Canvas 4 vs Canvas Doodle 2 Screen Size & Display Comparison

Micromax canvas 4 and Canvas Doodle 2 are the newest launch by Micromax . We have written detailed specifications of these phones which you can read on our site . Both the phones are priced more than 15k and the phones features various sensors , smart gestures , etc . The specifications of these phones are quite appreciable and compete with other mobile brands . Today we’ll compare screen size & display type of canvas 4 and Doodle 2   .Few days ago when Doodle 2 Pics got leaked , a pic stated out the difference in the screen size which you can check out below .

Micromax Canvas doodle 2 vs canvas 4 screen size

Micromax Canvas doodle 2 vs canvas 4 screen size

As you can see in the above pic , there is a difference in the screen size of both the smartphones . In terms of design if i compare the front look of both these smartphones the look is pretty similar . In fact all the canvas smartphones look the same from the front side . In both the phones the camera is placed on the extreme upper side of back which looks classic .

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Canvas 4 Pic :

Micromax canvas 4 A210


Canvas Doodle 2 Pic :

Micromax canvas Doodle 2 Image


Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 VS Canvas 4 Screen Specification

Doodle 2 : Doodle 2 comes with a big 5.7 inch Screen with IPS display . Color Depth is 16.7M and the screen resolution is HD (1280X720) .


Canvas 4 : Canvas 4 has a 5.0 inch screen with IPS display with corning gorilla glass which is damage resistive . Color depth is around 16.7M and the screen resolution is ( 1280X720 ) HD .


Difference :

Difference is observed in terms of screen size only . Canvas Doodle 2 has a 5.7 inch screen where as canvas 4 hs a 5 inch screen .Canvas 4 comes with gorilla glass which is very well known for its  damage resistivity . If you like phones with big screen then you may like canvas doodle 2 more . Explore our site for a detailed comparison of canvas doodle 2 and canvas 4 . Check out phone comparisons in compare section .


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  1. rinkaj padole says:

    good phone par pri bhe ho to maja aajay

  2. Shivam Malhotra says:

    I tell u that there is a negative poiny with doodle 2 that there is no space for the stylus to keep in the phone. And once this stylus is misplaced I don’t thibk u will get a spare stylus for doodle 2. And another minus point is that doodle 2’s memory is fixed that is 16gb internal and it cannot be extended as there is no room for the Sd card. So doodle 2 is a gud phone but it also has some negative points :O

  3. jyothish says:

    i have a c4 and i love it

  4. I love the Doodle 2, as a photographer I needed to show my images on a larger screen, this screen is wonderful and i picked it up from ALFA stores in mumbai for 14,100-amazing price, i wondered what made Micromax not make space for the stylus, i engineered a slot in the cover. i highly recommend it, 12gb of internal memory seems fine for my needs.

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