Arnab Haldar says:

    I am using Micromax Canvas Xpress my handset screenshot taking is not working….
    The error messege is…
    Can not take screenshot due to limited storage space or it is not allowed by the app or your organization…

    But I have enough storage..
    Please help me..

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Free up your phone’s storage and try again. Transfer the data from phone’s storage to external storage.

  81. kirti parde says:

    that’s so easy. it really works.

  82. Vijay says:

    Hi i have micromax canvas juice 4g….but power+volume down is not working…whenever i hold the buttons it goes to vibration…plz hlp

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      You need to hold them together, if still you’re unable to do the same then use an app for the same. The app can be downloaded from the play store.

  83. Shahrukh srk says:

    Hii Admin..
    I have problem while taking screenshot in micromax A111..when i m taking screenshot they said couldn’t take screenshot Sd card is full..even i changed the storage location from settings..the save problem is carrying..suggest me some tricks plzz…plzz

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