How to Update Micromax Canvas 2 to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Manually

Micromax canvas 2 runs on android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system . Micromax recently released an OS update for canvas 2 i.e jelly bean for canvas 2 . Now the problem which is arising is – The update is not available via OTA (over the air) so Users need to take their phone to the service center for OS upgrade. We received many queries related to this OS update , people wanted to know how can they update canvas 2 OS from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 manually . Below we have listed two methods through which you can get jelly bean 4.1.1 on your device .

Micromax Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Update

Though it isn’t the latest jelly Bean update i.e 4.2.1 but still Official Jelly bean is now available for C2 . One thing i want to mention here is that soon 4.3 jelly bean will be available for few canvas smartphones like canvas HD , Canvas 4 , etc .


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How to Update Micromax Canvas 2 from Stock ICS to Jellybean  (without going to service center)

Before you move ahead read some FAQs related to this OS upgrade :


  • Do You need a rooted device ?

Depends on the method you follow

  • Will I lose my data?

Yes You will Lose all your data.
Also Check : How to Root Micromax A110 Canvas 2

As written above you will lose all your data , so it is advised to take backup of all of your personal data through backup apps like ‘SMSContactBackup’ , ‘Titanium Backup’ ,etc .


Method 1 : Flashing recovery through Mobile Uncle MTK Tools

  • Download the Mobile Uncle MTK tools to your phone and install (link above)


  • Download clockwork MOD recovery from this link  . Rename the file to recovery.img and then put it in the root of your SD card.
  • Select the option recovery update  from here

Canvas 2 Os upgrade mthod

  • Now Choose The file “recovery.img” from the list and press OK when this pop up comes

Canvas 2 jelly bean update

  • After it , hit on ok and the phone will reboot into recovery mode.

Jelly Bean canvas 2 guide

Now You have clockwork recovery mod in your device. Do take a backup of your existing ROM for safety (Backup and restore>Backup into storage) controls with volume button and power key!

Here’s a shot:

Screenshot Canvas 2 Jelly Bean

  • FLASHING Jelly BEAN through Clockwork recovery
  1. Download the Jellybean CWM Zip from this link .
  2. Put into root of sdcard
  3. Boot into recovery (Pull battery>Power off your device and press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously till the screen glows up again. Then, press Volume Up to go to recovery.)
  4. Wipe Data/Factory reset , wipe Cache
  5. AdvanceWipe Dalvick and Wipe Battery Stats
  6. Mounts and storage>Wipe System
  7. Install zip from Sdcard> choose the ZIP file downloaded
  8. Done,reboot

Now You have Jellybean (Pre rooted).


Flashing through STOCK Recovery

  • 1. Download the official Jellybean file through this link and put it in the root of your SDcard.
  • Now reboot to recovery (Power off your device and press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously till the screen glows up again. Then, press Volume Up to go to recovery.)

Canvas 2 Jelly Bean Procedure

  • Choose “Apply update from sdcard” option and select the rom that you’d have transferred to your sd card .


Flashing Through SPTOOLS

Pre requisite:

  1. Download Official Jellybean and flash tools through this link .
  2. Drivers can be downloaded from here .Now follow these steps
  3. Install drivers
  4. Unrar all the files and put them in a folder
  5. Choose Flash tools from sptools folderFlash Tool for Canvas 2
  6. SptoolsCanvas 2 Jelly Bean tutorial
  7. Click on scatter loading>Now go to the Stock ROM folder which was extracted from the Zip file and then select the file named “MT6577_Android_scatter_emmcCanvas 2 Micromax jelly bean
  8. After the file is loaded make sure every tab is selected and then click on Firmware Upgrade.Jelly bean micromax
  9. Turn off your phone and pull a battery out. Hold  Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously and connect the device to your PC
  10. Flash tool will detect the device and the flashing process will start.
  11. After completion, a green ring will appear on your computer’s screen indicating that the upgrade was successful.

Jelly Bean Imported to canvas 2
Disconnect your phone and turn it ON!

Thus these are different ways through which you can update canvas 2 to jelly bean 4.1.1 manually , so you don’t need to visit the service center for such thing . If you have any kind of doubt , just leave a comment below this post . We’ll answer to your query asap!


