How to Create Backup of SMS, Contacts, Apps in Micromax Phone

We value our personal stuffs and we usually keep them stored in the phone. Whether our family pictures, videos our favorite songs, the games we play – we store all of them in our phone. Most of the people don’t take a backup of the data present in their phone. Sometimes the phone doesn’t operate normally so we may need to format/hard reset our phone and this option delete all the data present in the phone’s memory. Google Android OS allows users to backup data to Google Servers but not much people use it. Today in this post I’ll let your know how you can take a backup of contacts SMS and Apps in Micromax Android Device.

Micromax Android Device Backup

I have a habit of taking backup of all the apps installed on my phone as i use 2G connection and if the data gets deleted it becomes quite difficult due to slow speed of 2G connection to download all of them again.

Recently i went to Micromax service center to upgrade my canvas 2 OS from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1JB, i knew that in the process of upgrading the device all the data present in phone’s memory gets deleted (apps, SMS, contacts, accounts, etc). So i took the backup of all these things with a backup app called SMS Contacts Backup aka Super Backup. There are lots of Backup apps present in Play store but i use this one only as it is easy to use and do what is required.

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Backup Micromax Android Mobile Data with Super Backup

When you upgrade your phone’s OS the data present in the phone’s memory gets deleted. There can be many issues which may lead to data deletion like corruption of data, Virus, etc so it is generally advised to take the backup. Moreover after taking the backup you should also store that backup in your computer, laptop or in any other storage media.

First of all download the application from play store – Download SuperBackup

Install the application and open it. The UI is really very simple and easy to understand. The app is compatible with all Micromax Android phones and the size of the app is around 687KB.

SuperBackup Screenshot on Micromax Device

The apps allows you to take backup of Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call logs, Calender and Bookmarks.

If you want to take backup of all your apps, simply tap on Apps Backup and tick all the apps and tap on ‘Backup’ option present below. In the same way you can create backup of SMS, contacts, etc.

You can also restore the backup with just one click. Let say if you want to restore all the contacts which got deleted tap on contacts–>Backup–> Chose the backup file.

If you create backup of apps then it will create .apks of all the apps which you can share with your friends too.

So this was about Superbackup which allows users to take backup of the personal data. If you know any other backup app like this or better than this one you can share it via the comment box.



    Does it can backup the additional files associated with some games like nfs, mc3,front line commando etc?

    • No, the additional files won’t be backed up. It makes the backup of the installation file only.

  2. Hi does the canvas doodle dood support to connect a pen drive through otg cabe

    • May be, you can try and report us 🙂

      • rajukarnata says:

        It works we have to restart the phone after connecting pendrive through otg cable we can see it file explorer

        • rajukarnata says:

          My canvas doodle does not support any other earphones except which was given in box &its quality is not too good . I have connected it to my 2.1 speakers the out put is low can you help me with my problem please

      • mukesh says:

        I was saved my contact on google using phone. Now i want to restore them how it possible

  3. HI..
    I am using Canvas 2 A110 since since 6 months, Suddenly i observed my battery is sinking more then usual , Hardly for 8 Hours. any suggestion which help me out..
    Thanks in advance..

  4. Is there any way to backup the supporting files of apps, so that all the data contained within the app is also retained?

    • The above mentioned app can’t do that. You can try Titanium backup app for this purpose.

  5. saurabh c says:

    I am using Canvas 2 A110 since 6 months, Suddenly i observed my Phone resets & my all contacts & apps are gone. How to get the contacts back. Please help

    Thanks in advance..

    • admin says:

      Use the above app to create the backup, save the backup in to the computer or anywhere. After reset transfer the file again. Use this app and restore the data again.

  6. vinayak says:

    i have unlock my phone because i forget my phone pattern my phone camera is not working my videos are not being played and my phone hangs to much and voice is not coming so what should i do

  7. C V L N SASTRY says:

    Sir. About this back up matter. Would it not be sufficient back up to connect the phone to the computer and copy everything on the phone to a folder on the desktop? Kindly advise.
    How to root the phone (A116) so unneeded factory installed games and other bloatware could be uninstalled.

