Best Games for Micromax Canvas A1 & Micromax Unite 2

Today smart phone is not just for the purpose of calling or texting, it has become one of the most important part of an individual’s life. It is the biggest package of entertainment, with loads of gaming apps on your smart phone of which one can hardly get bored. Micromax has always been in the news for their enticing specs in the affordable price range and even Micromax canvas A1 and MMX Unite 2 A106 are no exceptions here.

Games for canvas unite 2 and canvas a1

It provides the user interface which supports most of the games available on the Google play store. Today we will be discussing all the gaming apps which includes higher end as well as mid end games and light games compatible with these two phones.

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Light end games:

Light games include the apps which are less in size (<100MB) like Subway surfer, Temple run (1 and 2), BMX Boy, Raging Thunder, Dr. Driving, Make them fall, Candy crush etc.

Temple Run & Temple Run 2: It is an endless running game which is developed and published by “Imangi studios”. Here player controls the explorer who have stolen a treasure is chased by demonic monkeys who wants to eat him.

Subway Surfer: it is also an endless running game in which one has to dodge the trains and has to escape from the grump inspector and his dog.

BMX Boy: In this running game, one has to perform various stunts, accelerate and jump over the obstacles.


Dr. Driving: It is a driving game for the beginners which include all kind of driving challenges, whether it is speed problem or fuel problem.

Make them fall: It is a game in which player has to jump so as to avoid the obstacles. It is a mind puzzling game and a must recommended game for everyone who wants to try a unique game.

Candy Crush: In this game player has to match three or more candy of same colors. It is basically a puzzle game.


Mid Range Games:

These genre include the apps like Contract Killer, Frontline Commando, CSR racing etc.

Contract killer: It is around 200-300MB sized game in which you are pulled into the world of bounty hunters and now you have to check in your contacts and have to handle secret missions.

Note: There are various editions of contract killer, search the same on play store.


Frontline commando: It is a 335M sized game in which one has to defeat the forces and have to take back the country. One has to liberate the towns as one battle through the countryside.

Various editions of Frontline commando are available on Play store. My personal favorite is FC: D-Day.


CSR Racing: It is a 262M sized game. It is basically a drag race in the city streets and include more than 70 licensed cars. I personally didn’t like this however it’s a popular game hence listed here.


High end Games:

Higher end games include games having size more than 1GB. They offer high-end graphics and comes with an installation apk file + app data file, the same case is with medium-sized games. Some of the games lying in this range are Need for speed, Asphalt 8, GTA San Andreas, Modern Combat 4, GTA Vice city, etc.

Need for Speed: The size of the game is around 2GB and is immersive high quality game in which one has to race against the outsmart rivals, cops etc. The game would cost you around Rs. 270.

Asphalt 8: The size of this game varies with the device. It is basically so far the best racing game in which one can do dynamic high-speed aerial stunts and the cars are powered by new physics engines.

GTA San Andreas: It is 2.4GB sized game in which carl’s has return home which is a city named San Andreas is tearing itself apart with gang troubles, drugs and corruption. He has to save his family and have to take control of the streets. Price: Rs. 390.

Modern combat 4: The size of this game varies with device. It is an action FPS game in which few soldiers have been hired to save the world from terrorists. Price: 390.

GTA Vice City: it is 1.4G sized game and is an open world action packed game.


So, this is our collection of games compatible with Micromax Canvas A1 and Canvas Unite 2. The game may be compatible with other Micromax Android Phones too. Do let us know if you want any other game to be listed in the above collection. Which one is your favorite? Share it via a comment below!


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    The Amazing Spider Man 2

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