  1. can i flash “cwm recovery” through “stock recovery mode”???

  2. ashish says:

    can we update Micromax canvas 2 a110 android 4.1 to 4.2 Or 4.3
    tell me na.
    And also tell new update for fir cell phone.
    M just waiting Foh ur answer.??

  3. ashish says:

    Yaa,i m currently using 4.1 can we update in 4.2 from service center Or manually.??

  4. i have my canvas 2 mobile which is currently 4.0 and i want to update it with 4.1 jelly bean.
    so which better option for it:
    go to service center
    do manually ?

  5. shobhit says:

    Mr admin how to update android 4.2 to canvas HD there is no option available of software update in the phone

  6. sushant charhate says:

    is there any charges for update the Version at service center. still mobile under warranty

  7. I am a novice. Hence theses elementary questions. In your guide “Flashing Through SPTOOLS”,
    point no. 8 says “After the file is loaded make sure every tab is selected and then click on Firmware Upgrade.” What does the PC say at this point.
    Then at point 9 you suggested “Turn off your phone and pull a battery out. Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously and connect the device to your PC”.
    Is it correct to assume that
    1. till stage 9 the phone is not connected to the PC?
    2. the battery is reinserted before pressing volume up+volume down+power button?
    3. and only after these steps, the phone is connected to pc for it to be detected by flashing tool?
    As I don’t want to take chance with the device, seeking help for elaboration, please.

  8. And also, through this method, is it true that the device goes back to stock rom (un-rooted) and warranty is restored?

  9. Hey, just wanted to know if the Firmware above supports Dual SIM mode. My friends have rooted their devices, only to end up losing the DUAL SIM usability. Please help me with more details about the Firmware you have provided, like the apps that are installed with the package, so i can consider this options. Also, is the release stable?

  10. Abhishek says:

    I am unable to update using the method 2. my phone is not detecting the update.

  11. My canvas 2 A110 is not.letting. me to answer the calls when incoming call comes kindly advice

  12. akshat porwal says:

    did micromax canvas2 got upgradable to 4.2.1

  13. Dattatray says:

    I m using canvas 2 plus . there is no option software update in about menu how to update current os 4.2.1 to 4.3

  14. hey in second step flashing with stock recovery u written that put the file to the root of sdcard …shud i unzip the file before on my pc or directly copy and paste the file to the sd card of my phone through pc…?

    if i just copy and pasted the file to the internet card of my phone will it auto maticaly detect the file from that place and upgrade my phone ..?
    please provide some help ..please..

    • Do not unzip the file. Just move it to the external SD cards root .. and then flash it through stock recovery.

  15. and shud i put any external sd cad to it to have the file to be detected…

  16. Can we get automatic updates of our operating software.
    Currently I am using JB 4.1.2 and want to upgrade it…
    But doing it first time so don’t want to do manually and at service center they consume lot of time….
    Please give me some suggestions….

  17. I have a canvas 2 plus…i wanted to update to jelly bean 4.3,but there is no system option in about phone setting

  18. Which Option is better and easy to update from above ???

  19. If I update my Canvas 2 as mentioned above methods will it void my phone’s warranty. And do you have JB 4.2.2 update for Canvas 2 at service center. Please reply asap. Thanks.

  20. Thanks for your reply.

  21. Anilkumar Neelam says:

    Plz Help me

    i was getting an text error while Click on scatter loading>Now go to the Stock ROM folder which was extracted from the Zip file and then select the file named “MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc“

    plz help me

  22. mithil chavan says:

    i have micromax canvas 2 & i want to jellybean 4.3 how to update manualy

  23. Hey buddy
    mene apna canvas 2 (A110) update kiya tha ab ye jelli bean hai
    lekin mere ko kai problems aa rhi hai
    for ex. Many apps gone hanged and the backup files( Games and apps)
    does not shows their icon.

  24. Hi, I have canvas Viva having 2.3 version. Can I update it to higher versions? Is it possible to upgrade RAM in this phone?

  25. earl carl says:

    are there any phones issues with this update? tnx

  26. arulkumar says:


  27. Shubham says:

    Please tell me when canvas a110 new jelly bean 4.2 os update available in jaipur rajasthan… please reply…

    • admin says:

      It’s not available right now.

