Micromax Canvas HD with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean New Camera UI

Few days ago we reported to our readers that Micromax canvas HD will soon receive the android 4.3 Jelly bean update. MMXNewsCaster is well known portal for leaking the inside updates of Micromax products. Yesterday they shared a pic which showed theย Android 4.3 Camera Interface on Canvas HD. This also confirms that 4.3 will be available on few Micromax Android Smartphones. The officials hasn’t stated out when this update will be rolled out but the devices which are supposed to receive this update are canvas4 , Canvas Doodle 2, etc.

Android 4.3 Jelly bean

FYI: Google new android 4.4 KitKat has also been proposed out, earlier it was decided that 4.4 will be named as Key lime pie.

What Android 4.3 features on Micromax Android Devices ?

Well there are loads of features introduced to this new android version. Lots of things have been improved, I’m listing the top 10 features below through which you can get a glimpse of this new upcoming update.

  1. Restricted Profiles.
  2. Bluetooth Smart Ready.
  3. Dial-pad Autocomplete.
  4. Notification Access
  5. Simplified Setup Wizard
  6. OpenGL ES 3.0
  7. Bluetooth AVRCP
  8. Location accuracy features via Wi-Fi scan only mode
  9. Keyboard & input
  10. Hindi support lands on Android 4.3.
  11. New Camera UI.


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To know more about these features I advice everyone to read the details on the official website of Google Android.

Micromax 4.3 Android Camera UI on Canvas HD Testing Screenshot

Micromax 4.3 Android Camera UI on Canvas HD Testing Screenshot

The credit for this image goes to MMXNewsCaster who tweeted this update from their official Twitter account.

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For updates, check out our OS update section.


  1. Sugam Kumar says:

    Micromax is unstoppable now. Approx every week company comes with new gadget which is really good. This is the reason, now they are second place in India in terms of Selling.

    • Yes and soon they will be on the top beating Samsung. Glad to see Indians supporting domestic mobile brands.

      • Aditya says:

        Well… Yeah… I mean, they are providing Samsung grade phones for half the price and it’s nice to know they’re domestic and care more for the people than make money… It’s kinda like Google… for India…

  2. Sanket Damke says:

    Wow.. Hoping some day mmx will launch its products in other countries also and become successful.

    • Hi Sanket,
      MMX is already present in few other countries like Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Nepal, etc.

  3. now can’t wait to get this update on my canvas 2 plus.. btw the blog is good.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. kamikazi says:

    I’m not able to find the button “check for system updates” in my mobile. I even explored About Phone but couldn’t find it and I have a new option is Settings which says “Developer Options”. It wasn’t there when I bought it and even tell me its use. Help me out.

    • Hi Kamikazi

      We will post a guide to get this update soon. Let the update come out first.

      • Aditya says:

        hi kamikazi,

        which android version do you have?? And is there a micromax app called software update. That too should upgrade your android version

  5. Hi support,

    Plz let me know abt Canvas 2. Is there any update ? Can I get the advance version of 4.1.1?

    • Currently, the update isn’t available. once it gets out officially we will post it on our site.

  6. there is an any update after 4.1.1 in canvas 2 ? any in future it will come??

  7. Admin: What is meaning of New Camera UI…

    • Every android version comes with a New UI (User interface), In the same way 4.3 offers a new camera UI. Check out the screenshot I’ve posted above and compare it with any other phone running on lower android version.

  8. Akash kumar says:

    Hey admin,
    Do u know that how could i get the smart video pause feature on my canvas hd ….?????
    Plzzzz say if there is any solution ……

    • admin says:

      Hi Akash
      That feature is available in Doodle 2 and Canvas 4. You need to install a custom ROM either of Canvas 4 or doodle 2 to get this feature on your phone.

  9. Hey admin,
    Do u know that could i get the pop up video & multi window function in 4.3 update of canvas hd????

  10. i have a canvas hd . how i update my phn 4.1 to 4.3

  11. Deep satra says:

    Heyy is dis offical version coz i hve 4.2 when i press the update button it shows phone up to date so…..??

  12. Vikrant Gajria says:

    Restricted profiles are exclusive to tablets. They won’t come to the A116.

  13. Avinash says:

    We all wanted this to happen since a long time. Indians should rule over their own market – As simple and clear as that. I too, was thinking about buying a medium/low budget phone {around 13,000 INR} Samsung phone. Now, I have decided to take the Canvas Magnus A117. @Admin – Your suggestions required !!

  14. Aditya Purohit says:

    I’ve installed android 4.3 camara on my canvas HD. However I’m not able use photo sphere option.
    kndly help

  15. Aditya says:

    I’ve Canvas HD & just replaced Camera and Gallery with 4.3 camera. However camera doesn’t display PHOTO SPHERE option.

  16. ambuj gupta says:

    What is the latest operating system upgrade for Canavs HD? and a link shall be appreciated……..i don’t want to go to the service centre.

  17. Jishnu says:

    Hi I have the Canvas Turbo running on 4.2.1 jelly bean.
    How can I upgrade to 4.3 Jelly bean and when Kit kat OS will be available for Canvas Turbo.


  18. Prajwal Ranjan says:

    Hi….could pls tell me the date when the upgrade (4.3) will come out for canvas hd……and how do upgrade it from 4.1.2

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