  8. CVLN Sastry says:

    Thank you sir for clearing my doubt.

  9. lakshman says:

    Hi, before i download and install and sync n all that can u tell me what is the format it exports rhe contacts in. Does it export as a single vcf file or say if i have 100 contacts then 100 contact files is created.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      One single file is created with Superbackup.

      • Lakshman says:

        Thank you Rahul. Do you know any way in which i can export as individual business cards like how we used to do on the (old ) nokia phones. Because now every time I sync it sync’s all the contacts and I do not want that. Thanks in advance.

  10. I have data backup from canvas 2 but I need restore this to my doodle 3 mobile. How can its possible.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Simply transfer the backup from your previous device and open the app –> choose restore –> select the file.

  11. I was using nokia all this while…All my contact list is stored in the outlook…Is it possible to transfer contacts from my microsoft outlook to my new micromax canvas nitro….?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      I believe yes however I’ve not tried importing contacts from outlook. You can sync contacts.

  12. Shilpa V says:

    I am using AndroidOne. When I try to add New Contact, it gets added as a’New Google Contact’. I want to save the contact on my phone and not as ‘Google Contact’. Is it possible?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      What are the options appearing on the screen when you’re trying to save a contact?

  13. I have micromax doodle 3. I want to copy all my phone contacts to my laptop . How will I do it, plz advice

  14. Prakash says:

    How to take backup on sim card for contacts

  15. _r4iN.* /z/ says:

    Hi, dude 🙂
    I have been using micromax canvas from last 5-6 months , but in last few days my cell phone got switch off automatically… to again re-start i have to remove battery again and again,. and now a days my phone not even starting like thtat way. 🙁 🙁 🙁 what to do??? please help me :'(

  16. bhanu priya says:

    hey frndz….my phn is connecting through pc suite…how do i connect..??

  17. Ukay says:

    How do I activate my Memory card on my mobile

  18. Ankush thakur says:

    I have back up my some data on if i reset my phone then how can i get my backup data.

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Firstly, transfer the data to any other media such as laptop/desktop. Once you’re done with resetting your device then transfer the files back and backup using Super Back. The app has restore option in it.

  19. Munnu Kumar says:

    Hi,My micromax canvas fire4 doesn’t installing driver on windows server 2008 r2,i tried many drivers from micromax,but still it doesn’t work.please give technical support.

  20. K V Radhakrishnan says:

    I have been using Canvas Juice2 AQ5001 for 10 months. I’m unable to transfer the data, videos, images, audio, etc (received through whatsapp/hike) to my PC. I called on the nearest service centre who advised me to download/install driver 9401. I did it. But my phone does not show up in `My Computer’ but the battery of the mobile starts charging. I have installed Windows 10 in my PC.

    Is there any other driver that could be downloaded/installed?

    • Rahul Mehta says:

      Tried installing MediaTek drivers?

      • K V Radhakrishnan says:

        I have now installed MediaTek driver (name – Mobistel) and restarted the PC.
        Still the problem remains unresolved.

        Please suggest alternative.

        • Rahul Mehta says:


          Please let me know about the Windows version installed on your system and your USB settings on your phone.

  21. prtasenjiy says:

    i have already take backup from micromax canvas spark 3…how to get the backup file…

  22. Vishal p. says:

    Hi….I got micromax infinity few days ago.but still I cant save my contacts in my mobile.There is no option for saving numbers.How can I save it plz solve my problem.

  23. Pl help me we r not rcvd any sms from any body pl .what i do for that.

  24. vijay solanki says:

    m using micromax canvas knight a350 n unfortunately mobile got stuck by encryption unsuccessful is it possible to recover all my contacts n data…

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