      • SP flash tools is not detecting my phone…what to do? Please help!!!

        • Abhinav says:

          Do not remove battery when you attach your mobile to pc with data cable… i update my phon and my frnds phon also… Thanks admin for sharing such great thing…

  28. Shiva says:

    while updating to JB, its giving error “E:signature verification failed Installation aborted” plz help to fix this problem…

  29. SP tools is not detecting my CANVAS2 What to do? please help

  30. karan singh (Boss) says:

    Can Ram be upgraded? Via Ram Expander(expands ram via SD card ) which is available at play store?

    Reply Adnim fast…..!!!

    Becoz…I cannot play gta 3 ,and all high end games ,on my canvas 2 due to insufficient of ram

  31. How I can update my canvas 2 plus (i.e 4.2.1 to 4.3) please give suggestion……

  32. Shalini says:

    I have canvas 2. I tried updating using stock recovery mode.But nothing is seen after opening the jelly bean folder.How to update then???

  33. I download the jb file and I put it my sdcard when I try to update from SD card it says no file can be found …..

  34. when i update it say
    can’t/update /
    reply me

  35. clockwork mode recovery means rooting of phone…??

    will the warranty will void due to this…???

  36. TaLib Qureshi says:

    i formated my A10’s FLASH using SP FLASH TOOL and now i’m getting two problems 1. NVRAM ERR 2. INVALID IMEI i solved the above two but every time i flash a rom or restore a phone then again these two errors i have to solve again….plz tell me solution ….what will I do…..

  37. Prajjwal Ray says:

    This manual update..erases all my phone data? What bout the things on the extrnl SD card?

    • Yes it will delete all your phone’s data. Just remove the SD card and follow the steps.

  38. Yusuf Rampurawala says:

    If I’m not wrong following are the three methods:
    1. FLASHING Jelly BEAN through Clockwork recovery (Combined with Flashing recovery through Mobile Uncle MTK Tools)
    2. FLASHING through STOCK Recovery (Standalone Method i.e. without installing Mobile Uncle MTK Tools)
    3. FLASHING through SPTools (Standalone Method i.e. without installing Mobile Uncle MTK Tools)

    I want to install the JB Update through STOCK Recovery, please tell me how to backup the Stock ROM before flashing by Method 2.


  39. Vithal Kulkarni says:

    I have 2 questions
    1. Does my device need to be rooted if I choose this method: Flashing Through SPTOOLS
    2. Taking out battery means really should I take out battery from the device and press V+ V- and power button simultaniously and connect it with PC or what. This point is not cleared. Thats why nothing is happening after hard try.
    Kindly extend your help.

  40. Yusuf Rampurawala says:

    Many Thanks to admin…
    I updated my canvas 2 to JB…hope it works fine. Shall post the review soon.

  41. Aniket Arun Khismatrao says:

    Hey, just wanted to know if the Firmware above supports Dual SIM mode. i have rooted their devices, only to end up losing the DUAL SIM usability. Please help me with more details about the Firmware you have provided, the Idea and Vodafone simcard are not please do needful.

  42. yesterday i seen .. one guy was using canvas 2 A110 with jelly bean 4.2.1 ……. i want tht update …. will u help me plz…

  43. ViSHAL POKHREL says:

    hi, i had tried all the thing but not able to update my android 4.0 to 4.1 kindly help me.
    pls send the the full details to my mail id

  44. Ganesh says:

    Hello Admin, I have rooted my phone. But not upgraded OS. It is still ICS. Now can I get my phone upgraded to JB in any service center. Since I have rooted my phone is there any problem taking it to service center?

    • I think they will do it, rest I’m not sure about this. Talk to them first via a phone call.

  45. can i do the same process with my micromax a89,,, and if not then how to update micromax a89 to jellybean

  46. Aravind.G says:

    Hi admin I am using canvas 2 for past 6 is running on 4.1.1 update.i liked to flash a new rom and did it .then i revert back to same official rom by flashing through cwm.when i got the mobile,the camera was very good.but now it is not nice.please help.thanks in advance.

  47. when i updated my canvas 2 with s4 rom it just stuck at boot logo so plz

    suggest me asap

    • Enjoy. who told u to flash any rom other than mentioned above?
      We do not support for any self taken risk!
      You can still flash stock from sptools … try!

  48. prashant says:

    In stock recovery i cant find .rar file it only shows zip files. how should i flash this rar file

  49. Hello i used the Flashing through STOCK Recovery method and downloaded the file and put in sdcard byt when i choose apply update from sdcard the file is not found please help me its a request

    • Unrar the file u will find the zip in it.
      if u do not find zip ..change the file extension and flash

  50. Nikhil says:

    i hav rooted my canvas 2 and but it shows “SIGNATURE VERIFICATION ERROR”….
    help me out to solve this i cant upgrade to Jelly bean

  51. Rajesh says:


    Is the 2 option working, as some one in the post was telling its not working, please conform
    and the main thing is this update official or its a custom one. with out rooting the mobile using the 2nd option if i upgrade the mobile will the warranty applicable or it will be lost. please reply as soon as possible so that i can update….

    – Rajesh

  52. Yash Savle says:

    updated my canvas 2 using cwm method. working fine thanks admin

  53. Keshav says:

    I am planning to update it from SD card (Using no tools). I did download the suggested file and did UNRAR, I am not finding any zip file there, instead I am getting a folder which contains other multiple files. Please suggest how can I update it through stock recovery.

  54. chandu says:

    my phone get stucked wen i was doing this

  55. R Radhakrishnan says:

    I have purchased one micromax A110 4.1 jelly bear dual core type in May 2013. It was worked good so far. Last two days I have used the phone with blue tooth nokia wep (mono).
    Previously it was not detected the blue tooth and a number of efforts it detected and connected. But now the problem is suddenly the mobile starts functioning abnormally.
    It automatically flashing the screens such as from main display to notification, to camera mode and automatically catching the frames, automatically going to status mode etc. The mobile is not steady at a mode. What may be the problem?? What can I do? Whether warrenty protected? Kinldy advise….

  56. yash oswal says:

    thanx bro. i soft bricked my device and following your method my phone is back… thanx a lot… it was life saviour.

  57. Tarang Patel says:

    whenever i recover .zip file that time it tells … signeture varification is falied so. give me a hint. or way. for this

  58. Tarang Patel says:

    Whenever i start my recovery from CWM that time it shows singnture varification is failed. so what can i do for further Process

  59. Francis says:

    I have not done any updating of OS except for rooting. I am pretty fine with the current version (4.0).

    Before I update I had a question, does the performance improve? does it have any addition of features?

    Thanks for your advice

  60. Achilles says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the instructions to root ICS Canvas 2. I was successful, very crisp instructions.

    I’m keen to update it to JellyBean now. Unable to download the drivers you’ve given. The Drop-Box link isn’t working I guess. Kindly check in the link! 🙂

  61. Achilles says:

    Btw, is the Jelly Bean via CWM original too?

  62. Ashish says:

    Hi Admin,

    When should we expect 4.3 for Canvas 2?

  63. What to do when :Signature vitrifaction failed error occur

    please do needful…..

  64. yogesh says:

    Pls. guide to take the canvas 2 backup on my pc.

  65. Is it necessary to root the device for updating to Jellybean…. ?
    If not can you tell me which is the method above without rooting?

  66. Tahir khan says:

    Mere pass qmobile noir a10 han.mai isko jellybean per upgrade karwana chahta ho.ager mai yah rom install karo to kya sim ka problem to nahi aye ga?
    Micromax A110 = Qmobile Noir A10
    i m from pakistan.

  67. when flashing through stock recovery…..signature failed error appears….

    wat to do now???

  68. Sushant says:

    Tried to install fonts but now my phone is not starting

    i am new to rooting…So this is what happened
    I tried to install fonts using rom toolbox pro…
    Didnt liked new fonts so i tried to restore from backup
    My phone restarted and stucked on logo..
    Then i went to recovery mode and selected wipe memory/reset..
    The phone started like new…but after some time i got “Android Upgrading”
    and my phone restarts again and again,….

    As i am new to rooting i have no back up for rom…What options i have now..

  69. Anirudha says:

    E:Signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  70. Sushant says:

    Phone is restarting again and again so how can i flash it without installing any software in it

  71. avijeet agrawal says:

    I had just updated my canvas a110 is to jb by first method( I.e using mobile uncle tool )on ur post and Is working on my mobile quit Good. thanks
    But I want some help of urs to fix some things which i m getting on my mobile after updating it to jb.
    1.i m using avg antivirus on my mobile and in every scan it shows me some threats related to “phone is rooted” and “found cwm recovery files…….”.whether can u help me to unroot my mobile and will it give some bad effect on my mobile or on my updated jelllybean os. internal memory is only showing 1.05gb available in which only 300mb Is free to use although I had checked every folder like music,picture,.. etc they all are empty. How can I free my internal memory. (I think I had to Go through recovery mode but I don’t want to brick my system….please guide me)


  72. divyesh says:

    I can not select any option from menu. why ?

  73. daniel says:

    it shows me signature verification failed when i select zip file from sdcard

  74. i was upgrading my canvas 2 using the first method, now my canvas is not turning on,, light glows but it dsnt booth,,, wat sud i do???

  75. Admin…nice post,one query though….can you tell me if I can get back to ics after updating it the way you explained because I am taking a backup of the rom?please reply

  76. I have canvas2 n my android is icecream sandwich n i want update it to jelly bean..plz tell me wats a procedure…i have no updates in my phone till now…hrlp me….

  77. Hemant says:

    File missing for drivers, Showing – “Drop Box is empty” ..
    pls help

  78. yogesh parmar says:

    hello sir

    i have MMX A110 C2 mobile and i have tried to fleshing through stock recovery method. i have downloaded S9081_scatterfile(282.45MB) and copy past in SD card. made power off and.pressed powerbotton+vo UP+voDown same time. then i got option-update from SD card.but after selecting i did’nt got S9081_ file in SD card.please replay.
    thanking you

  79. sachin says:

    Dear Admin,

    hi admin…
    i followed the steps ok and ater turning on by clicking volume up + volume down + power button..
    and put the mobile on recovery mode but 2 hour is over but the phone is shutdown.
    Help me out

  80. shivani says:

    2nd link in your 2nd method ehich is a link to drop box is not working.
    suggest something else.

  81. yogesh parmar says:

    hello Admn
    i have tried to upgrade my MMx canavas2 A110 to jelly bean by SP tool. i have downloaded all three file and installed in PC as you mentioned above. after loading scatter file and click on firmware upgrade i conect my mobile in reboot mode. sptool software show me 100% in red band. but i did not got green ring on my PC even after 10 minutes. Pls can you tell me how much time it will take to get green ring and complete procidure.
    thanks in advance

  82. hi, if i follow only (FLASHING Jelly BEAN through Clockwork recovery) mentioned above, will i need any other steps?

  83. Hi admin,
    I have tried through ” flashing from stock
    Memory” option but getting a message saying ‘ electronic signature is not valid ” something like that. What to do???? I have not tried rooting the device yet….!


  84. umed padhiyar says:

    how do i change my font style in my mobile micromax canvas 2 with jelly bean 4.1.1.
    is thiis facility available in this os?
    if yes! then tell me how i can do that..
    and if ni.. then how it is possible?
    or one more Question is: is canvas 2 supported gujarati laundge?
    for that what i do?

  85. How to put a file in the root of the sd card….
    Plzzz help…

  86. How to put a file in the root of the sd card

  87. Ganesh thakar says:

    I have rooted my phone but it cannot click on the wipe data or any other option please help me!!

  88. Mujib says:

    Hi Admin

    I tried to upgrade my canvas 2, via [Flashing through STOCK Recovery] i got the official Jellybean file on my SD card after rebooting i got the option of [press Volume Up to go to recovery] after selecting recovery option my phone is not providing me further option to proceed with the jelly bean update. Please guide me proceed further.

  89. Sunil Sharma says:

    Dear Micromax Team,
    These methods are not working. This update should be OTA (over the air)
    I bought my Canvass 2 A110 from India but now i am in Sri Lanka.

    • admin says:


      This is not the official site of Micromax. Btw the above mentioned method is working.

  90. kishore prajapati says:

    Hello sir,

    i have rooted my device and i am using custom rom canvas s4 rom by dgrules v 4.1.1 , now i want original canvas 2 A110,JB V.4.1.1 update , can i do it through clockwork recovery directly.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Maybe, I suggest you read the guide found here of flashing Android stock OS from sptools.

  91. Abhi says:

    I have a Canvas 2 bought in April 2013. It was running OS 4.0.4. Today I had taken to authorised service center here in Bangalore and they updated the phone to 4.1.1. But issue is after the upgrade, when I insert my 32 GB Verbatim make microSD card, it’s being detected as a ‘Damaged card’ and only option available is to “Format”. All my data was backed up in my microSD card and now I am unable to access it. When I ask the service center, they simply say, that I should have copied all my data in my PC before giving the phone!
    Now I am in a Fix and let me know ASAP how to resolve this issue???

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Put your card in PC with card reader, then right click n property, you’ll find scan for errors, do it.

  92. Ravi says:

    how to downgrade 4.1.1 to 4.0.4…???

    i just mean whats the reverse process of this..?

  93. Walid says:

    Thnaks man for sharing this information …its been very easy to understand those who dont know how to upgrage it. For me i have upgraded to jelly bean and its great ..but i have one question that i can upgrade to kitkat after this jelly bean update. plz reply me in my email.bcoz i need kitkat .

  94. Harsha says:

    Hi Team-

    I have followed the procedure mentioned “as is” and have successfully upgraded from Android 4.0.1 to 4.1.1 on my Micromax A110. Thanks much for that.

    Now, i would like to know whether i can upgrade to 4.2.1 (or) 4.2.2, basing this 4.1.1 as platform?

    Looking Forward.,

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Hi Harsha,

      Currently only 4.1.1 is available officially for canvas 2.

      • Harsha says:

        Thats sad to know!

        But request you to update us accordingly, if at all there is any upgrade!


  95. Karthik says:

    Hello Admin,

    Your guide is very impressive and we like to appreciate your work here.

    My Issue:
    I installed the drivers but after ‘Turn off your phone and pull a battery out. Hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button simultaneously and connect the device to your PC’ step, my device is not detected my the SPTOOL. What am i doing wrong?


  96. Shankar says:

    Model MicroMax A110 canvas 2

  97. Rishi Saxena says:

    Lovely .. it was so easy and explanatory.. Thanks a ton man // I did it .. (y) 🙂
    Now I am on 4.1.1 Jelly bean for my Canvas 2 A110 where earlier version was 4.0.4

  98. avaneesh kumar says:

    Drivers are no more available on the given link please help me.

  99. Nikhil Phatak says:

    Hey i tried the second method to update my phone and it worked well 2 years before.. but i was doing the same process with same phone but after pressing on Firmware upgrade when i try to connect the phone it is not getting connected to SP tools it starts charging….

    Please help now how to connect.

    Previously it worked well but now not connecting to SP tools please help..!!!

  100. vineet says:

    I am unable to install any app in my phone and when I tried to update my micro ax canvas a110 through stock recovery mode it is showing E. signature verification failed . and then installation aborted .please give me solutions as soon as possible at my Gmail id .

  101. hi admin…
    i followed the steps ok and ater turning on by clicking volume up + volume down + power button..
    it asks factory mode or recovery mode …
    i have no answer can you help me out from that…

    reply please.. waiting …

  102. What are you trying to do?

  103. Anirudha says:

    he already had mentioned it,we have to select recovery mode,volume up key

  104. Rahul Mehta says:

    Recovery mode

  105. prashant says:

    u said download jb file……it was in rar format…and ur next was to boot into stock recovery….i booted into stock recovery…..and choosed APPLY UPDATE FROM SD…….i kept that file in root bt i cant find it in recovery…..because it shows only zip file…ur file was in rar that what im saying

  106. Recovery mode.choose that!

  107. Simply UNRAR the file … You’ll get your zip file inside -_-

  108. Rahul Mehta says:

    open .rar file and find zip if you can see zip then change extension of rar into zip

  109. lakshmikanth says:

    Couldn’t find a zip file in the folder after un rar..


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